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I just wanted some stories from people who have lost a large amount of weight (preferably 50+lbs) without exercise... and was able to keep it off, of course.

I don't have time to work out. Point blank. I try to do little things throughout the day to get my exercise, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking my car farther away from my destination, etc etc. Unfortunately, I haven't gone to the gym in over a month. I work full time, starting at 9:30am (anything earlier than that is impossible as I am already sleep deprived) and when I come home, I need to be with my baby. I feel like I don't have enough time to spend with him so I'm trying my best to really be there.

Anyways, I've lost about 12lbs within the past month and a half or so by just cutting calories alone, but I just want to know how long this is gonna keep up.

So yeah... anybody out there lost a ton of weight without exercise? I'd like to hear it, mostly for reassurance and partially motivation. How did you do it? What did you eat?

Thanks in advance.

Much love and Alohas
Ihilani Kapuniai aka MzTenderheart
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The problem with calorie cutting without exercise is that it drives down your BMR (how many calories you burn on a daily basis by merely existing).  The more weight you lose by cutting calories, the more your BMR will drop and the more difficult it will become to lose weight. Google a BMR calculator and you'll see what I mean.

Exercise, however, increases your BMR, and also builds muscle which will help you to burn more calories as well.

An idea if you have a small child is to simply go on a family walk in the evening.  You're creating a good habit that you can continue as your child gets older, and you get to spend time with your baby, too.  I know a lot of moms like to use sling carriers so that they're physically close, but you could use a stroller too and burn a few extra calories if baby is tired.


Good luck!

I have not done this . . . but I have two quick comments. First, from what I understand weight loss is about calories in calories out - so if you are getting a 500-1,000 calorie deficit without exercise, you'll still lose weight. That said, another huge point of exercise is good overall health (esp. cardiovascular).

Second, I completely applaud that when you get home, you want to spend time with your baby. But is there a way to incorporate some exercise there? Mainly I am thinking about taking the kid for walks, or dancing around with him, etc. Also, don't forget that playing with your kid (picking him up, crawling around after him, etc.) burns calories too!

Good luck!

not what you want to hear, but exercise doesn't have to mean going to the gym.  can't you take your baby for a walk/run?

Hi, I haven't lost 50+ lbs but I have lost 20lbs by just cutting down calories/portions/ eating healther more nutritous meals. However, I haven't stopped losing weight (losing at a steady pace) so I don't know how much longer I can do it. I do want to start incorporating exercising into my plan but I just don't like to work out. period. Eventually, I think the weight loss will stop and you will begin maintaining. But what do I know?

Ick, I wish I had better news but I can only tell you what I personally experienced. I once lost 50 lbs through changing diet alone and gained it all back when I stopped restricting myself so much. Exercise has been all the difference for me but maybe if you start with the diet change and are really and truly able to keep it up you will be able to slowly start incorporating exercise.

If your baby is a little tyke, you might consider getting one of those jogging stroller things. I see people using them all the time when I'm taking my baby for a walk. My baby wouldn't fit in a stroller and it's not designed for 4 paws anyway, plus her 70+ lb would probably overwhelm it!

I've lost 180 lb so far, but I've exercised every step of the way.

Yes. When I sorted myself out I lost nearly 70lbs without changing anything other than diet. It is only in the last 4 months that I've become far more active as my body image improves.

I'm not going to go into details as to what I did (and why I did it) to sort myself out, but dietarily what changed for me was that I stopped using alcohol as a psychological crutch. Cutting out the booze had a knock on effect in that my appetite reduced as well. A win-win situation.

I'm 6' and started at 266lbs and am now at 182lbs.

I'm down almost 25 pounds without really working out or doing any kind of real exercise.  Problem is I'm burning less so the more I lose the less I can eat.  I have a feeling that within another two weeks or so this is going to be a problem.  So I just recently got an exercise bike (hasn't even been delivered yet) because honestly, I want to eat.  So the more I exercise the more I can eat and the more weight I'll lose.

