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Another way to weigh yourself without a scale?

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My scale changesĀ  when I move it somwhere else so is there any other way?
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forget the scale all together and use your measurements.  If you must weight then always keep the scale in the same place that way it should be measuring the same everytime, even if it is a little off it should still show if you are losing or gaining. 
fill a bath to full, put a bucket next to you to collect the water that spills out when you step in, then submerse yourself completely under the water. collecting all the water dispelled. the volume of water displaced in litres will be equal to your weight in kilos...

but a practical weigh (LOL) i'm not sure!

(edit) just checked this out because I then started to worry that the density of people might be greater than water, so it seems that this method will give your mass, and then I think you will need to multiply it by a density factor (which incidentally for trout is 1.02) couldn't find a site in 5 minutes that has it for humans, but anyway you get the drift...
Heh, mine does too!  My scale is a piece of crap (not to say that yours is also, just that I bought a really cheap scale at Target and realize its limitations).  What you do with a scale like that is put it in the same place every time you weigh yourself.  That way at least you will know how much you have gained or lost.

I weigh myself every morning, and I always place the scale in the exact same spot. This morning it was down about half a pound from where it was yesterday, so I know I lost .5 pound.  Sometimes when I go to the gym I weigh myself on the scale there, and that tells me more accurately how much I weigh.  But for the interim, all I really need to know is how much I go up or down.  Does that help you at all?
Yea, I'll probobly just keep it in the same place. Thanks
It's best to not only keep the scale in the same place, but to also weigh yourself at the same time every day. :)
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One of my cherished pieces of advice, I got here on a CC thread.  It has allowed me the comfort of knowing my scale is measuring correctly.

The advice was to put a weight on your scale to check for accuracy.  I found a place where my scale registered the 20 lb weight correctly and I recheck it again, occasionally.
well, i was told i wasn't allowed to weigh myself every other day like i used to do, so what i do now is find a part of my body that i don't like, or would like to change. day by day, i look in the mirror to see if that part has trimmed up, or toned up at all. usually, that gives me a good idea on how my dieting has been working.
hit up a publix and test youre home scale against theirs. id bet public scales are reasonably accurite.

actually i go into publix once a day just for the scale!
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Its so hard not to weigh yourself everyday, so I hid mine. Although I know its their. I have been trying to work out 3-5 times a day. It sucks, but I know I have to do it if I want to loose the weight.
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