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Weight Loss
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Anybody start 300 lbs and up or there now?

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Hey ! Just wondering if anyone started at 300 lbs or more and what you are down to now.  Any advice? I get discouraged sometimes and sometimes feel like saying oh well and eatting what I want, but I know that I have to do this for me or else I will just get bigger and fatter and unhealthier!

Im 26 yrs old,. 5'9" - started at 305.5 lbs down to 293 lbs, just wondering about everybody else who started above 300 lbs.
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Hi toughjourney!  I did not start over 300 lbs but I know of this guy who using a Meal Replacement Program started at 670 lbs and went all the way down to 210 lbs!  So yes, it is a tough journey but again yes, it is possible !!
Hi toughjourney,

Lots of people on this site started where you are and have been very successful.  Have a look around the site and you'll see lots of interesting ideas and approaches.

Also, please ignore "mrivadeneira".  This person is trying to sell something that's not healthy and doesn't really help anyone.  Several of us have complained already to the moderators and hopefully their posts will be removed soon.  Meal replacements don't help us with what we need to do, which is change our lifestyles and eating habits.  This site is all about finding positive ways to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

Good luck!
Hello, I started at 370, I am kinda stuck at 335 right now, but I just keep pluggin away at the treadmill and stay at around 2000 cals a day and stay away from sweets and fast food.
Hi toughjourney,
First of all, that picture on your profile does not look like a 300 + pound person.  I'm impressed.

Secondly, I started out at 354, and two months later, I am down to 329. We can do this together. The key is to eat healthfully - Lean meats, Lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains, nuts & seeds, and NO processed foods. If it comes in a box, avoid it. Except like whole grain brown rice.

Best wishes to you.
thanks everyone!! This site always gives me motivation!! Yeah, my face doesnt look 300 lbs, but my body, especially my stomach does!! We will all get to our goals together! And humorpam CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss, that is GREAT!!!!
Thanks Kelly. You can do it too. We're all rooting for you, and we're always here to help you on your journey.
Yes - I started at 413 .. as of today's step on the scale, I am at 373.
For all on this post that has lost weight CONGRADULATIONS ON WHAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THUS FAR! . I too am embarking on this journey of weight loss and have 190 lbs to loose. 

It will be a long path and journey but I know we all can make it. Good luck all and just remember if you feel you have fallen off the band wagon don't give up.  JUST CONSIDER IT A MINI BREAK and get right back on it again.  Ok,  It is ok to faulter at times, don't beat yourself up.

Take care everyone and Good luck!
Hey there, I really wish you the best of luck with your loss first of all. I am 28, 5'8" and started at 301 pounds in July vital stats were hips 55", waist 38" and chest 47". I was unhealthy, unfit and suffering with many complaints including sweating, thigh chafing, high blood pressure the works..considering the amount of weight I was carrying around  I still moved around a fair bit...we lived in a 5th floor building and so had to navigate several stairways to get to the flat!  

Now, I have been maintaining at 150 pounds since December of last year. I felt down, depressed, self conscious and gross the way I was but losing that 151 pounds (literally a whole person!) has helped me regain my confidence and my life back.

I made that decision one day 2years ago that ~I was not going to live as a fat person anymore. I got on my bike and rode to the gym. I started going there and never stopped. If I could name one thing that helped me get where I am today, it isexercise. It has allowed me to regain my fitness and I have grown to love it. I don't want to go on too much but you will get there. You just need to be strong willed, determined and disciplined!

For the record I now run a distance of 10 miles and am working toward running my first half marathon. I am also taking part in a triathlon in a months time...I have come such a long way and am so glad I discovered exercise. I don't really record my calories now...I have to eata fair amount just to fuel my exercise regime, that can be pretty brutal at times. As of now I have lost 72 inches from my old is pretty mad but ~I love to hear that others are trying to lose the weight. I know you can all do is a long road and there will be bumps but regaining your fitness and health is priceless and all the blood, sweat and tears really is worth it when you come out the other side. :)

L xxx

I started at 303 and I'll tell ya that number is what got me started on this journey. I didn't see anything that was going to keep me from just going up and up. Coming across this website has been a blessing for sure.

I'm down to 270 and I'm excited about the loss, but sometimes the end of this road seems so far away! I just have to keep going and not get ahead of myself. I think I have found a way to eat that I can stay with for the long haul. I have days where I eat more than I intended but if I just go easy on myself I find I can still lose at the end of the week.

You can do this!!!! Make sure you use the tools and eat all the calories you are alloted. So many of my past failures I believe came from trying to diet like someone who only needs to lose 10lbs. I would look at the diets in the magazines and think, if that's how I have to eat I will never get there! We need more calories than those 150 lb folks!

I eat an occasional piece of pizza and I eat a couple pieces of dark chocolate most days. I love getting to decide myself what I'm going to eat.  I eat pretty healthy most of the time now but I'm not perfect.

If I can do this you can too!! Just hold on through those tough days and then make the most of the days when you are more motivated. Keep it up. You are doing it!!!!!!
larrylou- again another great congradulations!  I want you by my side when I get down to maintain the scale numbers!  Tell us all a little bit about how you did it and stay at it for so long. Anxious to know. I know that once you loose it sometimes it comes back like a venegence! (So I am told).  Once  you have those nasty fat cells you will always have them. and they are ready to feed and grow again and sometimes, even larger.

