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Weight Loss
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Alternating plataues and sudden weight loss? Weight redistribution during plateau?

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I was wondering if anyone else has expereinced this: I have been losing weight very slowly (which I'm okay with b/c I don't have too much left to lose), but throughout my weight loss of 25lbs I noticed that I would not steadily lose weight, but that I would lose it in increments (ex: lose 3lbs, plateau, lose 3lbs, plateau - it was always a larger, sudden drop that followed a 2-3 week plateau instead of losing it little by little) Just curious b/c I didn't really change my exercise or eating and I would alternately maintain and drop 3lbs overnight.

Also, do you notice any weight redistribution during your plateaus? For me it seems like my body readjusts itself during a plateau (like I'll notice I'm thinner in stomach after a drop in weight, and then at the end of a plateau my stomach looks like it did before the drop but my chest and shoulders are thinner....


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The past plateaus my body adjusted nicely (inch loss) but my recent plateau 2 weeks and counting nothing, no inch loss wise nor over all looking/clothes. And when my plateaus end usually it is 2-3lbs lost within 2-5 days. Shortest plateau is about a week and a half and longest 20 days, all revolving around my TOM.

I have maintained similar deficits 300-600 (for the past 3 months) cycling for about 1lbs loss a week but at the beginning of each new month add or change up my activity. Since adding cycling on a stationary 3 times a week for 20-30mins on top of my daily 30-60+mins of walking, I have seen the least results *sigh* *facepalm* : /

But I have to admit my months have started 1/2 through a month (ie I join cc Jan 14th and feb 14th -5lbs lost and Mar 14th -5lbs lost) so really my cc month is only about 10-11 days in with no results and I may see all the results in the 15-20 days but still I am impatient :P

I think when you plateau for a few weeks and then suddenly drop 2-4 pounds overnight it's usually because of water weight, but I could be wrong. That used to happen to me all the time (usually during the weeks around my period or when I was exercising a lot or when I was eating tons of lunch meat not taking note of how high in sodium it was.) I did plateau for about a month and I seemed to get thinner even though I didn't lose any weight-my stomach got flatter and my arms got thinner.

Oh yeah, I do think it is definitely water weight (between TOM and added a mild workout 3 times a week I think that is the offenders :P), for me though I am drinking 8-10 of 8oz glasses and my sodium thought not perfect is under 2000 (usually 1400-1800), but still I retain :P XP ;)

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