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OK ... for all you people who eat less than 1200 calories a day... YOU ARE WRONG

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I have had it!!  If you are here to "LEARN" and then once you find out that you are NOT EATING ENOUGH.. you start doing it right.. thats fine.. I wish you luck and hope you lose your weight the "healthy" way!!

BUT.. those of you who just simply intend on starving yourselves.. you need to understand that you are not getting healthy ... YOU ARE GETTING SICKER.

I realize (before I get all the hate mail) that alot of people come in here thinking that they are "dieting" by doing that. WELL.. this post is to tell you ... YOU ARE NOT DIETING .. YOU ARE STARVING.. depriving your body of nourishment it needs to survive.

You do need a minimum number of calories a day just to keep your vital organs working. Your lungs, heart, intestines, liver -- to do their jobs, they need at least some fuel. Your brain, too, will suffer from a too-restricted calorie diet, because it requires healthy circulatory function to get oxygen. You will also need fuel to do your exercising, which of course will be a part of your healthy weight loss plan.
Eating less than 1200 calories a day can also slow down your body's metabolic rate. It is a reaction that served our species well when food supplies were unreliable.

The best way to lose weight is slowly. The best method is to change habits over time resulting in more physical activity with sensible eating of nutritious foods. When your calories expended is higher than the calories consumed you will lose weight. If you eat too little you will not have the energy to exercise and will wind up thin and still flabby. THen when you cease depriving yourself (which always happens) your weight will increase again and, since your body has adopted a lower metabolic rate you will gain weight back quickly.

So please.. now that you have learned that you are not helping yourself by STARVING... make healthier choices and figure out how many calories YOU need to consume to establish a healthy weight loss plan and  then......... GOOD LUCK!!

**deep breath**

I apologize for the rant.. but I am sooo tired of seeing  "I eat 300- 500 calories a day and lose nothing .. WHY?"    WELL... this is why.


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This is a good message, but it is always a controversial subject.  I know people are very passionate about it, but please respect each other whilst being passionate.  :)  Remember, this site does not promote starvation diets, which many will contend means anything under 1200/day for women or 1500/day for men. 

The site also does not condone inflammatory posts, so again, please be respectful of each other.


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I wasn't going to post here because everyone seems to be screaming and throwing in lots of !!!!!'s, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents..

Someone was saying you should just eat when you're hungry and not eat when you're not hungry.  But that's how I gained all this weight.  I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.  Then I sat around all day, watching TV, and at the computer, and those calories stayed on. 

I've also tried eating less than 1200 calories.. 10 pounds of weight loss, than my body hung on to every calorie.  I became very irregular.. both with TTOM and in the bathroom, and my hair was falling out like never before.  I can't say I felt groggy or anything, but I wasn't exactly bouncing off the walls, either.  Actually, I really thought at the time I was having no side effects.  Only in retrospect, can I see how unhealthy I was.  And when I tried eating normal again.. I gained 20 pounds almost overnight.  I wish someone would have told me way back then that what I was doing was wrong.  I had no idea.

So eat sensibly.. but track what you're eating, so you know you're not eating calorie-dense foods.  And don't make any changes you can't stick to for the rest of your life.  Because if you continue eating the same as you did to get overweight without increasing exercise, you're going to get the same results.

*end rant*
I eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm not.

I don't count calories, though I'm sure I rarely reach the 1200 mark. I run 4 miles a day, work out for an hour, and ride my bike to two jobs at which I'm on my feet all day. That's just the way I function.
Megonjay's heart is in the right place.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. He decided he was a bit heavy for the sport he was into and that he should lose about 20 pounds. He went on a diet similar to the one Mr. Crypto seems to be on- about 500 cal a day and constantly working out. Well, he lost the weight really quickly and told us he felt great. He then went to a doctor, who did some tests and told him that he was borderline anaemic, and that he now had "the bones of a 60-year-old" (he was 26 at the time), due to having restricted his calcium intake. He had been on a multivitamin/ mineral supplement, but it apparently was not enough.

