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Anyone out there have a lapband?

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I got one on May 17 of this year.  I lost about 16 pounds in 3 weeks then it came to a halt.  I was following the instructions on how to eat and I've been exercising every other day doing cardio and resistance but nothing.  I decided to join this sight and was logging what I've been eating and it has only been between five and six hundred calories per day.   Do you think this has caused me not to lose?  I am going to try very hard to reach the levels this site calculated for me.  Today I hit 1100.  I hope and pray this doesn't make me gain weight.

If any of you have any feedback I'd love to hear it and I'd love to hear from any others who may have a lapband and similar problems.

This seems like a great site and I'm sure glad I found it.

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1) Lap bands do not work

1 a) they are a scam

1 b) throw it away

2) You are SEVERELY  under-eating

2 a) you need to eat a lot more, otherwise you are going to seriously screw up your metabolism (maybe even permanently)

I wouldn't say do not work and scam....MY son was having a lot of health issues and needed to lose 200 pounds.  He got a band and lost it in a year and has now kept it off for five years. 

Original Post by armandounc:

1 b) throw it away

Isn't lap band something that is surgically placed? I didn't realize a person with a lap band could simply throw it away.

You may be right. I was thinking of those "things" you put around certain areas of your body that make you sweat and that's how you "lose weight".


Maybe I got my terminology confused.

Original Post by cathyjourdan:

I decided to join this sight and was logging what I've been eating and it has only been between five and six hundred calories per day.   Do you think this has caused me not to lose? 

This seems like a great site and I'm sure glad I found it.


Its a great site, but as far as I know there are no medical experts here. Just folks with their own stories, experiences, and opinions.

Your situation is complicated by the fact that you've had a surgical procedure. Your answers should probably come from the team that placed it. I'd be worried that the band is being pressured at 1100 calories, and that its something about the kinds of foods you are eating that may need to change to get optimal weight loss.

Can you get a consult from the surgical team?

My friend had a lapband put in place and she's doing great.  I know she was on a very strict diet given by her doctor.  You will need to discuss with your doctor what your concerns are.

Hi, the knowledge I have of Lap bands is that you cannot try to attain the same caloric goals as anyone else. It is specifically meant to help patients who are morbidly obese or have life-threatening co-morbid conditions to lose weight rapidly. The team involved with your operation should be able to provide you diet tips and counseling to continue your success. Adjustment is always an option as well, maybe? Good luck! I support your operation in situations where it is needed. I have seen is save many people's lives.

Went to see my surgeon today.  They gave me a fill and said that I should be shooting for about 900 to 1200 calories per day and that of course it has to be good foods.  I told him about this site and he thought it is a great way to track all my meals and the nutritional value.  Keep it balanced and steady and it will come off.  Yay.  I was just worried.  Thanks for all the feedback!

I'm glad you went to see the doc. You've got a good answer now.

From a diet perspective, there is lots of research out there comparing various diet types that you can refer to. Every type has its champions who will swear by it, and it can get very confusing. The research is pretty clear that the best approaches for losing quickly and steadily are the Mediterranean and low carb diets, with low carb pulling just ahead. The one that consistently doesn't do as well is the low fat, high carb diet. udy.ben.gurion.u.negev

The best advice going is that you should be concentrating your day's calories in protein (fish, pultry, meat, some cheeses), vegetables, and some fruits.

Dairy should be used sparingly. It can cause problems by turning on insulin production in your blood stream, which has the tendency to store rather than burn any glucose in the system. Plain, whole milk (NOT low fat) organic yogurt with live culture in it seems to be fine. For tea and coffee use unsweetened almond milk, which doesn't cause the same problem.

Fats are OK on the two most effective diets; mediterranean focusses on olive oil, while low carb focusses more on butter, heavy cream, and fatty meats.

Grains/ carbs are a bit trickier. Most grains do not have as big a nutritional "punch" for the calories as other foods. If you are going to invest your calories in carbs, it would be good to choose ones that have higher nutrients, such as sweet potato. If you yearn for grains, you could opt for modest portions (as in 1/3 cup cooked) of  unprocessed oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa.

As you learn to input your foods in to the food log and watch the nutrient value as well as the caloric value, you will learn what makes your body feel healthiest, and how you can achieve the greatest success with weight loss.

Good luck!

 Mediterreanen Diet - a more balanced approach: editerranean-diet

Low Carb Diet - good for urgent weight loss or pre-diabetic people:

Smile Thanks for the great links!

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