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Anyone know something healthy to eat at a Mexican restaurant??????

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I just started to try and eat healthy again and my friends 21st bday is tonight at a local Mexican restaurant.  What can I eat there that's not bad for you?  They obviously dont have nutrition facts.... So help!!!! 
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Guacamole is pretty healthy as long as you watch out for the tortilla chips.  Most places have vegetarian fajitas, too.  Black Bean soup is also nutritious. 

Try to eat slow, leave food on your plate.  Make sure you plan your calories, and eat an apple an hour before you go.  Concentrate on enjoying your friends!
My husband and I went out for Mexican last week, I ordered a 3 enchilada plate that came with rice and beans. I ate half of everything, and took the rest home. I estimated what the counts were for each with info I found here, and I still hit my count for the day. And actually, Mexican food is packed with protein and vitamins, so I still got an A for the day!  :)

Don't worry about it too much, just enjoy the evening!
if there was a food for the gods, it would be mexican.
Whenever possible I ask for grilled chicken.  Sometimes they charge you a bit more, but thats okay.  And yea, try and get black beans instead of refried whenever possible, avoid rice.  Fajitas I hear are probably the healthiest of choices.
I"ve gotten a dish called botanas that's just grilled shrimp served on a bed of lettuce with some slices of avocado on top


(but beware the tortilla chips! 10 chips usually = 1 oz.  beware!)
Go have fun and make sure you leave enough room for a Margarita. 
i guess have fun, enjoy yourself, and just use your head. 

The tortilla chips are fried, so have a few but not a lot.  Salsa is full of lycopene and (SHOULD BE) virtually fat-free.  Plus it's hot which will encourage you to drink lots of water.  (Water won't help, but drink it anyway.)

Guacamole is fine if you like it but don't slather it on everything like there's no tomorrow.  Avoid sour cream.  Obviously avoid the fried stuff and the loads of cheeses.

Go for grilled lean meats like chicken or shrimp.  Fajitas are pretty good, especially if you use lots of peppers and onions.  Beans are a good choice except for refried beans.  They tend to be higher in fat.  Taco salads can be pretty healthy, depending on the place.  If you get to assemble it yourself, go for it.  If they assemble it, get it special ordered (ie no sour cream, light cheese, extra beans, etc.)

If you want dessert, skip the alchol.  If you want the alcohol, skip dessert.  Keep everything in balance.  Even if you don't, tomorrow's another day.
a half portion chicken fajitas that you make yourself (ie. it comes all in seperate pieces and you put it together), you can control the amount of portions of chicken and other stuff so you can fit it into your diet. 

Have a small salad with that and you're all set.
Just avoided the tortilla and the chips.
There's all kinds of food that you can eat at a mexican restaurant, just be brave and special order food the way you want to eat it.  Ask them if they can give you beans that are low fat, many restaurants will.  Stay away from the re-fried beans.  Try soft tacos or burritos with chicken, veggies, and hold the cheese, for example.  Ask for fajitas with steamed instead of fried vegetables.  When you go to any restaurant, don't be afraid to ask for things the way you can eat them.  Most places will happily ablige.
If the restaurant has them, order chicken Tacos al Carbon.  It's basically like fajitas, but they already come rolled up in totillas rather than on a grease-covered skillet.  It's just diced or sliced chicken with onion and bell pepper.  Watch out for the refried beans - most authentic (and not-so-authentic) use lard, bacon, or bacon fat to make them taste as good as they do.  If they have the option of "borracho" beans or bean soup, I'd pick that instead.  And definitely avoid the taco salad.  Believe it or not, the taco salads are usually some of the worst - between the fried shell, the high fat dressing, and the high fat ground beef.
Mexican is one of my favorite types of food.

I order fajitas (I prefer beef, but chicken would save calories and fat, I'm sure), no tortillas, and put the meat on a salad. Guacamole and sour cream are good as long as you don't have too much. Salsa is good, but nix the chips.

steer clear of the beans, cheese dip, & "gravy covered" type stuff.

On the Border has a sizzling fajita salad that is muy bueno!
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