That's me!  I've lost over 50 pounds over the last 7 years and I have not excercised do to this.  However, now if I want to continue to eat the amount and type of food I like to eat, I must start becomming more active!  So, it was possible for me until now. 

 By being as active as possible in a practical way such as you describe that's a good way to stay healthy.   If you wanted to be 'fit' then you'd need to do actual training.  

I've lost 50lbs+ and have never stepped foot in a gym.  I've also got the busy mum lifestyle.   However, I try to be as active as possible in the time I've got, going swimming at the weekends, taking walks, digging the garden, decorating rooms, housework etc..  I bought myself an exercise bike on E-Bay and pedal away some evenings.  Anything that isn't sat in front of the TV I call exercise!

A really good way to make sure you're more active is to invest in a simple pedometer and try to get up to 10,000 steps every day.... slightly more difficult than it sounds.  My doctor tells me that people who do gentle exercise every day are usually in better shape than someone who punishes themselve at the gym a few days a week!

Food wise... I lost my 50lbs+ (and have maintained it for the last 3 years) mostly by eating healthy, unprocessed foods in smaller portions.  Best of luck

Since January I have lost 40 lbs. I haven't went to the gym once. I track my calories and I make sure I have a healthy defficit. However I do get plenty of activity through out the day. I take the stairs and park farther away. I also have 2 small children at home. When I come home of an evening I only have a few hours with them before bed time. I honestly don't even get to sit down other than to eat dinner once I walk through the door. I usually start dinner the second I come home then I clean up after dinner and go in and play with my kids. We do a varity of things, sometime we turn on music and dance around, other times I get down on the floor with them and they climb all over me. They like to do the superman thing where I lay on my back and lift them up with my feet. It is like a work out and I am spending time with them. I hate exercise and so finding things that keep me active is important to me. My kids love to go to the park and sometimes on the weekend we walk there. My son is 2 so he rides in the stroller but my 4 year old daughter walks with me. They are learning to stay active without having the thoughts of exercise and dieting shoved down there throat. My 4 year old would tell you she isn't allowed to eat junk food, and she would tell you what junk food is. She also knows that eating healthy will make you grow up healthy. We don't mention weight and that helps me too! Even if your child is an infant you can do lots of little things with him that will keep up your activity. Even when my kids were babies we would dance around. They loved it then and they still do, they laugh at me and think that its funny, but they still ask to do it all the time. Start now and it can be something that you do with him for a long time to come, you'll be a goofy mom but he will love you for it.

In the beginning (at 284 lbs.) I did not exercise.  I was just so heavy, so tired, and my back, hips, knees, ankles and feet ached - and when I tried to walk for just half an hour I hurt so bad afterwards I could hardly get up again.

But after losing the first 30-40 lbs. the pains started decreasing very noticeably and I actually wanted to be more active!

Now, at 217 lbs I'm still 47 lbs overweight, but I feel good!  My hips don't hurt at all.  My back just twinges a little, my feet feel fine, ankles are ok, the right knee hurts a little once in awhile.  And I'm not taking any OTC Tylenol, Aleve or anything else for that matter for the pain.  (I do take calcium and a multivitamin though).  I also have much more energy!

So as you continue to eat healthy and as you lose a few pounds, you may actually feel like becoming more physically active.  This in turn - as pointed out in one of the above postings - will bolster your MBR and aid continued weight loss and well being!

I have read on some posts on here that some people who have lost a lot of weight without exercise tend to find themselves thin, but flabby and not tight.  Personally, if I spent all that time working so hard to lose all that weight, I'd want to be toned and tight.  I don't think the flabby thing happens to everyone, but just wanted to share.

