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Anyone else had problems with digital scales?

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I've always used non digital scales and had no problems.  I bought weigh watchers scales a few months back and when I brought them home I was quite a bit heavier than I had been on the normal scales... the next day I stood on the scale and I was even heavier (not uncommon I know) but I stood on the scales six times more to check and each time I had a different weight! 6 different weights between 15 pounds!  I took them back to the shop and said they were broken.  I stuck with my normal scales a few weeks longer and then they broke completely when my partner slipped on a sock on my wooden floor and landed on them lol! 

I got another set of new digital scales on wednesday and the exact same thing happened again! My partner is taking them back today! Dunno why this has happened to me twice, seems weird!  It actually destroyed my confidence and I was totally depressed.  As I've lost 13lb and according to the new scales I'd put back on 11lbs! So upsetting! 

Anyway, I'm back to old fashioned scales.  I guess if digital scales were better doctors would use them.  


Any thoughts?  Has this happened to you? 




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I don't like digital scales.  They're better than the old spin-dial analog kind of bathroom scale, but many still aren't very reliable. 

I've got a balance-beam scale, the old-fashioned doctor's office kind, that's very accurate and completely reliable.  But it wasn't cheap (at $150) and it takes up a lot more space.  It's worth every penny and every cubic inch of space it takes up to me, though, just in the aggravation it saves me.

I found my weight watchers scale to be very accurate and very consistent, but only when on a flat, hard surface. When I had it on a carpet, I weighed 10 pounds more. My current scale matches the one in my doctor's office.

Compared to my old analog scale, I like that I can see the differences in my weight to the tenth of a pound. Sounds obsessive, but at my current weight, and my propensity to easily gain, it helps keep myself on target. With the analog scale, I could never see subtle weight changes. I know our weight is supposed to fluctuate, but I look at trends, and I can't see those trends with the analog version.

Just to clarify, the scales were on laminate floors.  Perhaps my floor is uneven.  As my whole flat is the same flooring it's prob best I stick to the old style scales!  

The proper doc ones ARE amazing but as you say JP they are huge! LOL! What I was doing was weighing in at the docs, coming home and resetting my old style scales if they needed it.  

I don't really care too much about fractions of pounds as I can gain 2 whole pounds in water at times.  I'm happy if I see a whole pound loss rather than half a pound etc.  I'm also 5'10 so 3lbs doesn't show on me let alone a half pound! I WISH  half a pound would make a difference! lol

I've had the same problem with my digital scale, and I bought the kind recommended by Consumer Reports.  I have it on a linoleum floor, and it can give very different results depending on where I put it.  I finally found one place I leave it at, and just use that weight.  It's generally around 3 pound lighter than the one at my doctor's office, but then I'm usually wearing more clothes there. ;)

The old analog scale I had always showed about 7 pounds lighter than the one in my doctor's office, which is why I got rid of it.

I have used salter digital scales for years and have never had a problem with them.

I've been using the same weight watchers scale we've had for almost 10 years now, I'm terrified to change it. Innocent

I've had exactly the same problem with WW scales. I have a new set of digital scales now... but I'm not quite sure if I trust them yet!!

I use an A & D. digital scale and it's always right on the mark.  To check it, I weigh just before going to a doctor's appointment and compare the two numbers.  There is never more than a .2 lb difference.  Of course this scale is really expensive and hard to find.


I hate digital scales, because it shows every little fluctuation.   Unfortunately that's what I'm stuck with because the dial kind I bought do not work at all.  I need to buy a really good scale that is not digital.  The non-digital one I have now is a cheap Walmart piece of junk that was weighing me like 20 pounds less! And now is completely broken because I tried resetting it by putting a ten pound weight on it to set it, and apparently that was a bad idea.  How a ten pound weight can break a scale and I, who weigh way more then ten pounds, can't..I do not know.   I just generally hate weighing myself.  I get too into the number.  Even though I feel better and think I look better, if I don't see it in the number I let it affect me. 

You have to be on a hard surface or they're not accurate. And they need batteries. Next time I'll get a sturdy reguar one.

I had the exact same problem with the WW scale I bought several years back! I was on WW at the time, so I bought one, but my weight fluctuated 10 lbs in 2 hours on an even floor. I brought it back. My old analog scale was very inaccurate, so I just went without one for a while, because I was weighing in every week at the WW meetings anyway.

Then, I saw a Tanita digital scale on sale at Target one day and figured I'd give another try, since I knew Target would take it back. I have used that same scale for about 3 years and can step on and off, on and off with my vinyl flooring and the weight is exactly the same. it only goes to 1/2 lb increments, however.

Just a question  why do some have sets of scales?  is it an old one and the new one?  or did you buy 2?  Is there a reason for 2?  Did I miss something? Should I have 2?

I have two scales- digital and analog.

My analog scale weighs me at 6 lbs less than the digital.

But when I test them with two five-pound weights, the analog shows 10 lbs, while the digital shows 10.4.

So basically with the weights, they're both pretty correct, but when I weigh myself, the digital weighs me 6 lbs heavier.




My brother's analog scale weighs me 4 pounds less than the digital.

Which if it's right, means I'm only 4 pounds away from my goal...hmmm...right...

I have a checkup March 2nd, so I'll see what my real weight is then I guess! lol

I have a WW digital scale to and just this morning started having problems. I weighed two different amounts six times.. I am going to try and take mine back, I had it more than 30 days so Walmart may not take it back. Frown

I have WW scales (from the UK) and have the same problem others have mentioned. I found they work best on a hard, flat surface. On my carpet (even with the little cups provided for the feet to stabilise them) it fluctuates so much... it's very frustrating! We have two other scales and I can tell by those whether the WW is anywhere near right. I definitely would not buy them again; I only wanted them for their supposed accuracy!!


I also bought the weight watchers scale but have had amazing luck with it. In fact twice I've weighed myself then gone to the doctor where I was weighed and my scale was right on the money. I hope that you came up with a scale that worked out for ya.


Dave - are you weighing on a flat & hard surface?

I have dial scale and compared to a family member's digital and tried a wii fit board I am 8-12 heavier (but I weight nude on my scale and clothed on all others, but hard surface and same time of day etc).

I was really upset so decided to test my dial with something with a set weight, it accounted for it perfectly. So I basically come to term my scale may be off by 5lbs so I have my goal set to accommodate that but in the meantime I earned that number on that scale even if it is wrong :P

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