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Now....This might be silly but...Why do people with Anorexia get so dangerously thin? Don't they have a starvation mode as well? If I'm in starvation mode, why am I not skinny? Just a thought from a heavy perspective....Makes ya think Hmmmm?
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Your body still needs calories when you are in starvation mode.
They eat no calories so their body literally eats away at its own muscle, etc.
If no calories are going in....anorexia....then there is nothing for the body to grab on to and hold.  But any calorie they get their body needs.
If they were to start eating normal then they would gain weight before the body realized that it would get food regularly and hopefully the metabolism will recover. 
Some peoples body never fully recovers.
Going into starvation mode is not healthy and isn't good for you body but you do lose weight. Once your body goes out of starvation mode you're a lot more likely to gain a lot of weight because your body is no longer used to eating a healthy amount of calories.
Just to clear that up, anorectics eat too, you know...just not a lot. If you didn't eat for ages you would drop dead. I know this eventually happens to some of them but most do in fact eat.
Most "regular" people who just happen into starvation mode either:
eat just enough to make you actually gain weight
starve then binge, a real binge
starve, then give up

a binge to an anorexic is a snack to a "regular" person. and they don't go back to eating regularly (not until they come to terms with what they're doing)

When you first starve your body (even if you're still eating, but just not enough) first you start to lose weight, but then your metabolism starts to slow down and hold onto everything- this is when a "regular" person would see it's not working and give up. But at this point it gives an anorexic more fuel if you will, to continue, then with heavier starvation, they get around the body's way of trying to protect you, then they start to lose weight again because the body doesn't have a choice. Then their body starts deteriorating and they can't stop losing weight. And presto- dangerously thin.

In order to get there it takes extremely "control" (anorexic's loove control, it's their "ish")... also it takes a lot of starvation.

Most "regular" people just end up gaining weight from starvation mode.

hope that helps,
take care

EDIT- dazzleme is correct, anorexics do eat, but generally no more than 500 calories a day.
Its spelled anorexia..  and I was anorexic for 3 years.. and I was lucky to recover... but I have had eating disorders and issues for the last 30 years..    when I was anorexic I lost 50 lbs in 3 months..  I allowed myself an apple and a cup of coffe per day..   the days I lost control and ate more, I would shove my fingers down my throat and puke up what I could...    Anorexia, bulimia and chronic overeating are a nightmare..  when in its grip I never had a day when i was at peace with myself...  it makes me so angry when little girls think that this is the way to live...  they have no idea..     I would shake them if I could and tell them to stop messing around...   and how lucky they are to be normal weight and healthy... but.. they dont listen... 
We kind of use the word "anorexia" to often I think. There is the real anorexia, which is a real fear to eat and most of the time, leading to death, and there is mental anorexia, which is not eating or eating very few calories by choice, to be thin. Mental anorexia can easely leed to "real" anorexia, and then, possibly, death.
Ya... this is what I thought too. Thanks!
In order to be anorexic by medical standards, you have to fit into this small catagory:

  1. The refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height. Body weight less than 85% of the expected weight is considered minimal.
  2. An intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even though the person is underweight.
  3. Self-perception that is grossly distorted and weight loss that is not acknowledged.
  4. In women who have already begun their menstrual cycle, at least three consecutive periods are missed (amenorrhea), or menstrual periods occur only after a hormone is administered.
However, EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified) is more common. Which is basically just disordered eating, which is when a lot of people try to starve themselves and end up gaining weight, then binge because of unhappiness, or do starve themselves but haven't lost their period/haven't lost it yet. Or make themselves throw up but don't binge eat. Or any other type of combo.

In any case, the best thing is to be healthy. Messing with starvation mode is playing with fire

take care
hey always... thanks for stepping in... here and the other thread... there was almost bloodshed... and its not pretty ;-)
This article is great on giving a perspective on how someone can hardly eat anything, yet still gain lots of weight:

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/core_march_8. htm

This this post gives a lot of information about Anorexia:

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/9165 .html
Kai -

Bloodshed because I related with another calorie-counter on a similiar problem and you unwisely assumed that we were anorexic and then implied that we were not happy with ourselves, or our lives and weren't following our dreams?? --which had nothing to do with the topic.  Just because you didn't like something we said? Then you didn't even have the maturity to answer after I responded.

That really hurt my feelings and I wouldn't be OK with myself if I didn't respond to you.  I wouldn't make a scene but you don't have email.  Please think before you type and be considerate of others feelings.  Think about how you would have wanted to be treated eh?  I sure hope you think about it.  Thanks for the insults.  Have yourself a happy night.
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If you starve yourself, your body will suffer from it, no matter how much T3 you take. 

I realize that the original post is old, but I find it a bit silly (if not hurtful).  Obviously, if you starve yourself, you will lose weight.  That still doesn't make it healthy.  You'll feel lethargic and cold all the time.  You'll feel anxious and panicky and obsessed with food.  Your hair will start falling out, you'll lose your period, and your skin will crack and bleed. 

I really wish this horrible thread hadn't been bumped...

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Original Post by _adrienne_: I really wish this horrible thread hadn't been bumped...


Now I've tried everything over the years to lose weight and they all worked in the short term:

slim fast

south beach


severe calorie restriction

regimented eating schedule/rules like no eating at certain times etc...

extreme workout schedule

What I did to keep the weight off for 2 + years  is to allow myself to relax about eating and eat when I am hungry. (I don't always eat breakfast;)I eat more healthy food than unhealthy. My calorie days seem to even out naturally when I let hunger guide me. I only eat until I am full no matter how good the food I am eating is.  I also don't work out like a maniac...I just choose to be more active in a natural way. (Take the stairs, garden more, park at the back of parking lots etc...)

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