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Weight Loss
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Anyone lose 50 lbs?

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Has anyone here already lost 50 lbs and if so how long did it take you?  I know that you should typically lost 1.5 - 2.0 lbs per week - but I want some "real life" examples instead. 

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i lost 84 pounds since 9/4 of last year.  i think i lost 39 pounds in the 1st 4 months.  i posted a little reminder in my journal earlier if you want to read it.

good luck!  :D

just remember.  don't even try to diet.  go for a lifestyle change instead!  it's awesome!!!

I have lost 58 lbs since Jan 7th. Click on my profile and you will see a track of my weigh-ins. It definently can be done. You just have to be patient and not let little setbacks cause you to give up completely.

Good Luck.


I've lost 50lbs since April of this year. it wasn't so bad at first, but i have hit a couple of plateaus, at least one for sure. the other times i was stuck was more of an issue with me not being as careful, overindulging, emotional eating, being lazy, etc. I think the first 30 lbs were a breeze. but that was about 10% of my body wgt and they say after that it gets tough.

but the other posters are right on, it's a lifestyle change issue, not a diet. you can't rush it, your body will do what it will do. i'll follow everything perfectly, have good deficits, and then gain 4 lbs overnight, but then a few days later will have lost 5lbs. it's crazy!! I just have to continue to commit to logging my calories, exercising and making good choices everyday.

i have a lot more to lose and right now i've been stuck for several weeks. it's frustrating, and i fluctuate, but i haven't gained, just haven't lost anything lately. but i remind myself "I lost 50! that's awesome! how about 50 more!!"

so, i just advise you to count calories, get moving, be honest and be patient!!

I lost 50+ lbs between Sep 07 and Feb 08.  Since Feb 08, I've struggled to lose 10 lb (yo yoing some of it) and I'm still working on the final 10lb.  I would say the first 50 were relatively easy (comparatively speaking), losing weight while at a healthy (albeit, still high) weight is far more difficult.

I joined CC in January of 2007 and started exercising.  I also lost about 30 lbs and the first several months.  Then I stopped counting calories but continued the exercise and plateaued for more than a year.  I am sure I was overeating, but my exercise compensated for it and I didn't gain any weight.  Then I got serious again and joined a weight loss challenge in September 2008.  I lost another 20+ lbs since then and am within 5-10 lbs of my goal weight.  I think it was good for me to take some time off and just plateau, partly because I was able to maintain without counting and obsessing about calories.  I think it also made it easier to lose the next 20 lbs.  I am 5'3" and have always been overweight, and I was concerned about getting past the setpoint that my body has always hovered around--168-175 lbs.  This is definitely doable, and it is so worth it!  Just take it at your own pace, take a break if you need to, and make it a permanent change.

I lost 105 lbs from July 07-Sept 08


115 lbs lost since 2003

I lost 111 in 10 Months

I lost 80+ pounds between July/August of '07 and May '08.  The first fifty pounds came off before '08.

Lost 140 lbs from Oct 06 thru Nov 07. Then quit exercising and watching my calories (basically went back to my old lifestyle). I gained back 30 lbs from Nov 07 thru the middle of August 08. Now I'm back and have lost the 30 I gained back, and this time I'm very determined to shed the rest of the 70 and stay there.

I lost around 50 lbs but i was 152 to start out with.

I'm currently 105 lbs.


I didn't start on a diet or anything, it was just a gradual lost. I lose around 10 lbs a year :)

I lost about 50 lbs -- It took about 6 months for me. :]

I've lost 75 pounds since 1/1/08.

I've lost 39lbs since the beginning of August

I've lost 81.8 pounds since January 27, 2008. I started at 277 and i'm at 195.2. I'm hoping to be at 190 by Christmas day! In the beginning i lost around 3-4 pounds per week. Now i lose 1-2 pounds per week.  i agree with one of the above posters. This isn't a diet. it's a lifestyle change. Good luck!

I lost 53 lbs in 6 months. First days of christmas and maintaining ahead ;D

I lost 63 pounds, over a one year period. My best tip is when going to Holiday affairs volunteer to bring something and then bring one of your favored low calorie dishes so that you are less tempted to over eat on things that will slow your weight loss.  Smile

hi guys, 

How  you all did that.. Its really amazing.. I  have been struggling constantly with my weight through out my life and after reading your posts it looks possible for me too.. But seriously would love to get some guidance.. 


I've lost 51 pounds from 4/08 to 11/08.  Good old fashioned diet and exercise.  A very thin, fit friend inspired me by saying that she eats whatever she wants, but runs five miles a day.  So, I have modeled my plan after her.  I run three miles a day and eat between 1440 and 1600 calories per day.  Lately I have lost about one pound per week.  I have another 19 pounds to lose and my goal is July 09.  Wish me luck!

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