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Anyone else a 34d?

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I got measured last week at Victoria's Secret for the first time since I was about 14 and was surprised to hear that I was a 34d (when I think of D , I think Dolly Parton!) . Anyway the bra was expensive at VS and I can't find the size at other stores. Do you guys know why it's so hard to find? An assistant in one store even said something along the lines of that size being rare in ''normal people''.

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When I lost weight I went from a more common 36 D to a 34 D and find it difficult at times, as far as price most of VS bras are worth the money, plus I always hit up the semi annual sales. (I do get tired of hand washing my bras Yell)

Just be glad you're only a D.  I'm a 34 DD-E.  I don't spend a lot of time browsing through bras anywhere anymore, I just go in to a store and ask them which bras are actually available in that size.  And it's usually none, maybe a few ugly ones in 34 DD.   

Unfortunately I think soon I'm going to need to go down a band size...and I can only pray that my boobs get smaller too, or I'm going to be shopping for 32 F.  And I have enough trouble at 34 E.  I've taken to ordering things online but it's such a gamble. 

I was a 34DD (or FFF according to my doctor, but I think he's crazy because my boobs just could not have been that big) before I had a reduction - I'm now a 34D. I almost always get my bras from VS, though Spanx also has a great one that I started wearing after surgery because I couldn't wear underwire for a while. I think it's called Bralelulah or something stupid, but it's basically like pantyhose material, and it's really really comfortable.

edit to add: About the comment the OP got, I used to hear that all the time from the people in VS and other chain bra stores. I think the only time I didn't get asked if I had implants or something was when I went into a really nice bra store in Portland one time when the girl assured me I wasn't weird, and that yes, other women had real boobs even bigger than mine with the same band size.

I'm a 34D. It's so tough to find decent bras ANYWHERE. Especially since I don't want to pay top dollar for them.

Most stores I go to, I search the entire store and find one or two, really ugly, 34D bras. If you want plain but supportive bras, I've found them at places like Boscovs or Kohls. I really want some cute ones though.

Does anyone know where to go to get fitted in Canada. We dont have a local VS or Dillards. Does La Senza do fittings?? I also have trouble finding bras that fit (I think Im a 38 DD). The only ones I can wear are Curvation (Queen Latifah's line) and I get them at Walmart. They are very comfortable and cheap!


LOL! Interesting research....

I almost never go without a bra, and when I do it is only at home. I think I'll keep it that way. But mine don't sag at all because I lift weights. And I'm 35. (Of course it helps that I only have Cs, have never had kids, and have never been overweight, I'm sure. I can't credit weight lifting for all of it. And I'm still anticipating the day things change.)

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Original Post by juls88:

I'm a 34D. It's so tough to find decent bras ANYWHERE. Especially since I don't want to pay top dollar for them.

Most stores I go to, I search the entire store and find one or two, really ugly, 34D bras. If you want plain but supportive bras, I've found them at places like Boscovs or Kohls. I really want some cute ones though.

One thing to consider is spending a little bit more on them then if it's possible to cut costs somewhere else.  CUTE good quality bras last longer than cheapies if you hand wash them and store them properly.  So really spending more $ per bra would keep you from bra shopping as often.  And you will have much cuter bras.

Interesting that it's called Cooper's droop because the fibrous attachments that support the breasts are called Cooper's suspensory ligaments, named for Sir Astley Cooper, a 19th century anatomist, wouldn't you know it, a part of the woman's body named for the gent that "discovered" it!

Wow, i didn't think it was that rare a size. It's quite common here in the UK. I'm a 34DD an there is loads of choice here. Have you tried shopping online?(although i know it's nicer to try them on first, as every store fits differently)

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 And I'm still anticipating the day things change.)

 That day comes right around 40.  ;)  It sneaks up on you too, all of the sudden you nice supple arms turn into your moms arms and it's all down hill from there.  Yeah, you can still hide these small jokes nature play on us, but stark naked the only saving grace is the fact that men lose their eyesight at about the same rate that we lose our elasticity. 

*sigh* Life (bra wise) was so much easier when I was a 38dd

Now I'm a 34dd, sometimes a 34d.  I've ordered from Fredricks of Hollywood, they were  2/$48 and they are pretty good.   I stock up on VS when they have their semi-annual sale.  Forget browsing the store when the sale is on, go straight to their website and order their.  Get a normally $45 for $22, that kind of thing.  Also I've gotten 34D at Walmart for like $7 each and they're excellent.  Hmm, also try JcPenney (ambrielle) and Macys too.

Sigh..I miss my boobies (and so does my boyfriend)!

I was a 40DDD when I weighed 238.

90 lbs later I'm a somewhat droopy 34/36D. I usually buy 36's because they're easier to find, but I probably should be getting the 34s.

I buy a lot of bras at Kohls. Suprisingly they have a fair amount of cute, resonably priced bras in a range of sizes. I'll occasionally buy a bra at VS, but most of their sexy stuff either doesn't give me the support I need or doesn't keep me "in" properly. The girls slide all over the place and I'm constantly having to adjust!

like katydid22, i LOVE kohls bras! there's a brand called warmers, and they usually have 34d available...push up or not, many colors, and REALLY comfy...and pretty sexy :D
bra sizing can be really weird, especially at vs. 34d is almost the same thing as 36c, except you're a little skinnier with bigger boobs as apposed to the opposite. it's a very small difference, but i've found it really does matter
haha i totally feel like a bra connoisseur now.

I am a 36 DD and I only by my bras from Bali Bras, VS is over priced and you can get pretty bras that feel like you are being supported (no by your shoulders either) with this company. I even found a strapless one that v's in the front that supports enough to do cardio in! That's amazing.

VS bras never fit me.   I always thought I was 34DD - and they never seemed big enough in the cup for me.

I have found a place over here in the UK that makes the BEST bras ever for girls with big boobs.   bravissimo.com  is the store - they make the most beautiful sexy bras for us big girls.

Its amazing how different I look wearing these to the mass produced packaged ones you can buy in the department stores.  They keep you perky ;)

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Try Dillard's.  I was a 32 DD forever, and they're the only store that ever carried that size. 

Was... now I'm more like a 30 D, and I don't live anywhere near a Dillard's. 

 you can shop at Dillard's online

 True, but the hassle and extra expense of shipping it to Germany isn't worth it for me, especially if I end up not liking the style or fit and have to return it.  I recently bought a 'this'll do for now' bra to hold me over till I visit the States in October.

When I lived in the US I found Sears and Macy's pretty good for 34D - it's really not that uncommon a size

I'm a 34DD, though sometimes I can wear a 34D, and at least in my State I'm limited to either Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood (but their bras are too sexy for me to just wear everyday, lol). I don't know why that size isn't as popular in a department store, maybe the manufacturers think that women with a smaller band size like a 34 don't need as much in the cup size? VS is on the expensive size, but I've found that they last longer than something I'd buy at a department store.

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im a 36 D and i can find nice bras at nordstroms (my friend who is an Fcup can also find sexy stuff there) and some department stores. plus they hold up longer than VS bras. 

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