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American Eagle- did the sizes get bigger?

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Okay so before i started to lose weight I was a size 12 confortably. And sometimes I could find a good fitting pair of size 10 jeans.  Always at American Eagle- I dont get my bottoms anywhere else.  Soooo I was really excited because the last two pair of jeans I bought were size 8's.  Okay so then today my best friend says "Hey is it just me or have American Eagle sizes gotten bigger because I have totally bought a size 4 when I normally where a size 6."

Annnnd my heart sunk. lol

But just to clear up- she didnt say this in anyyy way of being all "Im skinnnny!", shes not like that.  She actually said that she bought the jeanse aftre doing 4 days of soccer so she might have been at her skinniest.... but I know she didnt go down a pant size....

blech.... anyone else buy American Eagle janes?
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I think what we women (and men!) should keep in mind is our weight and inches--the stores we buy clothes from are too easily motivated by ulterior motives to really give a f-ing f what size we are---if it suits them to say that a size 14 is an 8, then, hey, what's the diff to them? As consumers, I think it's wise to be cautious of what we're really being seduced by: the cut and price and the REAL size of the clothes? Or the fact that a pair of pants has a label that says it's two sizes smaller than it really is?

Now, I admit that I'm terrible at anything money-related. But I do know enough to recognize the law of supply and demand. Moral: there's no one to blame but ourselves, ladies. Let's smarten up, eh?
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lol reading that my heart sunk too, well a little ;) I'm not American but on a trip last year I bought two pairs of AE jeans - they were the only jeans I tried on...now the 6s are way too big and the 4s (bought hopefully at the end of my trip when I noticed the 6s were suddenly roomy!) are also headed that way...and I was thinking, wow, I'm a really small size in America (because we use different sizes down here, which made for some VERY funny times in my first AE), but I don't *feel* a really small size, so okay that makes sense if their sizes are out...damn them!

I know it's only numbers on a tag, but...but...lol. Oh well, at the end of the year I'm back to the US again, and I'm going to shop in more places than AE that's for sure...I'm really curious to know what size I actually am! lol
I'd prefer if companies didn't use vanity sizing, actually. I love fitting into a smaller size than I expected, but I want to actually be that size, not just be tricked into thinking I am. I want to be smaller, not just think I'm smaller.
I agree. I want to *be* a cetain size, not *wear* a certain size. My bf is all like, 'shut up, you're a size ___', and I have to say, no, not really, just that one skirt from AE. I'm really a size or two bigger than that!
Maybe because I'm a little curvier, I think that AE jeans are too smarll for the size! They are too big around the waist and too tight on the butt and thigh. I think that Express does the Vanity Sizing thing. I was in there buying a new pair of black pants for work and brought a 10 and 8 to the dressing room. They both were way too big! I had to buy a 6 - which I haven't worn for a long time. I buy size 10 gap jeans.
The Sizes have not gotten any bigger, your friend might have gotten a different style there because all the styles fit differently. i have one size 8 from there and one size 6 and they are different styles ones a stretch and one isnt so they fit different.
We just got an AE in our local mall a few months ago..hmmmmmmm
lol AE jeans are def for girls who are lacking in the butt area. even when I was overweight... I have never ever ever stored fat in my butt. so the AE jeans fit my butt nicely... lol they don't sag like most pants tend to on my non-existent butt.

ooh it would be wonderful to have a nice butt for just one day! lol
I buy them all the time, and wear them often enough that they wear out within a year and get holes so I need to keep getting replacement pairs.  I currently have in my closet a size 8, a 10, and a 12.  All in the same style.  And they all fit.  Granted, the 12 is a bit baggier, but the 8 and the 10 fit almost the exact same.  AE jeans aren't exactly what i would call 'quality'.  Don't worry too much about their sizing.  It's not consistent among the same size of jeans (ie, one 8 there might fit different than another 8 even in the same style), let alone consistent with the sizing the rest of US/Canada has adopted.

They sure do make my flat butt look good though. =)  So I'll keep buying them, just without worrying about the size too much.
New York and Company is another store where you fan find jeans that fit bigger than the tag says. IF you buy THEIR brand of jeans (they carry other brands too). They are very comfortable and carry up to size 18 in their store. I also like them because they carry ankle, regular, and long sizes.
Odd, I though that the opposite occured. I used to be a size 6 at American Eagle but then recently had to change to a size 8, with no significant wieght gain.

I think it's the style of the cut that they've changed. I can fit into some of the jeans at the store, but no luck with the others. Their new "Artist" jean was the correct size, but there was no way I was fitting into those, while the "Boyfriend" jean of the same size is my favorite pair...

AE changes so much with the times, it looks like a whole new store every time I walk in.
I think that Banana Republic and JCrew also are culprits of Vanity sizing as well.  I like to think that what I fit into when I buy a specific designers clothing (ie. at a boutique) that is what my true size is.  When I go to the larger chain type stores (AE, Abercombie, GAP, etc) I always have to go one or two sizes smaller.
laureon- thats funny because I too hated not being able to fit into the "Artist" jean when everything else fit me just fine.

Thanks for all the responses everyone!  I'm just going to take it that my friend bought a very forgiving style of jean and also assume she hasnt bought a new pair of jeans for while and assume she lost a little weight.

That said I always knew AE used vanity sizing... oh well, as long as the numbers go down somewhere...
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But if SO many places use vanity sizing...how on earth does one know what their real size is?!
I've noticed major vanity sizing over the years - especially where women are concerned.  Think back... depending on the body types of women and what is in... the sizes adjust.  In the 80's we were all a bit more on the healthy end and not feeling like we had to be a size 3 to be worthy of feeling like we were healthy and attractive - 130 lbs or even 140 lbs wasn't anything to sneeze at.  A size 8 or even 10 was okay... not a problem, all of a sudden there was a shift and sizes started to get smaller for the past 10 or so years.  I remember I used to always where a medium sized t-shirt and now I am in most stores in a large or extra large.  The t-shirts got smaller in size which makes us all feel like crap. 

It seems that every store, including American Eagle was stocking shelves for those who were 120 lbs and under, I think Abercrombie still does that BUT quess what's back ladies and gents... the 80's!  Have you been shopping lately... taken a look at the styles?  Totally 80's! 

While vanity sizing does suck and I don't think anything good can come of it, the fashion industry does it.  Seriously, most times when I think about it, it's not when I look at my body naked in the mirror that I feel bad about myself, it's when I go to the store to buy clothes that don't fit me like they used to that makes me depressed.  It's because these clothes are NEVER sized correctl, they change with the times.  I can go into one store and be a size 6 and then into another store and be a size 10.

Men have it much easier... fashion doesn't do this vanity sizing as much with men.  Your a man and you have a 34 in waist, you go to the store and low and behold, what do you know, all the bottoms are sized in inches so you don't have to guess!  You know if you went from a 34" to a 36" waist that you actually did grow where you may not have wanted to!
Oh, don't be so sure... I have some 38" waist pants that I can wear, and some that I can't. The manufacturers like to %$&@! with our heads, too. We also tend to keep our clothes longer, and they do eventually shrink so that our old 38" waists become 36" - or at least, that's what we tell ourselves :)
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