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I ALWAYS binge in the late afternoon/evening

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It doesn't matter if I eat a huge breakfast or lunch but every day, I find myself eating way too much crappy food for dinner or snack.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm trying to drop 20 lbs and this late eating is really killing me.
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I also have this problem and have a few tips that might help.

1. Don't keep the foods that you usually "binge" on in the house. I had to throw away all of the holiday candy, poptarts, chocolate, ice cream, etc because I know that I simply cannot control myself if it is around. However, do not deny yourself anything. Buy single portions of the things that you like and if you want some, have some! If you deny yourself the things you love, you will end up binging later.

2. Do not let yourself get hungry/your blood sugar drop. I eat 5 small, balaced meals per day. They consist of about 300 calories and have 20-30g protein, a vegetable, and a complex carbohydrate (look for 100% whole grain). I also have a small piece of fruit with two of these meals. Eating a balanced meal every three or four hours keeps your blood sugar levels steady and keeps you from getting hungry. If you are not hungry and your blood sugar does not drop, you will be able to resist temptation much more easily. There are actually studies that have shown that when your blood sugar drops, you have less self-control. This is because when food is scarce, your body wants you to do whatever it takes to obtain food so that you don't starve. When your blood sugar drops, your body thinks you are not eating because food is scarce.

3. If you mess up, don't say "well I've blown it, I will just eat whatever I want for the rest of the day and start tomorrow/next week/next month." Just acknowledge that you messed up and get back on track immediately.

4. If you find yourself having an intense craving, do something to take your mind off of it like go for a walk, watch a movie, clean the house, etc. You can also chew gum or find a way to make a low calorie version of what you are craving (sugar free jello etc). You can also try brushing your teeth after dinner to signal to yourself that you're done eating for the day and it's time to wind down.

Good luck! I hope this helps some!

i agree on eating several small meals through your day to keep your sugar and hunger at bay... it works...

look into clean eating- it truly works...

also, i eat egg white frittatas with tons of veggies for dinner for almost NO calories... it completely fills me up. sometimes i add about 5 oz lean protein meat also and it really makes me almost so full i couldnt eat a thing but a handful of fibre 1 cereal later that evening.

we all go through this i believe- it's really a hurdle you have to play with and find out what makes you stick to your guns... blog, journal your exercise or calories, work out, read, veg, whatever. Sometimes, I OD on hot tea/splenda or honey or decaf, or take too many baths to avoid the couch veg tv eat thing...

just experiment around! be persistent! you'll beat it! make sure you're not undereating calorie wise during the day too!

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