Take care all. ... Hope everyone gets lighter soon!
I started at 299 last June and have lost 88 lbs so far in the past year.  I'm still working at losing more, I want too get to under a 35 inch waist at least since that's what they want to see for health purposes.  I estimate that that will be at least 15 more pounds.
I started Jan. 8 of this year at 320lbs.  I've been on vacation this past week and gonna weigh in tomorrow morning, but as of last weight I'd lost 82lbs.  I can surely relate to getting discouraged and wanting to eat everything I want but this time I think I had mentally prepared myself for a lifestyle change, not a diet.  And I'm doing it for myself, not anyone else.  I splurged a little on vacation but only went over maintenance calories one time and actually still managed to lose a bit this week.  It can be done...don't give up!! =)
Larry - I sure wish you'd post some pictures for us to see the before and after. I bet you sure look different. Seeing before and after pictures really helps me stay motivated. They are an inspiration.
Hi Kelly,

You are not alone.  I started at 312 lbs a couple weeks ago.  Have lost 5 lbs so far.  I am 5'3" and 43 yr. old.   The hardest part was getting started but everyone here is really super nice especially some who have responded to your thread.   Those of us with large amounts of weight to lose have to take a long term mindset of lifestyle change not just "diet."  The first thing I did was to remove all tempting foods from the house and go shopping for healthy stuff like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and low fat items.

Best of luck to you on your journey!  We will be here to support you.

Hey again,

It is great to see how well everyone is doing...there are lots of great tips on here...especially Brendas comment about it being a lifestyle change rather than just viewing it as a diet. The main things that has helped me lose the weight in terms of my diet are as follows

1) Portion control! Just cutting back on my portion sizes throughout has helped enoromously

2) Knowing when I am full up; I have learnt to listen to my body and I now know when I am full

3) Not eating after 7pm. Wherever possible, I will eat my main meal as early as possible. Some days I will have a main meal at lunch time and a smaller dinner in the evening

4) NOT starving yourself. I have been there and done that before and it only serves in making you so hungry that you will eat whatever is around. When I lost weight before, during 99, I used to get so hungry to the point that I would go on a massive binge and eat whatever was around. Inevitably I jacked the diet in and gained 140 pounds! Hence why I have had to lose so much weight this time around

5) Eating as often as possible...little bits throughout the day keep you full up and ensure that you don't get the cravings and urge to eat junk when your sugar levels crash mid afternoon and you are hungry

6) Staying away from carbonated drinks! I have not been an angel with sweets (candy) but I jacked in the coke and I think this has really helped me shed the pounds as I used to drink a litre or two a day at one point. After the initial withdrawl symptoms, I have not wanted one since

7) Exercising at least 3-4 times a week for hour sessions. I swear that if I had not done this I would not have lost as much weight as I have.

8)Treating myself once a week...this has been one of the most important things; allowing myself the foods I do like, whether they be a take away, some chocolate, some candy or ice cream. Depriving myself would have lead to disaster and failure, I am certain.

If you want to see some befores, during and after check out this link :)

Thanks :)
Larry, incredible pictures.  You are very inspiring!

My own journey started at the end of April.  I'm not sure what I weighed that first week of my diet as my digital scale didn't go up that high.    I did my first weigh in at the end of that week and officially marked my starting weight as 335.  

I've been going very strong since then, and have lost at least 19 pounds so far.   Tuesday is my official weigh in day, so I might be lighter by tomorrow. ^_^

The biggest changes I made so far seem so simple.  I can't believe it's taken me this long to decide to lose the weight! 

-My biggest problem area was always that after work snack.   I didn't cut it completely, but replaced it with ONE of those 100 calorie snack packs instead. 

-I started eating breakfast.  A big deal for me.  Just a cereal bar and an apple helped me get through the first few hours at work, and actually helped me control the urge to binge AFTER work.

-Keeping a log of everything I eat is helping to keep me aware and accountable.  

-Eating out:  I seem to end up at restaurants a LOT!  I was really scared the first time.  I didn't want to ruin all of my hard work with one meal.   But you know, it's not so bad after all.  I just try to keep any meals I order really simple.  I avoid fried things if possible.  It's usually safe to order the fish, or a simple grilled cut of meat.  Avoid the cheeses and creamy sauces.  But sometimes, it's impossible to find TRULY healthy things on the menu.   In those cases, I just really watch my portion sizes.   I'll eat half my meal and box the rest up.  

-BUT, that said, I try to find a way to work the foods I love into my allowed calories.   Complete self denial for long periods of time always resulted in my previous failures.   The way I see it, if I have calories left over for a piece of chocolate cake once in a while, then I don't feel in the least bit guilty for having it.  

And it's working.   I'm losing weight, and for the first time, I don't feel like I'm starving myself.  I try not to focus on all the things I can't have.   After all, there's not many things on that list.  Instead, there are just so many things I CAN do within this kind of  plan.  I'm excited about it.

So I hope to see you around on the forums a lot more!  I'll be losing right along with you. ^_^ 

Pixieninja, WTG so really sound like you have taken the bull by the horns and dedicated yourself to this. Reading your post has reminded me of a couple more things I have found have helped..

Takeaways-  you can still enjoy them and still lose weight...just make sure you share your food with someone else! Honestly, this is really good little tip as you can still enjoy your fave takeaway foods but not go overboard if the plate does not belong to you in the first place. hee hee :)

Agreed Pixie, breakfast is sooo important. It keeps me going now and I cannot imagine not having it! I never used to eat brekkie but look forward to it each morning now.
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My top weight was 310. That was April 1998. It truly is a "toughjourney" but it can be done.

I weight 165 now and am going to get down to 140. I'm 5'4".

I still get discouraged and want to give up. I know what that feels like, emotionally & physically & socially to be huge. NOT what I ever want to repeat.

How did yo keep yourself motivated? I am 5'4" and 318 pounds. I am just geting started after a trying different diets.
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