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Anyone doing/done "Insanity" workout?

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I just started the beachbody "insanity" 60-day program and wondered if anyone has done it successfully and what their results are...also looking for anyone that is doing it now?! I am trying to lose the 5-8lbs I keep fluctuating and decided to just change EVERYTHING up : different workout and different calorie intake.

All opinions welcome! (I also posted on the fitness forum in search of best recovery drink/post workout drink so if you can comment on that I'd appreciate it too!)

Thanks! T

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I did it and loved my results, but I did take two weeks between month one and two to do some weight lifting as I felt like it would help me reach my goals slightly better than 2 solid months of HIIT.

I have not done Insanity or P90X yet.  I did a lot of research on both of them and from what I have heard from others (seems similar to mrrock) is that a lot of people feel like it was just too much cardio and preferred the P90X.  But all of the reviews and posted results I saw were great.  I plan on doing P90X starting this next Sunday, but Insanity was up on my list and I may do it at a later time.  Either one will whip you into better shape, I am certain of that.  Good luck with your journey!!

I started p90x about 1 week ago. I know a few other people who are closer to their 1 month goal. 


It is tough,  despiste how tough the actual workout is, its even tougher to stay with it and find motiviation to keep it up.

Everyone I know loves it and highly respects it, however very few seem to be able to to stay with it constanntly, because its so intense.  Quite a few people seem to mix p90x with some other misc cardio and weight lifting as I myself have done.  It helps you get into the proper mindset, regardless of actual achievements. 


But with everything else, you get what you put into it!  If you are super easy and just kinda waggle your arms around and not really try, you cant expect super awesome results.  Just dont hurt yourself!

edit: The same goes with Insanity, I meant to say that before.  I know a few people on both, they both usually say the same thing. 


I am just starting week 5 --so on my first 60 minute week. It's hard. Hardest thing I've ever done. BUT I do think it works. I have lost between 5-8 pounds and more importantly, I've lost inches. I know it because my clothes are quite loose now. I did not measure myself before, which I'm totally bummed about. I think the inches are Much more important than the scale.

I have not missed a day, but do have to modify the push ups this week. I bruised or fractured a rib from coughing (don't laugh) and it is too painful to lower myself. But I will push through. I just do other things to keep my heart rate up during those excercises. I've just come too far to stop now.

Lastly, I think the nutrition thing is super important. So read the literature and change the way you eat. That will make all the difference.

Good luck.

i'm planning to start the insanity program on the 22nd which is next monday.. it's definitely going to be hard to stick with it being that it's so intense and very focused on cardio but once i start seeing results it will be worth it :) I'm glad to hear that people enjoyed it because it is definitely less mentioned than the P90X.

I agree...it's not as popular. I am going to finish it, take a week off (doing some other things to keep me going, but take a break) and then start with the P90X. I just wanted to dothe cardio one first. These 60 min sessions are CRAZY.

If you do Insanity before P90X, you're going to find the P90X cardio workouts lacking.  They're MUCH slower paced, in comparison.  Unless you just like the break and want to go slow on cardio days, you could sub in Insanity workouts for Plyo and Kenpo while on P90X.  Both are good program though.

Today...I love the idea of slower pace..lol. I have a fractured rib and part of the program is killing me and I have to sub it out...but I have heard the same thing from others....that once you complete the Insanity workout, P90X cardio is way easier.

My goal is to do get through the cardio, start on the strength training with P90X and then eventually, do combos of all the things I love. I have not been kickboxing in 4 months...so I'd like to incorporate that back in too.

So nice to hear all the good advice!

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