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Weight Loss
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Anyone afraid of gaining fat/weight back?

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So I've lost about 50-60 pounds of fat. I'm really afraid to start eating a bit more and constantly checking and feeling bad about what I'm eating. Anyone else?


My main concern is my breakfast:


I have about two bowls of Special K, Vanilla Almond with 1% milk in it. My question is, should I switch to oatmeal with milk in it? I really am trying to decide and need some help.

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eat whichever one you enjoy more. Continue to weigh yourself every week. there is no reason to be "afraid" to gain the weight back... it would stink, but after all you know how to lose it by now! just give yourself a 4-5 lb range or so.. if you come out of that range, you know you need to eat a little more or a little less in the following week.

I've lost 100 lbs and not terribly worried, although there is that fear that someday I might give in to emotional issues and go back to old, bad eating habits, but I doubt it.  Especially since I live in Japan and the junk foods that used to tempt me are harder to come by here.

I think oatmeal might be a better choice than Special K, which is kind of an "empty" cereal in terms of fiber.  Another good choice would be All-Bran or Fiber One. (they're almost the same except one has aspartame, the other, a bit of HFCS - pick your poison, LOL) .  Also, a little plain yogurt on the side with fruit might be a nice substitute for the milk now and them and good for the good critters in your stomach.

Having lost 50-60 lbs, I don't think you should fret too much about your breakfast cereal, unless you are prone to eating more than one measured serving of it.  It's all your calories added up throughout the day that make or break your success, not just a couple calories difference in your breakfast.

i am absolutely terrified of gaining back the 30lbs i've lost. especially since i've already gained 4 lbs in the last few weeks...i kinda slipped up. i'm starting to get back into good habits again though.
oatmeal is probably better for you, but not if you're gonna have two bowls of it.

I am feeling the same way!  I lost 30 lbs, and was within 5 lbs of my final goal, and then for some reason the last 2 weeks I have completely slipped on my eating habbits, and I have gained 4 lbs, I am totally freaking out because I have worked so hard for this since October 2007.  I have yo-yoed so many times in the past, but never have I gotten as low as I am now, the lowest I got in the past was 10 lbs heavier than I am now.  I am so scared I am going to go back to that point.  What can we do to motivate ourselves to make sure we don't slip back into our old patterns which is so easy to do?

Small gains while I'm actively trying to lose weight don't affect me. I worry about reaching my goal and THEN gaining weight. I don't know how to maintain. If anything, dieting gives me a feeling of self-satisfaction (not to an extreme, anorexia sense, I've been there before and it's much different) because I feel like I am treating myself well by eating healthful foods and exercising for a purpose. My weight loss has been very slow, which I am not complaining about because I know that it's the slow loss that lasts, and I eat a ton of food every day and feel satisfied and not deprived.


That being said, when in maintenance, I feel that I won't be able to find my balance and stress myself out over gaining permanent fat mass. Once I reach my goal (in about 5 lb) I don't know how I'll be able to stay there. It seems that it's always either up or down for me, and I'm actually terrified of a skinnier me. It seems that being so would turn me into a stress ball... trying not to lose and trying not to gain at the same time. Does anybody else have this problem? Haha.

once u start eating larger amounts you might see a 2-ish pound gain on the scale.  dont be alarmed thats usually the extra food in ur body.

just remember the hard work u did and dont take ur new body for granted by thinking that the peice of cake wont hurt or the brownie wont hurt...they wont if u do it in moderation but not 4 nights a week!

while i was losing my weight i did eat oatmeal with milk in kept me really full and i still lost weight.  just portion control it at first and as u go along u can start eyeballing things.

goodluck :)
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