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Anyone out there looking to drop 100 lbs?!?

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I am aiming at losing 100 lbs if not 120lbs.  Anyone else out there needing to drop a significant amount of weight? If so hit me up.  I know the large amount of pounds that you're looking to shed can be overwhelming so let's stick together.  Lets lose lots of pounds together.

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It seems that it really takes a change of mindset to make the lifestyle changes needed for healthy eating.  About the best article I have found in my research is one about considering food as fuel for the body, not as a pleasure source.  So, sometimes I think about this when I am confronted with high cal foods at parties or places where they are put out to tempt me, like the devil.  Now, if I was to put too much fuel in my car, what would happen - No, it wouldn't get fat, unhealthy & ugly, but it would be a mess.  This is the concept used for stomach surgery or banding.  Now, I for one do not want to get myself sliced open to make modifications to my plumbing if I don't have to - So, it's eat good foods, not get hungry and enjoy the benefits of weight loss. 

Well, guess that's all for now - have to go clean up the gasoline that I tried to overfill into the ole car Undecided

One thing about the health reform bill being bandied around in the Senate - there is a part that will require restaurants to show calories on menus, much like the food in stores now has to show nutrition facts. (Some are correctEmbarassed)

the weight comes off where it comes off....i am not being a smartass but that is how your body works...but as exercises go try to do more 'gravity' exercises...exercises like treadmill with as much incline as you can handle... step box exercises..i tried the stationary bike when i first started out and the weight came off very slow and i was told about getting away from the bike and more 'gravity' workouts....i hope it helps and keep working! it will come off! dont give up!


I am definately one that needs to loose at least 100 pounds!! Glad to find some friends with the same challenge! I get so frustrated when I don't see the scale move and I give up too soon but I am determined to get those pounds off!! Glad to meet you all:)

I have been looking for someone who shares my weight loss goals - I need to loose 90 lbs - and it is a long winding road ahead!

Lets stick together in the long haul!! Glad to meet u guys!!!

It is nice to know that we are not alone.  It is nice to meet everyone. Smile

Hi...I need to lose about 100 lbs myself as my promotion willbe affected otherwise. I need a support partner with similar goals and determionation to egg me along the way. Hope we can help each other. Best of Luck and I am there for You. Let's do It together !!!

Original Post by jerichocheyenne:

I am aiming at losing 100 lbs if not 120lbs.  Anyone else out there needing to drop a significant amount of weight? If so hit me up.  I know the large amount of pounds that you're looking to shed can be overwhelming so let's stick together.  Lets lose lots of pounds together.


 oh hey its a very old post you must have got your goal so far.. i am just looking forward to lose 60 pounds looks like that the 6 pounds i lost have come back i dont get it how.. i havent stopped working its been 12 days since i started. it went down and came back up

I am so with you maybe someone I have to be accountable to will help me lose weight

Great thread! 100 lbs + is my goal too. I was on CC a few years ago (lost 60 lbs), but now I need to get back on the bandwagon :) I know it works and we can do it! Feel free to add me as a buddy :)

Glad to hear that CC really works.  It's been a uphill battle with my weight and I am looking forward to having results with hard work and support. Add me phoenix136 as a buddy I know we all can do it and have it stick

I am SOOO with you. I'm looking to lose 100lbs too! And you're definitely right...it's super rough to do all alone. So I'm here. :)

Yup - count me in. I'm 43 had two kids. I am 5 9 but weigh 240. My husband just informed me the other night that he is no longer attracted to me along with countless other things. It's time I take control of my life, lose this weight and all the other weight (namely my husband) that is contributing to my unhappiness.

I, too, had 100 pounds to lose, and I am 5'11".  I have been counting calories, 1425, per day since October 2009 and I have lost 46 pounds to date.  I try to drink a lot, and I mean, a lot of water even though it means I don't get a good night's sleep, but it does help with moving the weight off.  I also ride a stationary bike for at least 30 minutes, and the calories that are burned with that exercise are subtracted from my total food calories.  I think this method of lifestyle change has been very successful to date although I have tried many diet styles, i.e. Weight Watchers (I have a lifetime membership from nearly 40 years ago), Atkins, etc.  I highly recommend having a calorie counter and to strictly document your foods.  I use Calorie King, and I am able to add foods that I bake (I have another computer program where I can calculate my nutrients from foods that I prepare from scratch).  My husband, who stated he did not like diets, has joined me in calorie counting, and he has seen great improvement in his blood sugar readings (he is diabetic on insulin).  I would also recommend getting a pedometer for walking.  It has helped me and my husband to focus on walking even if it is only a slow, shopping walk for 30 minutes.  You will be surprised on the calories burned with that exercise.  I have gone from size 22w to 16w, and I couldn't be happier. 

Hey I would love to email back and forth need to lose the same and would love the support!

That would be great!  If you can, check out this link about Jamie Oliver, http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html.&n bsp; Jamie Oliver has made a mission in educating people about fast foods and the effects on our bodies.  This is all the more reason for me to count calories and to eat more healthy.  I also heard a teenaged boy, Taylor LeBaron, who wrote a book "Cutting Myself in Half" state to make small goals, 10-20 pounds, as these were more achievable, and thus more apt to keep you focused on your quest to lose weight.  That statement is something I constantly refer to when I diary my thoughts and achievements in my computer software.

thank you Don, I'll bear that in mind.

Hey, I am Wanda. I started this year at about 287. I was on Nutri System, but

simply can't afford to keep it. My goal weight is 155 and I am down to 247.5,

but had a binge episode last night. Anyone else out there compulsive overeaters?

I want to become active with OA again, because for me no matter what the

food plan, I can't in my own power stay on it. So can use some encouragement

and maybe can give some with this group.


If you had posted this a while ago I would have jumped on the band wagon, but... I've already lost 60lbs and I have about 35-40lbs left to go.

Good luck though, you guys can totally do it!

Well huge congratulations to you !  Keep up the good work!


Welcome to the group Wanda. I too am a binge eater, I can usually stick to the diet plan for about a week, then I seem to run into trouble.

I miss my munchies, and I miss chocolate. Yes I know we can have it in moderation, but I dont want to use all my calories up on junk.

I know this is a lifestyle change and I have to be in it for the long haul, but I guess I am one of those folks who treated food as a comfort and a friend. I miss my friend..lol.

If you have lost that much so far this year you are doing very well, congrats on your current weight loss. How have you been successful and how do you handle food cravings? Any tips when you want to binge on chips or chocolate?

Yes I realize this won't dissappear over night, sure and steady wins the race.

Maybe a OA is a good way to go, just to know its not something you are going alone.

Jann :)


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