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Weight Loss
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Another Tall Club- 5'9" + 50-70 pounds to lose (Now ANY amount to lose)

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Hello all

I know there are already a few tall clubs going out there, but are already quite established, so I decided to start a fresh one!

Just going to edit the opening post for 2010

Im a 25 year old female, my stats are:

Height: 6 Foot 1

SW: 330

CW: 189


Starting BMI: 44

Current BMI: 24.9

If there is anyone out there who has similar stats/targets please feel to use this group to rant, share losses and sucess stories. This group was originally for people with 50-70 to lose but I have adjusted it as everyone is doing so well!!! Now anyone tall with weight to lose can join

Please note, this group promotes healthy weight loss & methods. It does not condone unhealthy practices.

This group is NOT for anyone below, or with a goal below a healthy BMI for their height.

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What is a healthy weight for 5'9" guys??

Woo-hoo! Only NYE left as far a Holiday celebrations go. I feel icky & bloated from too much good rich food. For me, the holidays have been fantastic, filled with friends & family. Once again my boss got me cheese & hotdogs (not the best idea for a person who's fighting for their waistline!) so I brought them with me to the various parties I have been going to.

MrsD, I hope things have calmed down & are back to normal for you.

Olivia & Chelsimaria - Hi!

Olivia, I think any physical activity is good & will help with getting fit. Although I don't know anything about your age or other factors. If you are young or just starting exercising make sure to check with your parents or a doctor regarding weight loss.

Chelsimaria, try using the BMI Tool on the Tools tab.

It turned out to be a good Christmas, once the dust had settled. Geno's son, Mitch, made it to the house on Christmas night, kind of late, but it was good to have him come, nonetheless. He's been a calming influence on my son's, and everyone is getting along famously. I just drove Geno to the airport, very early this morning. Mitch's staying until Thursday, and his girlfriend has been coming over and staying the night. Okay with that.

Kind of fun making big breakfasts for the crew, and dinners, too.

Hope you all had a good Christmas, my daughter gave me a Kindle Fire!

First full week back on the wagon & doing well. Down 2.2 lbs & planning on fitting into my bikini well before swimsuit season.

Started my resolution of "spankin 2012's ass" Hiked House Mtn. on New Years day (2+ mi of hard core mountain climbing) My thighs are still feeling it. Got the house cleaned up & am staying up on my dishes & laundry. Still gotta take the Christmas tree down but normally don't get that done til Valentine's Day anyway.

My lab mix Buddy passed away back in July & a few months ago I "rescued" a Great Pyr. He's a 125 lbs of puppy who thinks he's a lap dog. He was upset with me last night when I came home & immediately turned around & left again. So much so he broke thru my 4' wooden fence & chased down the road after me. I stopped & turned around & he went right back into the yard. I guess he's decided who his mommy is & where home is!

I hope the New Year is treateing everyone well!

(Ahem) I'm back, sort of. I've been suffering with lower back pain for months, coupled with some weird nerve thing that makes my right leg all the way up to my butt go numb. Sick of feeling so crippled.

All my kids are out of the house, finally. Youngest went back to Massachusetts, oldest son moved to Virginia, my daughter and her boyfriend/fiance are currently in Hawaii, and I have my Man Room back! Moved my Weslo exercise bike and CardioFit machine back into the room. Did 15 minutes on the Weslo, 5 on the CardioFit, did a very gentle stretch and some exercises-not many, and slowly. Felt pretty good. I'm sure I'll be super sore tomorrow, but I'm aiming for every other day for now. Since I haven't done a proper workout since last April, I have to start slowly.

Haven't started counting calories as yet, but think I might start up my diet/exercise log again and get serious about getting back into shape. Not concerned, per se, about losing weight, more concerned about being mobile, not sitting on my ass so much.

My daughter, Lexi, her boyfriend/fiance, Adam, her twin brother, Jeremy, and I are going to Boston for St. Patrick's Day. Lexi and Jeremy were born on St. Pat's, Adam's birthday is the day before. Should be pretty wild. I'm sure, too, I'll be the only one toddling back to my hotel room before 10 P.M. every night!

I'll post more another day. Have to hit the shower!


Argh, just can't seem to kick it back in gear! I WILL accomplish some kind of weight loss this week. I WILL stick to my recommened caloric intake & I WILL get exercise in every day & I WILL also get my water in. So . . . back to soups for lunch & protein with a big salad for dinner. I WILL FIT IN MY BIKINI (& LOOK HOTTTTT IN IT!) BY SUMMER!

