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Why am I ALWAYS hungry right after i eat?

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So whenever i eat i almost immediately get hunger pains. Am i interpreting some other form of pain as a hunger pain? am i still hungry? i don't really understand.  I hate this feeling.  It sorta makes me want to keep eating.


If i wake up at 6am and do not eat anything until lunch time around 2pm i am not hungry throughout the day... but if i eat breakfast i am hungry all day.  is this because i got my metabolism working?

thanks in advance...


p.s. i am new... hi everyone.

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My advice to you is to not wait out and skip breakfast maybe have a light snack between breakfast and lunch...if you starve yourself all day your going to want to pig out at night but if you eat small stuff all day you wont be so hungry at night hope that helps
Oftentimes people mistake thirst for hunger pains (the body gets about 20% of the water it needs from the food you eat). Try drinking plenty of water with your meal and after if needed. That'll probably help with the hunger pains.

PLEASE eat breakfast. It gets your metabolism going after its long break without food. The reason why you're more hungry during the day after a large breakfast is because you filled your stomach up too much. If you fill yourself full or to 'bursting' your brain gets trained to think that it HAS to be that full all the time. Start with what amanda said. Eat a small breakfast, then a snack between it and lunch.

The key for a lot of people is to eat BEFORE you get hungry, then you won't want to binge. Eat small frequent meals if possible.

If that isn't possible, try to fill up on comlex carbs, veggies and fruit. Protein is also a great fuel, but you have to be careful because it can also be high in saturated fats, calories and sodium.

And welcome to CC!

How many calories are you eating a day?
How late at night do you eat? I bet if you stopped eating after 7:00 at night you would be hungry for breakfast. I think its just your routine....try not eating after 7:00 and see what happens I bet you will get on to a better eating shedule. Thats what happened to me I never ate breakfast cause I wasnt hungry until I stoped the late night eating I was soo looking forward to brekfast.

as for the hunger pains before try drinking 2/3 cup of heated up chicken broth it should help fill you up, and its only 10 calories.
I also had noticed I used to be hungrier if I ate breakfast. This led me into doing the "predominantly don't eat til dinner starvation diet" and eventually I did lose weight. However, when I finally got to dinner I was FAMISHED and often made poor choices and felt completely lousy all day (ok til about 2-3 then shakey as hell by 6pm). My digestive system was in chaos, my intestines felt awful (gross but true).

Now I eat breakfast every morning - always nutricious. Sometimes it's something small like coffee and a yogurt or a small bowl of fiber-rich cereal and it does get the metabolism going (about 150 calories). I also critically incorporate a healthy fiber filled mid-morning snack (usually about 100 calories) and then I am great until lunch. I always eat lunch (around 300 calories for me) and a midafternoon snack (100 calories). All food up til now is nearly entirely healthy. Then I eat a reasonable dinner later on.

Because I keep starvation at bay and am eating healthier more nutricious foods, I feel so much better about myself, my digestive system thanks me and I am losing weight in a CONTROLLED manner. No more bad choices, no more binges, no more intestine pain, no more weight gain.
I think I heard somewhere that a lot of the times when you think you're hungry you're actually misenterpreting the signal that you're thirsty. So drink a lot of water. You should also eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. You could even have two snacks. Your body needs to be consuming something every 3-4 hours at  the most when you are awake.
I used to have this same problem.  I had trained my body into not being hungry until later in the day, mainly because I "stockpiled" my calories until the end of the day because I knew I was a nighttime eater and wanted to mitigate the damage as much as possible.  However, it's only going to hinder your weight loss.

It takes time and a lot of trial and error, but the best thing you can do for yourself is retrain your body to eat throughout the day.  Any time you go more than several hours without food, your body starts to panic and retains more fat at the next meal.  Survival mechanism.  Thus, if you eat small meals all day long, you keep your metabolism going, burn more calories/fat, and lose weight faster.

I get up at 4:45 every morning so I can go to the gym, and by the time I get to work at 9am, I've already eaten 2 breakfasts!  If you need suggestions, message me, and I'll be happy to try to figure out a plan!
Same I actually use the morning as my largest source of calories
I'll have a large breakfast then a few hours later a small snack a medium lunch small snack then a small dinner. but I know even then I will want a desert later on so then at 7:30 I'll have a sugar free popsicle. But I make sure all of that is still within my caloric range
re. breakfast

If you have a low-protein, high-carb breakfast you will be starving all day. If you have a high-protein, moderate-carb breakfast, you will be just right. I eat 2 eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast every morning, and often put peanut butter on my toast, and don't get hungry until early afternoon. But if I have a bowl of cereal instead, I find myself hungry in late morning, and at noon, and early afternoon, etc... And by eating more high-carb food I make sure the cycle never stops! For some reason milk winds up acting as a carb for me, not a protein. I guess 'cause there's far more carbs than protein, in milk...

When you eat food that has a high glycemic index (simple/refined carbs like sugar and starch), your blood glucose spikes and then drops a few hours later (the drop causes hunger). Complex carbohydrates, like whole grains and most veggies, are better at preventing this cycle because they take longer for your body to process into glucose. Protein and fat don't cause this spike at all.

I don't particularly care to eat breakfast, but I've been having a 1/2 cup of kashi cereal first thing when I get up, then taking my shower and when I get to work I have 2 mugs of coffee with about 1/2 a cup of soy milk each.  So I end up having about 200 calories for breakfast, but I choose not to view it as breakfast, more of just something to do to keep myself on track.
i have two special k cereal bars for breakfast (90 calories each), but i split it. i have one when i get up, and then one a couple of hours later (mid morning).

maybe you'd benefit from having lots of little meals throughout the day like that...i find it really useful, especially because if you're struggling you know you havet got long til your next bit of food =)
That happens to me to!  And I don't overeat oranything it's just after I eat Im starving.  Weird Huh?  I say Chew gum from Trident  =)
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Try brushing your teeth immediately after eating.
Hello! Welcome!

Ok, first off, eat breakfast!

It really is the most important meal of the day. Also, you must keep in mind that you may feel still hungry after you eat because you  possibly ate too fast. Your body dosen't register that you're full until about thirty minutes after you eat.

I had that problem and it made me eat until I was sick.

You just have to try to get your eating schedual pretty regular.

Much luck!
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i eat a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;             help ppl :(

im 15..height : 157 cmweight : 48 kg x(

and i cant stop eating !for example : today ..

i had 1 piece of white bread,,1/2 piece of bread with peanutbutter and cheese as toppings,,one piece of pandan cake and 1 glass of milk,,

for lunch i had a bowl of fish porridge,,guavas,,

snacks at bout 5 : a piece bread with ice cream and one pao plus banana xD

dinner,,mixed some bakedbeans with sausages,,steamed fish,,potato and meat and egg,,

a plate of oatmeal porridge,, and for the desserts,,i had 3 bowls of fruit salads :(

after that i still felt hungry and finished a half bag of prawn chips !!

all the things tat im typing is true ! and i feel terrible while remembering all the things in my stomach now !PLEASE HELP ME !
Try eating a lot of protein with each meal. Protein fills you up more than any other nutrient and this works for me.

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