So you people who are seriously restricting might feel fine, but do you know what is really going on inside your body? And what long-time damage you might be causing? You want to be healthy, right?

The long-lived people of the world, like the Okinawans and people in some areas of Italy, they enjoy their food! They eat plenty, I've seen it in Okinawa myself, but it's all healthy!
It is simply not a black and white issue. Everybody is different.  There is a REASON why heavier people need more calories. Same reason smaller people need less.

I am not giving out facts, I am not telling anyone that they are right or wrong.

All I'm sayin is that it is not right to make this type of generalization and attack everyone in this group out of nowhere. The intention may have been to express concern and give friendly advice but the delivery screamed ATTACK.
Only real danger in low calories is when its done for a long time (then you can start to get into actual damage to organs). But shorter term fastings dont really hurt you (unless you have medical issues).

So i guess everything in moderation ><
cshammas00...  Had I wanted to "attack" someone in general.. I would have posted it in one of their forums.. instead I started my own just to say.. Hey.. if you arent eating enough food.. you will not lose weight the "healthy" way. I could have picked out of hundreds of posts on here to go into to "attack" someone or criticise them. I simply saw 6.. yes 6... posts around the same time from people saying they were eating 300-500 calories a day..  I am a mother of 5 2 being teens and yes.. it scares the hell out of me to know that kids come on here posting that they are starving themselves and their parents probably have no idea!! I felt like it was a simple way for people to see the post titled "TO THOSE WHO EAT LESS THAN 1200 CALORIES".. then click it and learn that it isnt healthy... TO LEARN... if that doesnt include you.. as I said before.. you dont have to read it. 
Here's the thing. You could have attacked each person at a time who posted something like that but you didnt. Its easier to start up a topic than to do that, and in your defense say that you werent attacking anyone personally. I get that. But it was a huge generalization and it wasnt a reply to anything, it came out of nowhere and was addressed to everybody who eats less than 1200 calories.  I do not believe that whats best for YOU or even most people is best for EVERYONE. There are plenty who agree with me. If you think its not right then YOU eat more than 1200 calories per day. And if/when someone ASKS for advice then give it to them - by all means. Everyone has a right to. I realize not everyone agrees with me, either. That is ok.  And if you're sick of these people eating 300 calories per day either write something back to THEM or if it really bothers you - like you told me - you don't have to read it.
I dont read them and I do eat more than 1200 cals a day.. as I said it was an "in general" post. It has nothing to do with what I personally think.. its what Doctors and nutritionist have done studies on and find. But hey... we cant all be a diamond. If you know more than them by all means... do what YOU need to. It also had nothing to with being "easier" to not post in all of those forums.. it was the mindset that "everyone" that does this won't see it if I put it there. You are being childish.. it wasn't a debate... I simply stated facts.  Good Day.
Good day
It's all relative.

The amount of food important to YOU will differ from the person next to you. The way food tastes or smells to YOU will not be the same way another person perceives the food.

Relativity, Holmes.
I think this subject has been broached before, but I'm all in favor of separating the EDers into a forum all their own.  People who have an ED, and can't bring themselves to eat a healthy maintenance level of calories, have a different focus and need different support than people who are overweight and trying to lose that weight.  The EDers tend to annoy those of us who are overweight, and vice versa.  These conflicts will continue to arise as long as the EDers show up on the weight loss forum.  I really think it would be more supportive of them if they had their own forum. 

That said, I disagree with the poster who said something to the effect that historically, people ate only when they were hungry and that's why they weren't overweight.  I think the human body evolved to protect itself against starvation, eating all it could when it had the chance, thus preparing for and protecting itself from the lean times.  In modern American society, food is in abundance and there are no lean times, but our bodies are still evolutionarily programmed to feed themselves.  Here goes the BIG speculation..one could argue that the rising incidence in obesity-related diseases (i.e. diabetes) is a way to counterbalance this effect and make it less healthy to eat more, decrease the likelihood that obese people (live long enough to) have children, and thus weed out those genes that tend to make people fat.  Total hand-waving here.

