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OK ... for all you people who eat less than 1200 calories a day... YOU ARE WRONG

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I have had it!!  If you are here to "LEARN" and then once you find out that you are NOT EATING ENOUGH.. you start doing it right.. thats fine.. I wish you luck and hope you lose your weight the "healthy" way!!

BUT.. those of you who just simply intend on starving yourselves.. you need to understand that you are not getting healthy ... YOU ARE GETTING SICKER.

I realize (before I get all the hate mail) that alot of people come in here thinking that they are "dieting" by doing that. WELL.. this post is to tell you ... YOU ARE NOT DIETING .. YOU ARE STARVING.. depriving your body of nourishment it needs to survive.

You do need a minimum number of calories a day just to keep your vital organs working. Your lungs, heart, intestines, liver -- to do their jobs, they need at least some fuel. Your brain, too, will suffer from a too-restricted calorie diet, because it requires healthy circulatory function to get oxygen. You will also need fuel to do your exercising, which of course will be a part of your healthy weight loss plan.
Eating less than 1200 calories a day can also slow down your body's metabolic rate. It is a reaction that served our species well when food supplies were unreliable.

The best way to lose weight is slowly. The best method is to change habits over time resulting in more physical activity with sensible eating of nutritious foods. When your calories expended is higher than the calories consumed you will lose weight. If you eat too little you will not have the energy to exercise and will wind up thin and still flabby. THen when you cease depriving yourself (which always happens) your weight will increase again and, since your body has adopted a lower metabolic rate you will gain weight back quickly.

So please.. now that you have learned that you are not helping yourself by STARVING... make healthier choices and figure out how many calories YOU need to consume to establish a healthy weight loss plan and  then......... GOOD LUCK!!

**deep breath**

I apologize for the rant.. but I am sooo tired of seeing  "I eat 300- 500 calories a day and lose nothing .. WHY?"    WELL... this is why.


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i <3 you megonjay! hahaha
Well, I'm not really sure who you are to tell people how to eat.

The best thing to do (as MegonJay just did) is try to educate them on the healthy way to consume calories and hope that they follow the healthy path towards their weightloss journey.

not telling people how to eat.. telling them that starving themselves IS NOT HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you cant disagree with that...

 thanks undertherainbow
I worry about those kids.... :(
I think that this whole "you need to eat a certain amount everyday for your metabolism, health, blah blah blah".  "You must eat 5-6 times a day.  blah blah".   How many years have humans walked around and just ate, *gasp*, when they are hungry and not eat when they are not hungry.   I'm sorry but this whole idea of having to eat a certain way has made me fat.  It's made me ignore my natural feelings of hunger and satiety.  And YES you will lose weight eating less than 1,200 calories a day (although not in the healthiest way).  If someone claims to not lose any weight on a very low calorie diet, they are lying about how much they really eat.  You will only gain the weight back quickly if you stop dieting and continue eating like a pig.
this whole thing was to say  "ITS NOT HEALTHY"  .. not that they wouldnt lose weight...  and yeah.. it'll come back!!

Okay simple...
1 calorie = 1 AA battery.

women = 1200 AA batteries to opperate
men = 1500 AA batteries to opperate.

Without a battery, does your car run?
Without the proper amount of AA batteries does your digital camera, phone, remote, walk man work? How about your battery opperated alarm clock?  Can you get yourself up at 5am?

If you can't understand that then you need to go back to school.
I'm with megonjay - those of you who can't get it really just frustrate and worry the heck out of me!!!

If the way 1200 or 1500 calories turns out the way you're doing it...  YOU"RE EATING TOO MANY EXTREMELY LOW CALORIE FOODS.  Get a variety in there.

I can eat green bell peppers by the bushel, all day long, and still not reach 1200 calories before I'm stuffed to the gills, gotta unzip my pants to breath full.  But could anyone live for the rest of their lives on just green bell peppers?

"I eat only tuna and spinach all day and I'm full at 800 calories"
It's not about how much food you eat... 

I'm with you, megonjay!

I get tired of the posts where people try to argue that undereating is healthy... it's NOT, and it never will be...
fallingstars727 - what are your goals here?
Are you trying to lose weight?
I saw your picture on your profile - you look healthy.

