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Weight Loss
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Anyone else always feel cold while losing weight?

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While it's true that the weather is changing (sob) and so the days are getting colder, I don't think it's the only reason why I feel so cold!  I'm sitting in our family room with jeans, socks, and FLEECE shirt.  My fingers are freezing as I type.  The house is set at room temperature too.  Has there ever been a study done about feeling cold while losing weight?  Or maybe it's a sign of me going crazy!!?? ;)
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      Careful might want to up your calories to near maintenence for awhile or mabye go at only -200 from maintenence.  Feeling cold all the time is a sure sign that your metabolism is really starting to slow down and that the body does not have enough food to keep your body temperature constant.  Might want to go over how much you have been eating recentally and how much your burning each day.

   For awhile I was eating around 1400 calories as a guy and I was ALWAYS cold even if it was in the higher 80s outside.  The body just simply can not get the energy to keep your core body temperature constant.  Just something to notice.
Feeling cold can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. This is an extremely common anemia, especially in women in their childbearing years. An iron supplement or multivitamin with iron will help if you are anemic; if you are iron deficient, you will start feeling warmer in three or four days after starting supplementation.
I'm always cold, even when others are not.  I wear sweaters in the summer.  (gasp!)  I am hypothyroid.  Perhaps you should get yours checked...When your thyroid isn't functioning properly, your metabolism is slow and your core body temperature is generally lower than it should be.  
My body always runs warm.  When I get cold and start shivering I am either very tired or getting sick.
I have been cold for at least a month, and my reasoning behind it is that I am missing 60 pounds of insulation! Makes sense to me anyway.

That being said I do know that there can be lots of medical reasons for being cold while losing weight revolving around anemia, lack of calories, etc. I do have some lab work scheduled for next month and will find out more about my chilliness.
I've been getting cold easily for years now :-( .  It bothers me, 'cause I remember in junior high I was wearing short sleeves when everyone else was bundled in a coat, and now it's the total opposite!  I do suspect my thyroid is out of whack, but can't afford to see a doctor about it.  There was a free screening down the street a couple of months ago, but I missed it.  Hopefully I can catch the next one, whenever that is.  Although I worry even if I do find out, I won't be able to afford to do anything about it. . .
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I am constantly cold. I am also aware that I may be anaemic. I normally have very low hb levels anyway - and am more often than not turned away by the blood donor centre! Having said that, if you take iron tablets, go easy on them. You may be better off drinking stout or some other iron-rich drink. I always get really sick on iron tablets and constipated-----ewwwwww.
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Sorry to try and make it black and white, but aren't women generally cold and men hot?
I'm always cold, and it's perfectly normal...
I've been cold since I started losing weight ... then again, I was always hot before. I'm chalking it up to having lost over 40 pounds that used to keep me warm ...

I'm sleeping in sweatpants n a sweatshirt when I used to be in a t-shirt n shorts every night ... yuck.
I used to have that problem too. It was so bad that I would have to soak my hands and feet in hot water because they would go numb. I've wondered if it was a few things: thyroid running low, too few calories, or loss of muscle or a combo. The low iron may be a factor too.

I'm doing pretty good staying warm now, but still adjusting to not having that big blanket of fat. LOL. I think the thermogenic properties of some of the things I take is helping a lot too.
There are a few other things to look at for hypothyroidism. If you have any of these symptoms besides being, cold you may want to look into it. These are just a few of the side effects I have dealt with. Hope this helps!

  1. depression
  2. rapid weight gain/difficulty losing weight
  3. dry hair/skin
  4. hair loss
  5. fatigue
  6. memory loss
I'm always cold, downside of losing too much weight.
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