If you don't believe in evolution, well, that's a whole 'nother thread!
OH MY GOD what has happened here all of a sudden.  I was offline for 4 days and it seems like every post I read is full of condemnation and lack of compassion.  I thought we were all here trying to boost each other up when we needed it.  I didn't realize we had so many certified nutritionists and doctors on site that could prescribe how everybody should live and think.  I understand that there are certain highly thought of standards for how many calories people should eat, but people, everybody is not the same and these are guidelines.  When was the last time one of you went on a rant like this over somebody who just could not get themselves to do what the rest of the world thought was right outside of this website? How many times has what is right today been changed tomorrow?   Right for you is not necessarily right for everybody the same as wrong is not the same for everybody.  Lending a helping hand is great and needed by everybody at some time but attacking a group like this post is shows me this site is changing and not necessarily for the good. 

My two cents may not be worth it but it is mine and now I too can sleep.
I have one question: i've been eating 1200 or 1100 calories a day for the past 4 months, with one hour earobics(so i probably should eat more), but everytime i try to increase the calories by 100 or 200 calories, i gain weight (not kilograms! maybe 2 or 3 grams) . so i get back to 1200, what am i supposed to do?
Can I just say that - to those of you who are "okay" with eating less than the FDA recommended 1200/1500 calories per day - please seek medical advice before continuing.  If you go see a dietitition/nutritionist and they tell you to eat only 800 calories a day - then PERFECT!!!  But - If you go and are told that you are killing yourself slowly - please know that we've tried to give you the information you needed to prevent that from happening. 

To be honest.  I have been eating between 1200-1800 calories per day for the past 2 months. As of yesterday, I've lost 20lbs.  I've been walking a mile - 3 days a week so that's 3 miles a week and I also use my exercise bike (stationary) for 30 minutes a day.  I use my hand weights every other day and do ab work every other day.

When I first started this, before I found Calorie-Count.com - i was talking to some of my coworkers about eating only 900 calories and they pointed out that that was not enough.  The next day I found CC and it was like finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

I've lost an average of 10lbs a month - that's 2.5lbs a week average and I'm toning up nicely and I'm feeling great! 

If I ate what I wanted only when I'm hungry you'd see me at McDonalds or Pizza hut 3 days a week!

But because I'm counting my calories - it makes me aware of my nutrition and I feel more in control of my new healthy lifestyle - that's right - this isn't a diet you guys!  It's a lifestyle change. 

So lay off Megonjay!  She had very good intentions in posting.  It was out of concern for the health of those who are litterally starving their bodies of the nutrition they need just to survive!
Megonjay is right. People need to stop starving their bodies, they are only furthering a snail's like pace of metabolism by catabolizing muscle tissue. The ONLY way to lose weight the HEALTHY way is through diet and then exercise keeping yourself at a REASONABLE weight loss pattern of around a pound week. Trust me, that's how I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off, and I went through a period of starvation like some of you have, and I lost muscle and ended up with more fat! So...

Listen to Megonjay, she is concerned, not angry. We need to learn to eat healthy and exercise if we want to maintain a healthy, lean lifestyle.
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I wont lie, i thought eating less calories would help me, but im starting to actually believe it works, im eating but in a strange way...im losing...

<---still shocked...

though i got one question and its a good thing i dont have to make a new topic for such a question, but i gotta ask, like i know our defecit is 500, now, what as our lbs go down, so does our calorie intake, so i gotta ask...say the calories i burn is 2000 and the defecit is already stated at 500...and i still wish to pursue to lose more weight..do i eat less calories? or do i still eat around the 1500 for the average male?
I think that is why calorie counter has been so helpful for me, its made me finally realize that exercising is the key to weight loss.

I never counted calories before in my life, and by using this website its helped me realize that a lot of foods that I like really arent that bad for me.

I've had better luck with losing and maintaining by using this website than any other diet trick I've tried!
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...No one has still answered my question..lol
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