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Anyone else trying to kick the artificial sweeteners habit?

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I love diet pop, diet jello, diet Popsicles and everything else with artificial sweeteners. But, from all that I have read about them and the effect they have on me I can't help but think I should avoid them. I have heard they increase appetite and feed the sugar addiction. But they are sooo good and make me feel less deprived when dieting. Anyone else out there feeling the same way?
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i am....diet pop is my evil...my one dark lord.

i have given it up a couple times....and if you go cold turkey for awhile...it tastes nasty when you try to drink it after having only water as your beverage.

after my box of splenda runs out i am getting stevia for my coffee and having no more chemicals in my body.

i had a diet pop last night just because it was colder than the water. it tasted plasticy...and bloated me up 3 lbs.

try to wean. its a lot easier. for my pop addiction..i take it out. smell it. have a sip. and then pour myself a water instead.
and it makesthe craving go away.

now on those other things....i have no idea how to give up as i dont eat em.

gave it all up

dropped the diet soda a couple years ago

boy does soda taste nasty to me now....

I used concentrated pomegranate juice, cherry juice and blueberry juice to sweeten stuff now - but I don't eat many sweets at all

ice cream is the only thing I miss....


ugh...i was actually lucky because artificial sweeteners don't sit right in my tummy.  the other day i figured i could have some sugar free pudding.  bad idea :(  i guess it's just another indicator that it's not good for you!
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Started using Stevia and Xylitol instead of Aspartame for my tea or smoothies. No more diet drinks for me. I feel super!!! By the way, here goes a super filling and healthy smoothie: 3 tbsp flax seed, 6 raspberries, 6 seedless grapes, stevia, 10 oz water, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar. You will not taste the vinegar at all and it is full of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Blend it for at least 3-4 min. I felt hungry again after 4 hours.
I only have a few drops of artificial sweetener in my cup of tea at the morning, that's all. They surely won't kill me, after all there is about 1% as much sweetener in my tea than there is in a whole bottle of diet coke ;)

I only drink water, nothing else, it really helped, I don't need chips or popcorn anymore, I don't have that hunger for sweets anymore, I just want clean pure water and sometimes an apple or pear, they taste SO MUCH sweeter than they used to, half a year ago, before I started to lose weight and abandon ice tea light and diet coke.
Im just gonna kick my habit with the diet pop is all. I still love my sugar free fudge bars. I drink at least 100+ ozs. of water a day already . I just dont wanna waste money buying that crap anymore. I decided that if I wanna have a pop I will have a REAL one. I can only drink about a half a can anyway.
I totally agree kristinedaqueen, just drinking a real one is healthier for me because then at least I feel accountable. When I would drink diet pop I would have sooo many in a day and not feel guilty, I think it's not healthy to have so much of one thing and it not be in moderation.  marcolb That looks like a really good smoothie I'm totally going to try it out. I hope when I kick the habit I will start to feel good like you say you do. I know I have to do it, it's just really hard to be motivated when it doesn't add any calories to my log!
I gave up all soda,  diet and otherwise but not sure how I'll give up my splenda habit.  I like eating fudgecicles and ice cream too much. Keeps me from loading up on other stuff I don't need...oh wait..think its in my yogurt too and I really do not want to give that up.   Maybe someday...
I've picked up on this info about how bad Aspartame is over the last couple days, and I just checked the 'no added sugar' fruit squash I'm constantly drinking - of course, and to my despair, it contains Aspartame.  So no more of that. 

Trouble is, now what do I drink?! I don't like hot drinks (or even cold tea), and I don't mind drinking water but when it's not flavoured I just can't seem to consume the required 2 litres a day.  Anyone have any alternatives?
Even though I am allergic to artifical sweeteners I know the feeling about kicking out the junk food, only to cave in and find out it isn't as satifying as you remember. In my experience, Citrus fruit never fails to please. It is real, healthy, all natural sugar.
cjtrigg: you don't have to actually drink that much. You can get most of your water from fruits and veggies. An orange has 4-6 oz of water. Eating lots of fruit will cut down on your need to drink plain water. You could also get something like exotic fruit juices (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE cause concentrated means more sugar.)
I really think it is important for you to vary the amount of aspartame you are consuming.  It can do a lot of bad things.  I used to drink diet pepsi constantly and stopped when I started getting strange chest pains.  Then a year later i got the chest pains again, they took an x-ray and I had a mass in my chest.  I had gotten cancer.

Although I have to add I am not 100% that it was from the aspartame, there really isn't any proof in my case, but they have done studies on it where it had lead to the type of cancer I had.

At least try to limit the aspartame, it's high amounts of it that have bad effects, maybe allow yourself one or two cans of diet pop a day, or trade one in for a floavoured water, typically they contain sucralose, which is made from sugar, and I have heard is a fair bit better.

It's hard to quit it, but you should just at least limit how much of it you are consuming.

Good luck. :)
rae;  I have to disagree with you about the water thing when it comes to weight loss..

Now, this is obviously more theory than fact... but it also comes from my personal experience and the experience and from the behaviorists/dietitian/nutritionists that I have worked with.

Yes, the AVERAGE person gets plenty of liquid a day... from what they're drinking, from fruits/veggies, etc.

However... for WEIGHT loss...  you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of just plain/unflavored water... when I was 343 pounds that meant 170 ounces a day... and I did it...

The way I get it in is I just drink all day... every day... if I don't have water sitting at my side... I go get it.. no matter what I'm doing... I"m drinking...  (Your body adjusts so you're not in the bathroom all of the time :-)  I'm a teacher... so I couldn't be!)

and as far as artifical sweetners... I don't have MUCH in the way of jello... I used to diet coke... I cut it out about a week ago... and my weight plateau broke... and I'm less bloated... coincidence?  I have no idea.
i'm quitting!! and i quit cold turkey! i am currently on day 4 with NO artificial sweeteners. i am a serious diet soda addict. i was drinking frightening amounts of diet coke at home. so i decided to try to kick them. someone on this forum compared them to cigarettes: we know they are bad for us, but we use them anyway. that hit home for me! i don't like articficially sweetened foods at all, so that won't really be a problem, but i do have to admit i miss my diet coke. i've been drinking flavored seltzer waters because i love the carbonation. i've also had plain seltzer with a splash of juice and it was great! i think i'm also going to try to get myself used to stevia. hope i can keep this up!
jules817, well done, how's it going?  I'm going 'cold turkey' too, but I'm not dependent on the diet colas as much.  But it's only day 2 at the moment!
I'm trying to weed splenda out of my diet right now.  I knew all along that it wan't GOOD for me, but I reacently looked up the ways it could be BAD for me so I'm trying to stop.  I don't eat many if any dietetic products but I do like diet soda, so it is a little bit of a bummer.

I really did need to make a change though, I put splends in everything.  I went through one of those 400 packet boxes in a month at home and drank multiple coffees at work which gave me like 10-12 more packets aday from there.  So i was eating like 600 packets of splenda a month, not to mention the sweeteners in any soda or dier tea I was drinking. 

I'm going to try sweetening things less, to wean off of sweet a little and I'm usinf a little stevia in the things I do sweeten, just enough to barely taste it.  I hope it all works out good for me.  Maybe I will feel really good in a week or so from not having added yuckies in my food.
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