Do you have on-demand cable?  I know Comcast on-demand has Exercise TV which is a ton of workout videos at your fingertips.  Just throw one on while you are home with your baby and throw in some punches/pushups/kicks etc here and there when you have a chance.  I throw them on while I am cleaning my house

I have lost just about 100 lbs with out working out at all, and I have a desk job.  But I am a huge dude so it may not work for you.  But I concentrate on Protein, Fiber, And doing everything that I can to keep my metabolism going every day (eating every four hours or so).  I am very happy with my results so far and I assume that some time soon I will stop losing and have to work out but I am still losing 16 lbs every 6 weeks while eating 2300 calories a day.  So I swear by the non working out method and I have read tons about why it work.  but you do start to burn less calories just for living as you lose more weight so I pay close attention to that and drop my calories accordingly.   E-mail me any time if you want to know more.


Also i have actualy tightend up, for instance my leg and arm muscles are much more defined.  but I do know that I have lost some muscle because I can not move a house like I once could.  but I needed to lose some muscle so i am ok with it at this point.

I started jan 27th at 277 pounds. Today i'm at 211 pounds. I've done this with cutting calories. I wouldn't say i've exercised at all really. I walk a little for school and take my kids swimming a few times a month. I do more now because i feel better and have better self confidence now that i'm down so much but I don't have a regular exercise routine. I may need one in the future but getting healthy is about baby steps (at least for me)! Hope this helps and good luck! Yes exercise is good for you but you CAN do this without exercise.

Okay so there's a PRO and a CON to every argument.

Argument: Can you lose weight by restricting calories alone?

ANswer: Yes, you can lose some weight by only restricting calories - no exercise involved.

PRO: Yes, the idea is burn more than you consume and lose weight. So if your BMR is 2000, eat 1500 and you'll lose 1lb a week. 

CON: As you lose weight, your BMR goes down and so does your food "allowance". Also, regular cardio, strength and flex training helps to tone your body.  so Without exercise you may lose weight, but will you have toned up to have a more fit looking physique?

My story: I started in April 2007, weighing in at 245lbs. I'm 26yrs, 5ft 7inches tall. I managed to lose the first 15lbs by just moving more and eating less.  I plateaued for 6 months. I joined Any Time Fitness in February 2008 and have since reached the 45lb lost mark - I have 25lbs to go.

So Summing up: Yes you can lose weight by restricting calories alone.  BUt you'll have better results in the end and more solid success with exercise.

NOW!  You DO NOT have to go to the gym to do that.  You just have to give yourself 20-30 minutes a day to get active - walk!  Cardio will help abunch!!!  also, get some 1lb ankle weights - wear them when you're cleaning the house or running errands and you'll help tone your legs just with that.  Get your children involed in exercise at an early age - it will help encourage a healthy lifestyle for them which will help prevent them from dealing with weight issues later in their life. Play with your kids in the backyard, go for family walks, when they get old enough - take up bike riding or rollerblading with them.  

My suggestions: Set your activity level on your profile on this site at sedentary. 

Whatever your BMR is - subtract 500 (if your BMR is 2000 - you can eat 1500 a day) and do just that - this way ANY exercise you DO is working towards losing that 1lb a day or so faster.

3500 = 1lb

500 cal deficit per day X 7 days = 3500 cal deficit per week = 1lb loss per week.


1000 cal deficit (MAX) per day x 7 days = 7000 cal deficit per week = 2lb loss per week.

Hope this helped. :)

Good luck!


it's definitely possible for those who have a lot of weight to lose to begin with.  Unless someone can prove me wrong which is totally cool.

Hi i have lost 70lbs and gained about 30 back but still look good. I joined a place called LA weight loss, the program is based on a portion control diet and it definately works very hard to adjust to it, weighing and measuring just about everything never exercised and still lost it and plus it is healthy. I am currently back on it now and want to lose this excess weight, about 1yr and half ago I was in size 3 and 5 and it was awesome and it works contact me if you would like to find out more about it.


Not 50, but so far I've lost over 16 pounds, of course it's slower, and you do need to work out to tone up, I'm planning on doing that once I get done with school.

Everything can be made into an exercise, you don't need to go to the gym, you just need to move!

Good luck, and let me know how you go!

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