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Anyone else overweight and recently had a baby??

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Hi Everyone,

I was overweight when I got pregnant and had a baby boy 4 months ago.  I thankfully lost the pregnancy weight (breastfeeding, and major control during the pregnancy), but my muscles are still blown and I can't get into my old jeans.  I have started back to the gym ( I had a c-section) and today got into my pre-pregnancy "fat" pants.  We've started eating whole foods, fruits/vegetables nothing in the ingredients that we can't pronounce, no hydrogenated oils of any kind.  It just seems to be taking forever.  I have a long way to go, I am just looking for other Mom's that are overweight with babies/toddlers that have stories to tell.  This baby was my second, I do have a 5 y/o daughter as well.  I know i'm not the only one, so where are the other overweight Mom's???  I am also a stay-at-home Mom so any hints on adding more excercise into my day would be great. 

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OMG I'm so glad that I'm not alone. I Have two boys the oldest is two and the other tured one on the fourth. like you i put on about 20 pounds before i got pregnant with the first. so i went from about 125 to about 150 before the baby. then while iwas pregnant i went from 150 to 180. After the baby I started to work out and watched what i ate and got to 160. Then when he was like 5 or months old i found out i was havning other so I went from 160 to 198!!! now thats alot of weight. I was really upset with myself for not taking better care of my body with the first pregnancy. I got alot of stretch marks and put on alot of weight. after baby number 2 i knew I had to hop on the weight lose ball. So I went from 180 to 146. almost 40 pounds and it seems like it has taken forever. Even though i have lost all that weight i feel so fat still. I want to be at about 120 maybe 115 if I can get there. I can kinda fit into my prebaby jeans but they just don't fit my waist the same. Even though i weigh less they are still tight around that area. I think it's because I have more fat there and my skin is loose on the bottome part of my tummy. I think you are doing a really good job of watching what you eat. That is what really helped me. I also stay at home with my boys and it's hard for me to fit in the time to get to the gym so I'm going to start doing crunches and lunges and other things you can do at home while my little one naps.  So maybe you could do that. My husband is really in to fitness and he says lunges are a really good way to loose fat on your legs and butt. So yeah good luck and let me know how it works out for you. I'm glad i'm not the only non skinny mom you see on tv!!Smile
My son is 21 months old and I still have his weight on me.  I went from 139 to 187 went down to 165 a now 150 and I can't seem to get back to my 139.  Not only that I have all these body parts that I didn't have b4 like hips and butt.  I am not complaining about my butt but its kind of out there.  LOL

momof2inca, I feel you. I'm 5'0 and used to weigh 110 6 years ago. Then I had my daughter. At my heaviest, I was 150 lbs., then went down to 130 after much dieting and exercising. I never was able to lose that 20 lbs to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Then I had my son 3 years ago. At my heaviest, I weighed at 180!! 

Right now, I'm at 136. So almost back to pre-pregnancy weight before my son, and still considered overweight for my height. I'd like to get back to 110-115 by July for my first trip to Hawaii. I wish I had known about CC a long time ago; I'd have probably lost all that weight already!

It's hard to exercise with two kids running around you, and I'm not even a stay-at-home mom. Both of my kids, though, love to exercise with me as I'm doing Tae-bo. They love to punch and kick. And I like it since it tires them out! LOL  And eating healthy is great, too, since they are learning about eating healthy and hopefully, it'll be something they retain for the rest of their lives.

So keep at it, momof2. You'll get there!!

I can relate to all of these posts. I had my second baby a little over a year ago and I am just now starting to see some results. I am a teacher and with two children my good intentions of running everyday end up only being twice a week. I try to throw random spurts of exercise throughout my day but I know I need to do more. I would like to get back down to 135 and right now I am at 153. I wish I could flip those last two numbers! LOL!! Something I have read recently that I think is making a difference is a book called Skinny B*tch. It is about eating and what foods do to your body. The authors encourage you eat a vegan organic lifestyle.


Wow. We are in the SAME boat. I have two boys, 17 months apart and the youngest is turning two next week. The sad thing is I lost all my pregnancy weight within the first 6 weeks with both of my kids. I was gestational diabetic so I didn't really gain much but water weight and breastfeeding knocked the last bit off. I'm also 5'0" And 137. I'm a total apple shape though so all my weight is in my middle, and my boobs are quite large so I seem soo top heavy.  I really want to lose the excess weight but I'm also concerned with the tummy issues. And so far I have been dieting and excercising like a champ. But no weight loss. I'm also having a hard time eating the right calories. It's either too many or too less.

Yes, I am also in the boat with you all!  I have a 10-month-old, and work full-time so I was only home for 2.5 months after she was born.  I am 5'2" and was very overweight before pregnancy (182), but hadn't lost the weight because I was having problems exercising... fast forward and now I know I have tendonitis in my feet/ankles and seasonal asthma, so I struggle with cardio because most things are on your feet and I end up in pain after a few minutes. 

I started CC on Wed. when my coworker told me about it, and so far it seems to be really helping me.  I didn't realize how the little bites add up!  I started at 212 (which horrifies me!) and my main goal is to get to 150.  When I get down to 150, then I'll see how probable it will be to go further to 135, which technically would put me in the good range for my height and gender.  I'm trying to go to a weekly yoga class during lunch on Tues, and doing other things like light weights and elliptical machine at my fitness center.  When I look at the numbers all I can think is, this is going to take me forever.  But at least I'm trying now, it embarrasses me that I've put this much weight on.  I absolutely can't keep living this heavy, it just feels so unnatural.

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I can relate too!  I have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl (and a 7 year old boy), but have quite a bit of weight to lose.  Nursing has certainly helped, but I can't cut too many calories because I don't want to jeopardize my milk supply.

The key for me is to pack lunches to bring with me to work, always have healthy snacks and easy to prepare dinners in the house, and to work out in the morning.  (If I wait to workout until after work, it never seems to happen!)

Good luck to all.  It's a journey, but looking at my kids makes it all worthwhile.


Hi! Another mom here! My daughter is 11 mo.

I actually started gaining a lot of weight AFTER my baby was born, most of it during the early months of breastfeeding, which is supposed to help you lose weight... not in my case. I felt like a tank. Then I suddenly and effortlessly lost 13 lbs in a month or so after I got my first postpartum period.

I'm no longer 'officially' overweight (my BMI is now 24.2; 5'7", 154lbs), but I still 'feel' fat and can't fit into anything. I'd like to lose at least 10 lbs more.

I'm afraid to excercise my abs because I'm not completely sure I don't have separation (those diastasis sites all give different info, and the doctors around me don't seem to know about the condition at all - I live in central Serbia). Every time I start working out, my daughter 'helps' :-/, so I have to stop or I'll hit her with my leg etc. Any advice appreciated. I used to be very active before and during my pregnancy (hiking, swimming, the gym) and now don't seem to move at all, whicj is killing me (I live in utter roadless wilderness and there's no place I can go with a stroller, and my daughter is too heavy to carry anywhere far).

Any advice appreciated.


I am a lot younger than most of the moms in here but I think I gained twice as much during my pregnancy.

I am 5'2" and started at 120 and peaked 175 the day before labor. I am now 145/150 and its been 4 months. I am a stay at home and have a hard time motivating myself to get out and exercise. I suffer from ppd which I think has a lot to do with motivation factor. 

I think its great that your leaning on the more organic side of the foods and I may take a tip from you and follow that lead. 

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