How much do you eat in a day.
what were you eating while "ignoring your natural feelings of hunger and satiety" that made you gain weight?
 Don't jump down Fallings throat because they look healthy. Perhaps, she's here to maintain. That's neither here nor there.

 The point of the matter is that this tread was BS from the start. The reason it's complete BS is because in the way of which it was posted. The person that started this wanted controversy, not to be insightful.

Moaning and ranting isn't productive in anyway. How about responding to one of those post " I eat 500 calories a day " or whatnot in a productive manner. Instead of ranting like a baboon. Take your 'issue' to those individuals in a PRODUCTIVE MANNER. 
I am 5'2" and 151 lbs.   I do have a large bone structure so I won't go any lower than 120.   I do look amazingly thin in my pic, huh?  It's the only recent full body pic I could find and it makes me look much thinner than I actually am.  Counting calories makes me gain weight because all I do is think about food.  When I don't count, I lose.   It may work for some people, just not me.  I have huge beef with telling people to eat when they aren't hungry.  That's it.  I'm not trying to promote eating disorders.  I'm promoting listening to your body. 
fallingstars727 said:

"I think that this whole "you need to eat a certain amount everyday for your metabolism, health, blah blah blah".  "You must eat 5-6 times a day.  blah blah".   How many years have humans walked around and just ate, *gasp*, when they are hungry and not eat when they are not hungry.   I'm sorry but this whole idea of having to eat a certain way has made me fat.  It's made me ignore my natural feelings of hunger and satiety."

If you were primitive man, you would not be sitting at a computer right now, you would not be sitting behind a desk. You would be running from predators, digging for roots and berries, trying to find or build a shelter, and taking days to hunt down a deer. Back then, you worked harder to survive, and you worked harder for your food. You would have an appetite, because you are moving your body, and food is not everywhere you look whenever you want it.

Some days, you didn't get to eat at all because of drought or the approach of winter; the plants would die and the food animals might go away. That's why our bodies save fat, because that's natural, too!

That's why it's important to exercise enough to work up a decent appetite, and eat it back.

Because YOU may know there's enough food around... but your body *does NOT*.

Listening to the body is good, in my opinion... but in order to follow what they say here, you must burn almost all of it off.
it wasnt started to start controversy.. it was started out of concern!!..  there are way too many people posting that they eat too few calories or I would've directed it at that 1 person. Unfortunately its not one person... It was to tell them that that is not the way to lose weight healthily...

If you thought it was BS you never had to read it!!

and....... blackthorne is correct.. our bodies are nothing like they were when we had to eat "anything"

**ponders**(Are the ones arguing this the ones who eat NOTHING?)
Enchanting and fallings -
I know many people on this site as well as myself have tried to constructively add to each individual post to help inform them and guide them in the right direction toward health. 
The problem is - as in THIS post, the person who started the chain says

I had more to say, but I'll leave it alone.
You really should invest in your health by informing yourself correctly and accurately.
If you ask for advice, you shouldn't ignore it.  At least try to comprehend it.

After some contemplation, I think I take some comfort in knowing that there's a minimum that I shouldn't go under.  I think it's much less stressful to do things the way they're suggested on this site than to go into some nutty/hyper diet where you nibble on a couple of things and do silly repetitive actions in an artificial environment (how many animals out there run in place to stay in shape?).

Interestingly, I brought up the youngins on here that are doing some severe things to their bodies (eating under 1000 cals a day and whatnot) to my wife.  She tells me:  Welcome to the world of the modern young woman; just wait until your daughter's in junior high.


enchantingimage is on track - there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to bring something like this up. The right way is not by initiating an attack, which is what you did. These people that you are so concerned about are damn near strangers. I understand your concern, but COME ON NOW. Its like you're doing crisis intervention with your sister or something.
im a "wrong way" person, and i lose over a pound a day for 5 weeks now.

i feel better than ever and have more energy than ever. have more energy than before i started.


I just started the 'Up Day Down Day Diet' to boost my metabolism.  (don't know if it works so I wanted to try it myself)

I'll be eating *average* of 1200 per week, will that be ok?  I remember reading somewhere that starve yourself for one day will not put your body in starvation mode.  Yesterday I ate about 450 calories, no workout (too tired !!! no energy and went to bed at 7PM)  Today I bumped it up a notch to 1500 calories (oh, that yummy sticky bun!!!) plus 400 calories burn on a treadmill.
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