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Anyone else using Phentermine?

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I started mine on 2/2.  I'm on the lowest dose 15mg and it has helped me from feeling hungry but my mind still craves what I want to eat. I'm trying really hard.  

I weigh 264 and if I could even get down to 200, I'd be happy. I'm so tired of feeling this way.  Time to do something about it.  

I don't get much exercise and I work from my home office so don't get out too much. I started taking my pug for a walk everyday, just a 10 minute walk. I've been doing that for about two weeks now and will try to add some distance soon. At some point, I need to start using my exercise bike again, too.

Anyway, I'm new. Just reaching out for support and like-minded friends.  


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Dont worry you will probably loss more than 200lbs.  I was 209lbs and now 175 in only 2 months of being on adipex p same as phentermine 37.5 mg.  This is why its not recommended to keep taking this drug for more than a few months bc the weight just falls off you yet its an unhealthy way of doing it.  Not all phentermine users had the same reaction to it as me but i will tell you it DOES work.  First few weeks you will have really bad cotton mouth but it will go away.  Drinking water is the best way to loose weight fast.  I bought the biggest loser dvd cardio max and it is a total workout if its too cold outside to walk or you just dont feel like going all the way to the gym.  I try and atleast do this work out 3 times a week it only takes around 35min.  I am becoming very subconcious on sugar, calories, and sodium that i take in.  With this phentermine it gives you more time to think what is good for your body, compared to being starving from dieting and splurging on bad food.  I splurge on bad food around once a month, and I havent had any soda, on occation diet pop.  But very rarley all those artifical crap going in ur body is no good. Stick with sparkling cal free waters, tastes good and guilt free.  I recently started looking at other diet supplements because I cant keep going with phentermine bc it has long term side effects i dont want.  Looking into advocare with the herbal cleanse and thermo plus.  A friend of mine lost 10lbs in 3days from the cleanse, yet they were on the toilet all day the first day.  But cleaning of the system really helped his digestion and loss of more weight.  Thermo plus is a organic supplement that helps you digest better foods plus cuts fat and calories!  I am excited to try these so I will update on my results.

13 yrs ago I was on Phentermine, I have exchanged taking diet pills for blood pressure pills. Phentermine raised my blood pressure for life, so you really need to weigh the pros and cons of this pill.

Nothing anyone says to you in the negative will change your mind so my advice to you is to do your research on the drug and hopefully you will chose your health instead.

btw: I lost weight and gained it all back and an additional 40 lbs. It's not worth it.

I'm on Phentermine 30mg. The first month I lost 17lbs. This month its not coming off as easily as the first month. I'm also watching what I eat and exercising. I think that helped with the first month. I'm not really sure if the pill is doing it or if I am.

I am on Phentermine 37.5. At first I was scared it was to high of a dose. I have been taking it for two months now. In the begining it gave me this mad energy and if i was sleepy, I would be wide awake in less than 30 min after taking the pill. I have lost about 25 pounds in two months. The pill at first kept all hunger away and I would not want anything to eat, even if it was sitting right there in front of me. After the first 30 days, the pill started to wear off. So now I do get a few hunger pains.Drink lots of water and that seems to help. I have also started taking 2 slim fasts a day and eating a small meal at night. If I snack at all,  i eat fresh fruits and sometimes beef jerky.

So far I have seen really good results from taking phentermine. When I had started it my blood pressure was crazy high like 160/117. With the weight loss it runs around 130/80. Big improvement there. I also went from a size 20 to a size 11 now.

And another point, is the energy phentermine gave me when I first started it. I was able to exercise!! Without wanting to give up after the first 10 minutes. We all know how that is like. I started running as well. I did not go very far at first, or for very long. Now I am able to run a steady 2 miles or more at a 10 to 9 minute pace. Believe me I had not run in years. When I started I was lucky to make it half a mile down the road walking without getting out of breath.

The energy part has went away some, but it gave me the jump start I really needed to make losing weight happen. And I got an added bonus, I can run :)

I am also taking the 37.5 mg pill. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. I've read that it can be addictive and I certainly see how. I dont know how Im going to make it when I stop taking it. It really does stop my bad food cravings. I used to crave sugar all day everyday now its rare. If I see it my mind tells me to eat it but I don't want it and I don't lose control as much as I used to. I know the effects it can have and once I stop taking it and its possible that I can gain the weight back plus some but that's where my control comes in. I'm going to have to stay conscious of what I am eating at all times. I'm just hoping that what I am doing now while I'm on the pill will translate when I am not taking the pill...If I have created good habits then the pill is successful.

I'm on duromine 30's. I love them even though I shouldn't. Pro's and con's for you? Have a great energy boost for the whole day, can watch my weight fall off without gym considering I don't have time, am very limited with what I eat, I don't have sleeping troubles but did the first nights and it honestly just makes me feel great. Con's on the other hand. I take one a day so if I don't get my prescription immediately all the weight comes back which is what I know will happen once I stop getting them, cotton mouth all the time is embarrassing, each time I take one after not having one for a week or two they hit me a bit hard to start so I'm grinding my teeth, I only eat once every four days because food is just revolting to me at the moment and I'm constantly anxious and feeling like I've forgotten to do something important! They react with everyone differently so it depends what's best for you. If I could be on something milder but full time it wouldn't be an issue but I can't and I know I'm just going to be where I started but a lot worse. Don't be scared though, just be smart with it. Good luck! Xoxo
Also forgot to add. As I said I'm on 30's and they just don't feel strong enough anymore which is obviously how I know I need an alternative. It's a very big cycle drug so try taking it every second day. Oh and you will get that hunger feeling of your belly telling you to eat but your mind going 'no don't!' Eventually it will get less but won't go away completely.
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