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Going to an 'all inclusive' resort in a few days!

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Hey Everyone,

I have pretty much reached my goal weight, and I feel awesome.  However, I am going on vacation to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, and I am terrified about maintaining there!  I will not have access to my usual foods, nor will I be able to log anything.

Any suggestions?  Anybody been on this type of vacation before, while calorie counting?
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Well, I guess you'll have an idea which foods are worse than others. Try picking healthier meanu items, drink lots of water, and not so much alcohol.
Most importantly, Have fun. Don't stress too much about calories...
Try not to binge eat. :) When I'm on vacation, I'm usually pretty active... sightseeing and such and sometimes I forget to eat. So I wouldn't be too worried. If it really bothers you, you can always right down everything you eat to make sure you aren't eating more than you think.
I went to an all inclusive a few years ago.  There was a ton of fresh fruit (exotic kinds), wonderful veggies and tons of fresh fish and seafood...  very little of the sugary high cal crap that is my downfall..  I ate and ate and ate..  and didnt gain an ounce..

so..  make the right choices and most importantly..  HAVE FUN !!!!
Thanks for your help, everyone!

My plan so far is to:

- keep active (they have a small gym, plus walking on the beach)
- minimize alcoholic drinks
- Eat LOTS of veggies at the buffet, *at the beggining* of each meal
- Stay away from deep fried foods

Hopefully, this will work out...

The problem with alot of carribean countries is the different sanitary conditions in which their fresh produce is processed.  There are alot more contaminated fruit and vegetables which the locals are accustomed to eating but we are not.

You have to be careful about eating fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking tap water while you're on vacation.  Inquire at the resort front desk whether the water system is specialy treated within the resort.  This will greatly reduce your risk of getting a bacterial infection.

 Make sure to re-wash the fruit in bottled water and peel every fruit before you eat it.  Drink and brush your teeth with BOTTLED WATER only and do not drink tropical drinks with ice cubes in them.

Stay away from salad and fresh veggies, unless you can be assured that they are safe to eat.  Only eat them cooked. 

If you eat alot of fresh produce while you are in the Dominican, you are practically guaranteed to get "tourista" don't forget your Immodium.   Hopefully you are immunized for Hepititis A and B so you don't have to worry about getting that too, if you are not PLEASE make sure that you are extra careful with consuming fresh produce and drinking water.
I grew up in the Dominican Republic... you'll have no problems eating healthily. All of the resorts have TONS of fresh fruit and veggies and of course lean meats... Beans are a favorite (and made quite healthily) of DOminicans so indulge in those as well.

As it relates to getting sick from produce- highly unlikely- the DR resorts would be broke if they didnt sanitize the water... most is clorinated- I would still recommend NOT drinking the water or brushing your teeth with it- but the resorts take care with that sort of stuff so that their guests won't get sick. Ice cubes tend to be fine at the resorts too since the water is boiled and then treated as well.

Be smart but don't obsess- its very safe ;) Have a blast!
The only thing I'd be worried about drinking too much.

Have fun!
Last year I, acctually, managed to lose weight at the all inclusive resort by walking around alot and eating loads of seafood. 

Have wonderful time!
Still, you should inquire at the front desk of the resort as to how the drinking water and cleaning of produce is done, before taking any chances.   I've had a few friends that had bad cases of Tourista after coming back home from the Dominican Republic, because they weren't careful.
I went to an all inclusive in Puerto Vallarta in July. I loved the food choices! Fresh Fruit everywhere, tons and tons of fish options, salad fixins, you name it. I probably lost weight on that vacation because of all the good food they had around (NO FAST FOOOOOD!)There will be plenty of bottled water  and coffee for free every where you go.

Anyways, my only piece of advice is do whatever it takes to not get constipated. Maybe take something with you, like a supplement? I missed that important detail and went about a week without normalcy once I got back home! *blushes*
People go to these resorts, eat more fruits and vegetables in a day than they eat in a month at home, drink all day and most of the night, dance on tables, party like crazy and get sick.. then blame it on the water...   
exactly my thoughts neversaydiekai- you forgot sit in the sun and get sunburned though ;)
But Hepititus B, E-Coli and Salmonella are real and we all should be aware of that.  Of course people tend to overdo it at resorts and blame the water, but sometimes the WATER is to blame and we should be made aware so they can protect themselves and not assume that everything will be hunky dory.
I think as long as you drink lots and lots of alcohol, it will help kill any bacteria! hehehe
What? I just got back from a trip to the Dominican as well! I went to Punta Cana Resort and it was amazing! I gained 2lbs, and thats from eating without a care. You walk around alot too. Oh, dont forget the sunscreen! Becuase of the breeze you feel alot cooler than you really are, so you dont notice the burns as fast.

I had a blast.

Oh and the Coronas taste better there too.
I went on an all-inclusive last year, and gained a ton of weight. The culprit wasn't the food - the food portions were quite reasonable. It was the free drinks!! We were in mexico and paranoid about the water, so we kept opting for juice instead... you're lying out in the hot sun all day... you need to keep well hydrated... and juice was the closest option. Then in late afternoon we'd switch to alcohol laced juice. :-)

If I had it to do all over again, I'd have bought a case of bottled water and drank bottled water all day instead.
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Original Post by philminch:

Protein powder is cheap, easy to store, and relatively hassle-free.  If you know that your hotel has an exercise room, then you make your work out there. And  If you don’t have access to a weight room, plan to do some mobility/conditioning work outdoors if the setting permits, Plan workouts if possible.  Bodyweight exercises can do a lot more than you might think. Simply break your fast  much later than you normally would.  Intermittent Fasting can be a physique-saver when traveling, especially if you’re known to let loose and pound the food.  


^OH yes now that sounds like SUCH a fun holiday!!!!

WTF? lol

I'm pretty the OP is back from their trip!  Unless they decided to stay for 4 years...

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