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For Anyone that allows themselves a cheat day...

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I'm normally 3-4 pounds heavier the day after my saturday cheat days. I know it's all water weight b/c I'm back to normal after a couple of days.  I was wondering if anyone else has the same experience.  If so, what's a typical "gain" the day after a cheat Day?



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I don't check my weight daily anymore but when I used to I'd "gain" up to 7lbs after a cheat day :) depending on what the cheat was.
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Original Post by iloverice423:


I'm normally 3-4 pounds heavier the day after my saturday cheat days. I know it's all water weight b/c I'm back to normal after a couple of days.  I was wondering if anyone else has the same experience.  If so, what's a typical "gain" the day after a cheat Day?



I think it depends on how salty your cheat was... gotta love sodium for retaining fluids.... what if we took a diuretic cheat day morning :)


I am ALWAYS 4-7 lbs heavier after my "cheat" day or even "cheat" meal depending on how bad it was!

I makes me so mad- although I know it isn't "pure fat" I've gained... it's just water retention and food weight... maybe (like I said, depending on HOW much and of what you ate) you could gain a 1/2 lb...

Note to self: don't weigh-in on Monday's (after the weekends!!!) LOL
I usually just do cheat meals but I havent noticed any gain afterwards....of course I am not seeming to loose weight either but.....I think everyone will retain different amounts of water.
After having 1-2 meals that are cheat meals, I can tell my stomach feels bloated the next 2 days.  I think it is the sodium and larger amount of food.  I don't weight myself except every couple of weeks now because I was getting too discouraged.
I love my cheat days! I know the weight gain is only temporary so it's sooo worth it.  Plus at the end of the day you just want the day to end so you can go back to eating healthy again. As long I lose at least a pound a week, I'm sticking to cheat days as opposed to a cheat meal.
I love my cheat days to! I gain about 1 or 2 pounds.  I just started working out again and I haven't noticed that much difference on the scale  but my cloths fit a little better.
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I don't get an only temporary weight gain.  I am curious.  I have been charting my weight by weighing myself daily, and I definitely don't see that!

If I overindulge on a saturday, I will gain 4-5 lbs, and then I will lose my normal 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb per day, so it will take a week to get me back to my pre-binge weight.

That is why I keep see-sawing, as a matter of fact.

Unless my 'cheat' day still keeps me at or under the burn calories number that they use here, which seems absurdly high, but appears to be accurate.

You guys will really show a loss of 4-5 lbs in two or three days?

I need that trick!



 I drink TONS of water the day after a cheat day and I also go at it hard at the gym.  Also, in the early stages of my "diet" it took me a full week to recover from cheat days.  I've only allowed myself cheat days recently, when I started strenght training.  I'm also 100-200 calories below my maximum each day for 6 days so maybe my cheat day makes up for it?

I have a cheat meal throughout the week. I don't completely binge or anything, but they never really seem to effect me. I always make sure that I am still burning more calories than I eat for the day. The most that happens is a little bit of water retention from high sodium. The water weight goes away as soon as I watch the sodium level. I also agree with drinking a lot of water. I have a difficult time cutting my sodium intake down, and as long as I drink extra water, it doesn't seem to make me gain extra water weight.

I think cheat meals are wonderful! They can be a great tool to help keep your metabolisim guessing and keep you motivated. I don't know about you, but I could never stick to a lifestyle change that didn't allow for me to enjoy all types of food within moderation.   

I can't have cheat days or meals anymore.  I've started to feel almost violently ill after eating "junk" food.  I just think my body's no longer adjusted to it.

The nice thing?  I think that food addictions are very real and that, if you restrain from eating a certain food for long enough (going "cold turkey"), you lose that craving for it.

I never weigh after cheat days - it would make me suicidal! I have about one cheat day a week, where i eat exactly as many as i burn (about 1600). Doesn't seem to do any harm beyond slowing down my  lb-every-10-days rate of losing.

I only weigh on mondays.  used to weigh every day but the fluctuation and zigzagging made me nuts.


I'm kinda curious - do you guys enter your cheat-days into CC? If so how many more calories do you usually eat on a cheat day? Also do you just eat whatever you feel like, or put a limit on it?

