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Weight Loss
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all you shorties out there btwn 5'1-5'3!!!

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What are your stats?

I"m 5'1, 105 pounds, and 18 looking to maintain

I eat around 1200-1400 a day

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I'm 5'3'', 105 lbs, 26 years old and maintaining at between 1500-1800 (depending on my gym schedule) :)
I'm 5'1.5" and weigh 129 (as of this morning). I plan to get down to 120 pound by the end of October.  BTW I'm 39.
Im 5'2'', 140 lbs, 22 years.  Looking to loose 20 lbs.
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I'm 5'2" & am at 121 pounds. 25 years old. I've lost about 20 & am looking to lose the last 11 pounds. :)
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I'm sad, I'm too short to make the shorties group at 5' nothing!  Fine, I'll just take my step stool and go elsewhereCry

I am 37 and 5'1 and a fatty 159.4 I am wanting to get down to 130 at least and hopefully 125. At my age I'll take that;)


Start date 09-04-07

Start weight 163

Current weight 159.4

Goal weight 130

Ultimate goal 125

I'm a lot like Michelle.

44 y/o, 5'2", 162#  - down from 175 in 7 weeks -

my goal is 130 - ulitmate goal?  We'll see.  

I, too, am close to Michelle's stats. I am 39 and also 5'1. I just started this week at 163 lbs. My goal weight per calorie count is 120, but I would be plenty happy to see myself at 130. We can deal with those last ten pounds then!


Start date 09-12-07

Start weight 163

Current weight 162

Goal weight ~130

Ultimate goal ~120-125

Oh, and I humbly petition that we include shorter than 5'1" in our shorties club.

C'mon Sullyone show us your stats!

5"1.5, 119 lbs...age 21. dont have a goal. we will see when i get there. i eat around 1200 cal/day.
5"2+, 121 lbs, 24 and get me bod to shrink to 110lbs by end of the year.. i hope.. lol

I tried counting calories but i a math idiot so I m looking @ freq meals n healthier food.. 
that sucks, As of right now i'm the biggest person in the club


looking to get down to 130 or so. I think the 120's and lower are too small for me; i'm a curvy black female and I want to keep my butt :)
Hey!  I'm not short, I'm fun-sized.  Hmph.
Wanda we're practically twins.  I am also 39, 5'1" and 130 as of this morning.  Looking to get down to 125 by end of October.  Weird!

15 years old, 5'2" and 113 pounds. looking to get down to 110, tone and keep pulling myself out of starvation mode. my calories are between 1000-1200 but i'm "very active" between the gym, walking home from school and fitness class so apparently i should be getting around 1800, so it's a work in progress. i WAS 108 but i honestly looked like the living dead and put on a couple pounds due to binging and increasing my cals, but it will come off eventually.

starting weight: 174.

current weight: 113.

goal weight: 110.

it'll-never-happen weight: 103.

I'm 5'3", 33 years old.

Start weight on 7.15.07:  150.

Current weight as of 9.14.07: 139.75.

My goal weight:  125

I eat around 1300 calories a day.  So far its been working slowly, but surely.


start weight: 151.2- jun/07

current weight: 132.2

goal weight: 115

goal date: december 13th/07

my highest weight was 210 lbs. i've been working my way down for 8 years. it was hard because while losing weight i had all three of my children so i had to pretty much start over alot.

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OMG, xo_ericaaa15, we're are exactly the same in everything!  I'm 15, 5'2, and 113 pounds.  I was 108 a couple weeks ago but I gained from eating too much junk food. :(  I also was in starvation mode, but I'm out of that now.  I usually eat around 1500 cals a day. I'm now hoping to get down to 102-105, but I'll be happy if I can just get to 108 again.

Ricen, I looked at your pics and I think you are gorgeous, you definetely carry your weight well.

I wish I had your arms they look beautiful.

Were does everyone else carry their weight? I don't have a camera so I can't post a pic.  I carry all of my weight up top. Belly,boobs,arms. My legs do not go with my body. I get tons of compliments on my legs. I think they are my husband's favorite body part on me. 

I just HATE my stomach!!!!!!!!

I have lost 25lbs this year so am definitely not carrying my weight like I used to as I am about to enter maintenance mode. But I am 5'1" about and weigh 105 lbs, maybe a 1-2 lb more depending on scales. I carry my weight in my belly. Before I lost the weight I was asked if I was pregnant.
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