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Weight Loss
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Does anyone know whether Adios Diet Pills really work?

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I want to try them, but i don't want to waste money on something that doesn't work. Have any of you had any past experiences with it? Or is it just a waste of money? THANK YOU :* X
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Don't know about that brand specifically, but most diet pills work great at slimming your wallet and making the sellers rich, but they don't do much of anything for weight loss.

 Well, there's the placebo effect on your motivation, but that's hardly an actual effect of the pills.

If it's nto prescribed, it won't work. If it does work, the side effects will be nasty.

No... diet pills aren't the answer. Trust me, been there done that.

Waste of $$$ and a plethora of health issues as a result.

Don't do it.

cals in < cals out = weight loss.

I did a comparison of a few diet pills a while back. I was getting really frustrated because I wasn't losing weight. Everything had really mixed reviews as well as questionable safety. I went to the Mayo Clinic website, and they have a list of substances used in diet pills. Most of them did not have any sort of scientific evidence that they work, nor were they really proven to be safe for your body. The exceptions were chromium and green tea. Chromium blocks your sugar absorption and green tea helps you feel full. I did a little research on various brands, and found one that makes both of these that I felt comfortable taking. I got mine off, but I think you could find them at just about any drug store. 

This was by no means a magic combination that instantly made me able to eat whatever I wanted and lose amazing amounts of weight. I'm still exercising and eating carefully, but I went from being stuck at one weight to losing at a healthy rate. 

I hope this helps! 

I always warn people. One of my friends decided to use diet pills and ended up suffering TIAs (like mini strokes) at the age of 23. It is better to change up your diet ( # of calories, type of exercise, type of calories) to shake things up if progress has slowed or stopped.
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