Other than that, life is good. My truck crapped out & gave up the ghost. I went out & got a used Subaru. I'm liking it alot & the mpg is great. That is really helpful since I drive more than 30 mi. to work one way.

My son is doing so well in school that he gets to go to DC over the summer with the "Safety Patrols". ($450 cost I wasn't expecting! ;p ) but, I do get a long weekend with no kid. Hmmm . . . what kind of trouble to cause.

Went to a "boob retreat" last weekend. Aptly named BooberBowl 2012. Bunch of intelligent, independant & amazing women get together & camp, drink, craft & impart otherwise unattainable wisdom! Best quote from the weekend was “Don’t nair your crotch and then go zydeco dancin’. I had a hot date and 3rd degree burns down there"

MRS D - Looks like just you & me lately!!! Hope you're doin well & ELEM!

Hi all,

It seems like I am a few years too late for this thread, but I have just joined and it has come up on the 'weight loss' 1st page!

I am 21, 5"9 and 231lbs...hoping to get down to 175lbs by 2nd September so thats 2lbs a week weight loss!

I am new to this site, but think it'd be great to have some buddies on here that I can speak to and help...also, it's good to have a moan when things are getting hard!! I know a lot of people use this site and have done for a long time and it's really helped with weight loss, and having a community of people that support them is great.


Well, hhdrgnfly, I broke down and went in for a physical. I need to have a MRI on my back, the usual mammogram, had the PAP, and need to go in for a chloresterol test. Yah. My husband just got home yesterday morning from almost 7 months in L.A., came home to a backed up sewer line that spewed poo into our downstairs guest bathroom. Joy. Had to have Roto-Rooter come out and clear the line. Welcome home.

Not doing much for workouts, back issues extreme. On medication and Doctor said massage wouldn't be a good idea, it would exacerbate the problem. My husband thinks I should try to get Disability, since I can't stand, walk, sit or do much of anything else without pain. Ah, for the good old days when I could do workouts and stretch and really felt good.

Look good in a bikini? I wouldn't look good in a Burka! I'm one of those people who looks better IN clothes! Good luck to you, though!

Had the consultation for the MRI done on my back. Not good. I've shrunken more, now only 5'8 1/4"'s tall. That really bummed me out. Used to be 5'10". Then the doctor told me the bad news. I've got 5 bulging disc's, one is almost non-existant. I could get steroid shots in my spine, but that would only provide some relief from pain and inflammation, for about 3 to 4 months. I could live with the problem, which is only going to get worse, or....I could have surgery. Scary, dangerous, but could provide significant relief. I'll be talking with my husband about this, and figure out how and when to get it done. I'll need to meet with a surgeon to discuss the ramifications/dangers of such surgery. Not thrilled about this at all. The spine doctor said physical therapy would be of no help. Nor massage. Exercising is/will be very difficult, as any bending backwards only puts more pressure on the nerves all ready compromised. He suggested I use a cane (I do own one) or a walker. I will not use a walker, that's just too pathetic, for me. I want to keep what little pride I still possess.

The trip to Boston will be more difficult than I thought. Walking not an option.

Awww Mrs D. I'm so sorry to hear that the health/back issues are so serious! I'm glad to hear you are discussing it with your DR. & Geno & that you are checking out all your options. You will need to get yourself a cool cane so that it looks more like an accessory than a necessity.

The 'Shua & I have both had walking pneumonia the past week so I havn't been getting much of a workout in. Of course I havn't been eating as much either. (One of the negative benefits of getting sick Undecided ). I'm down a few pounds but still need to work harder & stop having so many lil slip-ups!

Yeah, it really, really sucks. It's going to seriously impact my St. Patrick's Day trip to Boston with my twins, Jeremy and Lexi, and her boyfriend/fiance, Adam. Guess I'll be taxing-it around town. Taking my cane, it was my mother's, though I've been reluctant to use it in public. Guess I'll have to get over that. Sure could've used it the other day at Staples, hindsight, and all that.

Thanks for the concern, I really appreciate it, hhdrgnfly. You're a "keeper!".

Awwww, MRS D I'm blushing! Where are all the men who will say that!

Been doing pretty well down 5 lbs & going to keep it off & get rid of 5 more this month! Gotta be quick today, but have logged my foods & exercise for today & hoping that will help keep me for stopping for chinese on the way home. LOL ;)

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Support is always needed... I'm semi-new and glad to have found a group for tall girls... though I seem to be the "shorty" here.