 I have a cheat evening on Thursday - after a day of 7 1/2 hours of lectures I NEED something in my last 3 hours of marketing research! Usually a Kit-Kat. But the prospect of a cheat 'day' is interesting! :)



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I am actually having a tough time with "cheat days". Mine usually end up being "cheat weekends"! Does anyone else have that problem? And, to Buska's question, I do not enter my weekend meals on CC. Although, I do think it would help me out if I did. The last two weeks it seems that I am eating whatever I want on Saturday and Sunday, and then I am gaining a couple of pounds, and then it is taking me a whole week to lose the weight I gained in 2 days. So, I am going to try what you guys are doing and just have a cheat meal every once in a while. Atleast until I start seeing the scale going down more and not going up!! :)

Here is what I do, and I will make this my advice to you guys. I don't have cheat days, I tried it once and hated it more then I loved it.


I have cheat meals, I do it once a week. I pick one thing a week that I am really craving and I have that. The rest of the day I eat good, I even adjust my other meals a little to save up some calories and if I can I work out twice that day.

I like this better for a few reasons, it doesn't affect you as much weight wise or hurt you with feelings of guilt and bloating. I look forward to it more because I don't have the guilt so I enjoy my cheating more because I feel it's ok. It's easier to get back on track and you don't have 4 to 7 pounds to worry about. I can do it more frequently, if I wanted to have a cheat meal twice as often as a cheat day I could and I still wouldn't be hurting myself as much as a whole cheat day.

Last thing is that I don't go SUPER crazy on my cheat meal. For example if I want pizza I go get great pizza and I eat a lot, but I don't stuff myself to where I feel gross for eating too much. And I dont' down it all with 3 or 4 soda's. I will have water with it. If I go out to dinner to Outback for example, I don't get a huge apetizer (sp?), 2 drinks and on and on. I get the salad or soup that comes with the meal then get my steak but the small portion then I may split a desert with my wife. I ate out, I ate what I love but outside of the steak and the half portion of desert it wasn't much worse then a regular dinner.

That's what works for me... so far so good.

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Hey Archer! I think that is excellent advice! I think I will try that instead so that I look forward to that "cheat" meal and not feel the guilt. Maybe that will help stop me from eating what I want on the weekends!! Thanks!
This is driving me crazy.

My intake should be 1650 and my expenditure is around 2300. When I have a cheat day I never consume more than 3500 calories (which is only 1200 calories more than what I burn) yet I pack on as much as 5 - 7 lbs the next day. And it hangs around for several days before I get back to normal.

I know in the back of my head I would have to consume some 22,000 calories in that one splurge to actually be gaining 7 lbs of fat, but that is in the back of my head. In the front of my head is freaking out over the 7 lbs and the absolute guilt associated with it.

It can get maddening.

I would gain weight if I had a cheat day more than once a month.  I also don't allow alcohol or really excessive eating on those days.  The alcohol will bloat you and eating WAY too much will distend the stomach and bowels, disrupt bowel regularity and make you hungrier.  But I do allow myself up to an extra 1000 calories and junkier food than normal on my cheat day once a month.

Anyway, the last cheat day I had caused no weight gain at all.  The one before that caused about 1 lb which was gone the next day.  I'm a male, though, so for women, water gain and other short-term weight gains can be more stubborn... 

This is why i enjoy a cheat meal instead of a whole day.

Weekends often have cheat meals or a cheat day for me.  But when I "cheat" I don't go over my calorie allowance.  The worse day (that I had access to all nutritional info) I had left me with a 4 calorie deficit.  I weighed myself out of curiosity the next morning and the scale was 1 lb up.  By that afternoon, though, the scale was back down. 

Knowing my eating habits, I'm trying to make sure I either exercise enough or eat fewer calories (before or after the cheat meal) on the days I'm likely to be cheating, usually Saturday and sometimes Sundays.  If I have a a big breakfast on Sunday, then I'll eat light the rest of the day.  Saturdays I start off with slightly less calories for breakfast, a very light lunch, and then have that almost inevitable "cheat" meal.

It's working so far.  Wink

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