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Weight Loss
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Does anyone else have a problem with scale showing different weights...?

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...depending on how you're standing on it?  For example, I stand up straight and the scale shows one weight.  Then I lean forward to read it better and the weight goes up.  I have noticed this before on digital scales as well.  Can anyone shed light on this?  Which weight is the right one?  It changes be about 3 pounds when I lean forward.

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Yeah, this happens to me as well.

I'm sure your best bet would be to weigh yourself in the morning, standing up straight on the scale. I've heard that it also helps to weigh yourself naked. You should choose a day of the week and only weigh yourself once a week, that way you don't obsess over how much you weigh.

:D I'm sure you knew all that, though.


I always take the weight that I get when I am standing up straight. 

It's probably not varying that much, a pound or so, so don't get too worried.  Scales measure the amount of pressure being applied downward.  So if you lean forward, you are applying more pressure and thus a higher weight.  I weigh myself everyday first thing in the morning, after letting out the waste that's built up in the night. I am usually naked when on the scale as i don't want to include the weight of clothes.  I know it's going to vary and my self esteem for the day isn't based on that number.  I just like to know where I am.  


I stepped on the scale and it said 184.5

I stepped on it again and it said 160.

Then it said 172.5

Then 187.


Lol xD

you need a new scale.  i have a mic-health digital, and it self-calibrates when something environmental throws it out of whack (temperature, being moved).  other than that, it never varies, no matter how much i might want it to!

I use a good, AND digital scale and find that my weight is more consistant if I stand up straight while the scale is registering.  I think it has to do with weight distribution over the surface of the scale.  When you bend forward, the weight is distributed differently.  You can feel in on your bare feet.

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I had a mechanical scale that I could vary by about 15 pounds.  To get repeatable results, I leaned forward and to the left -- knowingly getting a reading that was less than reality.  Standing completely upright and balanced gave the most accurate results, but I still could not tell within about 4 pounds, so it was hard to judge progress.  I just bought an expensive digital scale (Seca 813) and now the variability is about .6 pounds.  I still weigh about .4 lbs less if I step on with my right foot instead of my left foot.  Now I just step on with my left foot.  That bad part is that with the new scale I need to lose eleven pounds to reach my weight loss goal.

Holly - the name of the game is consistency. If you step on the scale leaning over so you can actually see what it says 3 times in a row what is the variance. If it is minimal then just step on the scale the same way every time. This will give you an accurate measure of how much you are losing - even if the number is not the same as say your doctor's scale. If the variance is too much (when you stand on it the same way) then it is time to get a new scale.


I have both the Seca 813 and the Tanita 351 bathroom scales.  The Tanita provides the most consistent reading I have found.  Max variation I have seen is 0.2 lbs.  The Seca 813 is also reliable, however it doesn't keep track of my last weight, and it is a bit akward to use at first.  Foot on, off, wait, then get on...  I have also seen as much as 1.0 lb difference depending on how much your weight shifts on the scale.  I believe the Tanita actually performs several calculations and requires more consistancy on the users part to get the answer.  I have had it take several seconds before it can give me results do to movement on the scale.

Anyway. The price of the Tanita was under $100.00 and the capacity was 440lbs.

I also agree with Sunni.  Consistency is important no matter what.

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