Age: 25 (well in 17 more days)
Height: 5' 9"
SW: 190
CW: 184
GW: 155

The issues I run into is that I work in an office close to 9 hours, 5 days a week.  As of 2 weeks ago am no longer allowed to eat gluten or dairy and a severe ankle break in 2007 limits my physical activity. (2 surgeries and permanently swollen and weak)  I've done yoga, walking, and Wii Fit but I would love to run again despite the docs orders to avoid that.  Maybe not run but jog.  I can last about 30 minutes on my ankle without too much pain during or afterwards. 

Haven't seen this thread in awhile!  I'm 5'11" and weigh 213 currently.  My current goal is to just get into the "ones".  That will be 100 lbs lost from my highest weight in 2006.  I didn't quite get to my highest weight after I regained most of what I lost back then.  Then I will reassess.  Welcome everyone who is new here.

Glad to "see" some fresh faces around here. Just some info so you don't have to read 1800 replies ;). 5' 11" Initial weight was 236lbs & I got down to 160lbs (15 lbs under my initial goal weight) in June of 2010. Put on a few pounds over the past 6 months & am working hard at taking it back off again. Current weight is 180 lbs. I don't do intense workouts or running because I have 2 bad feet. One I shot years ago & one I dropped a radiant heater on last winter. I run, I fall, i hurt myself! So I do alot of walking/hiking & an easy floor workout during my tv shows at night.

I really feel that posting my wins, losses, ups, downs, intentions & slip-ups here helps keep me accountable. It also helps that I have a "buddy" who's has been on the same journey. We don't workout together or anything like that (couple times a month we may hike together), but we do alot of support & motivational texts. Plus she is shorter & has always been one size smaller than me, so the clothes swapping always works in my benefit!

The weather here has been beautiful  . . . tornados last friday, snow on monday morning & its upwards of 65 degrees here today. Definately want to get my hike in today before the TN Valley is hit by tsunamis & earthquakes. JK

DID NOT stop & get chinese the other day! Woohoo for willpower. I have already planned out dinner for tonight & budgeted for my beers.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week & as MRS D says . . . ELEM!

I haven't been here in quite some time and much has happened. After getting back from my trip to Boston in March, I had an MRI done, met with a specialist to learn the results from the exam and then was referred to a surgeon. Ended up having back surgery on May 2, and it was a total success! Still healing, but movement is getting easier and easier. I no longer have any pain upon walking or standing! Just signed up for a water aerobics class at our local community pool, starting on June 5. Seriously need to gain some strength and flexiblility.

Not really dieting at all, just trying to eat healthy, but not excluding anything, just being reasonable.

Hope all are well!

Mrs D  . . . so glad to "see" ya! Glad to hear you've gotten some relief!

At my end, I'm just fighting 20lbs. Have really gotten out of the exercise habit & it's showing around my waistline. 1-2 times a week just isn't cutting it. I also need to get back into doing my situps & crunches. Food has not really been an issue . . . just lazyness. Still, I am wearing the bikini & hopefully summer fun & activities will help to melt the winter lbs off.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Glad to hear from you hhdrgnfly! The water aerobics class is really helping, wears me out! Slept like a log last night. I'm driving down to visit my husband in Hillsboro, OR tomorrow morning, come back on Tuesday. Haven't driven that much distance ( 211 miles) in a long, long time. Figure if I need it, I'll stop and get out to walk and stretch on the way down.

Not really concerned about weight at this point, just want to get some strength and flexibility back. My surgeon gave me the okay to do whatever I want, he said I'd know when to stop. Not true, actually! Went out and gardened two days in a row and my ass and back of my thighs were really sore for a few days! So out of shape!  Taking baby steps back to fitness!

Hi Everyone,

I just signed up and am really enjoying this group.  I haven't had time to read through the almost 2000 responses but I was hoping some of you could help me out with a question - really a huge concern I have as I start losing weight....

I have 70 pounds to lose, I'm 5'9''.  I currently weigh 230 at a size 16 and my skinny/happy weight was 160 at a size 8.  Do you think that I am going to have lose skin/saggy boobs?  I'm 29 years old, have not had kids.

This has been really concerning me and I'd really appreciate anyone's responses.  I wanted to hear from tall woman who have had this amount of weight to lose because 70 pounds on a 5'9'' woman is different than on a 5' woman....

Thank you so much in advance for your experiences!!!!!

Hi I know I am not 5'9 but I'm quite tall, 5'7 and have at least 36lb to loose xx
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