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Anyone else a 34d?

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I got measured last week at Victoria's Secret for the first time since I was about 14 and was surprised to hear that I was a 34d (when I think of D , I think Dolly Parton!) . Anyway the bra was expensive at VS and I can't find the size at other stores. Do you guys know why it's so hard to find? An assistant in one store even said something along the lines of that size being rare in ''normal people''.

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Original Post by keb1984:

Does anyone know where to go to get fitted in Canada. We dont have a local VS or Dillards. Does La Senza do fittings?? I also have trouble finding bras that fit (I think Im a 38 DD). The only ones I can wear are Curvation (Queen Latifah's line) and I get them at Walmart. They are very comfortable and cheap!

Where are you in Canada?  I can recommend a great store in Edmonton, and I know there are a few in Calgary, as well.

I've also had a 'fitting' done at LaSenza, which completely recommended the wrong size to me.  That may just be my limited experience, tho.

I was wearing a 36D (and that's what the LaSenza fitting person told me), but I'm actually a 32DDD/F.  Tho depending on the style of the bra, I may wear a 34DD or 34D.

Good luck!

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I know just what you mean! I'm a 34D and have gone to countless stores trying to find my size, and sometimes there isn't even one bra to choose from.  I guess it's a popular size...I usually have to go to Victoria Secret and spend a little more to find my size.  Iv'e had some luck at Macy's.  I found that they have those racks catagorized by size, but with the bra's in  the section where they belong! Which is rare!

I do all of my bra shopping at

I were a very unusual size but have NEVER had problems finding good bras through them.

Good luck! has a great selection of bras in a variety of sizes

34DD thanks to previous birth control (I am hoping to lose a lot of that along with my weight!). I've had a lot of luck at Macy's and they have sales all the time.

Watch out for bras with skinny straps.  I have no idea why they think that would be comfortable.

AVON sells bras of a lot of hard-to-find sizes as well.  I've had luck with that too.

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I am a 36 DD... Actually, my left breast is 36DD and my right breast is a 36D... One full cup smaller... Talk about a pain in the butt....

I also went to Victoria Secret and refused to pay $48.00 for a bra... I went to Fredericks of Hollywood and they have great bras for half the price.... They lift and give my boobs great support and they have plenty of size selection........ You can also buy a 36C to substitute for a 34D... Any professional bra store should tell you that....

I bought 5 bras and 12 panties to match for $220.00.... I would have only gotten 4 bras at Vistoria Secret for that price....

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While it might make sense in theory , a 36c does not fit me. The band is too big and the straps fall down. Do Fredericks havde a store outside of LA.?

Original Post by starting:

While it might make sense in theory , a 36c does not fit me. The band is too big and the straps fall down. Do Fredericks havde a store outside of LA.?

 They should, we have them in AZ.

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They have online catalogs.. Check out there website to find a location near you... 5Ftest=1

Ahh too funny, i was all excited to recommend Frederick's and I see someone just beat me to it :)

I have been online-ordering my bras from Frederick's for years, because I am a 38F (well, went from 42F to 40F and now size is getting smaller but the boobs are holding on!) and those sizes used to be non-existant in regular stores. The plus stores are better now, and do carry DDD (or F, same same) in some styles...but I remain mostly loyal to Fredericks because of the amazing push-up bra they have in my size!! It's called Smooth Sensations full-cup bra, and it is so amazing. I don't have to wear grandma bras, this one is sexy and supportive and pushes the girls up where they should be, and does not give that cone effect or uniboob effect the grandma bras do. They have a huge range of sizes and colours, and some of their other styles are pretty awesome too.

My only complaint is, sometimes the tips of the underwires break and push through into your armpits. There's no fixing that, I've tried. They are pretty cheap (often on sale 2 for $24 each), but I would pay more if they would just make them better. They ship to Canada too, but it does take up to 6 weeks.

One other place I found recently, in an attempt to find a local source, is a place called Change. I think it's swedish, but they have stores here in BC and so likely in the States too. I bought my very first non-Fredericks push up bra in a size 36J (their sized are whacked). They are known for their wider range of sizes, but are kinda expensive (the one I bought was close to $80).

hey there...i'm a 42 D and i've found that size at Zellers ( if you have that store where you live). I've also found it in Plus Size stores. Those fancy places like Victoria Secret and La Senza seem to be only for "smaller" ladies.

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I second, I wear a 32GG (all natural and they never get smaller) and it is one of only two places where I can find bras.  The other is Intimacy, a specialty lingerie shop, but they only have maybe 5 locations.  It is worth it to spend a little extra, I spent $400 (for 5 bras) at initimacy 18 months ago and my bras are all still in perfect condition. 

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moo82: 32GG? - WHAT in the....? HOW??

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I started out a 32DD, after 3 months on yasmin I was up to a 32GG, one of the many reasons I no longer take that pill Smile 

I got measured for the 1st time this year and I was shocked that I went from a 34-B to a 32-D! I'm 15, 5'6" and 150 (size 8).

Go curves!

Original Post by moo82:

I started out a 32DD, after 3 months on yasmin I was up to a 32GG, one of the many reasons I no longer take that pill Smile 

 Did your breasts get smaller after you went off the pill???

Macy's. They will measure you (for free) and show you several bra's that will work for you. You may need to spend a little extra to get the right support, but if you take care of you bras (hand wash, air dry) they can last for year(s).

Normal?? I'm a 32 DD and a size 4/6. VS has measured me before and tried to tell me I was a 36 C..hah. If you have a Nordstrom's or Dillard's in your area they are they place to go! I good bra is the African bra by Chantelle (pricey but fits/supports amazingly). Now that I know my size I buy them new online! (Ebay!) Anyway - good luck shopping in stores - VS does cary some of the bras but most stores don't carry anything, for cheap, in that size.


good luck!

I actually have to get remeasured myself. I started this whole weightloss thing at a 34DD, then one, two skipped a few and am somewhere around a 32B. I stopped at a 34D for awhile and had the same problem. I would find all these great bras, but they never had my size. They were either too small or too big. I thought I was pretty normal, LOL.

Wow - glad Victoria's Secret sales people are the official judges of what is normal.  There are less expensive bra's try Maiden Forms web-site - I am a 32/34 DD and have a hard time buying bras!!  With my weight gain I am actually a 34 E...yikes!

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