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Can anyone give me an example of common things that weigh 1 oz, (28g)?

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I don't have a scale but am trying to figure out how much 1 oz of something is without measuring. Is it like an apple? Or a piece of bread? Or anything?

Suggestions welcome!

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One slice of Nature's Own Whole Wheat bread (or pretty much any sliced sandwich bread) is about 1 oz.

Or 1/4 cup of nuts.

An ounce of cheese is about the size of your thumb from where it connects to the tip. (if your thumb is relatively normal sized)

This website helped me :)

http://www.aarp.org/health/staying_healthy/ea ting/size_does_matter.html ;

There is really no way to give you an example because it all depends on the density. one ounce worth of bread will be a lot more then one ounce of apple. A small apple weighs like 4 ounces....so I would just suggest you either measure things the way they are recommended on packages, like 1/2 cup yogurt is a serving, or 25 cheez it crackers is a serving, or about 6.5 cups popped popcorn is a serving.....or....just invest in a scale, they aren't that much and they make measuring food a lot easier and more accurate.
First of all, I would like to suggest that you invest in an inexpensive scale.  I picked one up at Target a couple of years ago.  Second I would like to disagree with nasuaonni.  One slice of cheese, e.g., Kraft singles is supposed to weigh an ounce.  I have found that one slice of deli cheese is pretty close to one ounce.  Similarly, a slice of meat from the deli or from a package will weigh about one ounce.  A small handful of nuts (using my hand, of course) weighs an ounce.  A large handful goes to 2 ounces.  I suspect, but haven't confirmed, that a handful of grapes would weight about an ounce.  I also thnk that a handful of chips would probably weigh an ounce.  I know Chex Mix is supposed to be about 2/3 cup for a one ounce serving -- that seems to be about a large handful.
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That depends on what you are trying to measure.

Meat /cheese: ping pong ball or mathcbox

Nuts/cookies:  Golf ball,

Cakes/breads/crackers: bar of soap, custard cup, Cassette tape box, hockey puck

So i must be honest, my main reason for asking is because my delicious chocolate cake (with frosting) is quoted by a one ounce serving.  And i don't know if that is one crumb or 1/8 of a cake!


A regular 9-in layer cake serving is usually either 1/8 or 1/12 of a cake. Not very much.

Rough guess -- that would be about the size of the case for your exercise DVD.
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