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Already thin but trying to lose a little anyway?

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Anyone else who is already fairly thin but looking to lose 5-10 lbs anyway? If this is you, please check in here and maybe we could help each other out a little!

I am 36, 5'9 and weigh 121 lbs (started out at 125 lbs about a month ago), but would love to be around 113-115. I try to eat around 1200 calories per day and I go running every morning for an hour, but lately I've slipped up and had Chinese takeout, a cookie, grilled sandwiches or something else that is super unhealthy. If I stick with healthy foods and small portions, 1200 calories will keep me full without cravings all day and I will lose weight at a slow but steady pace. But recently I've been less careful and pretty much just eat what I want (which is not as bad as it sounds, I don't like candy, desserts, pizza and stuff like that... but still!) .... so the scale is stuck at 120-121ish.

How do you skinny people stay disciplined to get even skinnier?

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At 5'9" and 121 lbs, you have a BMI of 17.9. That is considered underweight. Getting skinnier is not healthy.

I agree, your BMI is already too low.  Please don't try to lose more weight.  Why do you think you need to be "super skinny" instead of healthy?

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Instead of losing more weight (because you actually need to gain a bit), try toning up by lifting weights.

Also, you need to increase your caloric level if you are running.

None of this should be news to you if you have been on CC for more than a few hours.

There is no way that on so few calories you are fuelling your body with what it needs. The minimum intake for a sedentary female over 21 is 1200 calories per day. For a sedentary female under 21 or a man over 21 it is 1500 per day, and a sedentary male under 21 1800 per day. And believe it or not, that’s only the sedentary minimum. Unless you are very, very short and small, and/or if you are working out it is very likely you will need even more calories than those minimum guidelines.  At 5'9, you would not fall into the 'very short' category. 

 Eating too low a calorie intake, or having a deficit from your BMR greater than 1000 results in something called "survival mode", where your body holds every last thing it can get in expectance of a famine. Water, food, calories. Explained:

  • Dieting & Metabolism - This article explains starvation mode and why undereating is counter productive.
  • The Body Neglected - This is what happens when you undereat for an extended period of time. 
  • "Obesity on 700 Calories" - A tale of starvation mode's devistating effects, and proof you don't have to be underweight to be starving.
  • From Ask Mary, the segment provided by our CC nutritionist Mary Hartley: On the dangers of undereating and what it does to your body.

Please know that Calorie Count cannot and will not support you eating less than 1200 calories a day. We consider this unhealthy and CC is all about HEALTHY weight loss or weight maintenance


Here is a brief reason why never less than 1200 from the Advice section of Calorie Count Plus, under the Q&A tab:

Why must I eat at least 1,200 calories a day when I want to eat less?

I realize you said you are eating 1200 calories a day, but when you exercise, you are burning off calories, so should eat in excess of 1200.  In order to get the daily food servings you need for a balanced diet, it takes about 1200 calories a day. With careful planning, you could have a balanced diet on 1000 calories, but the restrictiveness of a very low calorie level can lead to binging and weight cycling, which will take you further from your weight loss goal. What's more, very low calorie diets can cause excessive muscle breakdown and metabolic adaptations, which can drive down your calorie requirements. In the end, you'll need fewer calories to maintain a higher weight

Your body needs at least 1200 calories per day to survive.

Here is a very rough scientific break down provided by a dietician for a 5' 2", 19 year old female weighing approximately 100 pounds, sitting around all day and doing nothing:

-The heart needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The kidney needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The Liver needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The brain needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The skeletal muscle needs 30% of the calories (360 cals)

Your BMI of 17.9 makes you underweight. The physical dangers that come with undereating and being underweight are numerous. You put yourself at risk of osteoporosis, of loss of fertility if you lose your period, hair loss, electrolyte problems, a weakening of the immune system, low blood pressure, blood disorders such as anemia, heart problems, and even death. The mental woes that come alongside can be just as devestating. Depression is common in undereaters, as well as distorted perceptions and problems like Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  Your most immediate concern should be your health - and for that that means you need to talk to your doctor. But know this: Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management and if you are not seeking to manage your weight healthily we cannot and will not help you.

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