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All in the butt?

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Okay, doesn anyone else have the problem of having a large asset of the rear? I'm hour glass shaped and my butt is so large it makes me unporpotinal(sp) its embrassing because my friends i know they mean this to be fun call me fat@$$ and i have a black girl butt but if i could figure out how to target my butt area since even when i was dieting and playing soccer for my high school nothing affected my butt, so any advice would be extremely helpful?

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May 11 2008 06:24
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I feel your pain! My butt is huggeeee. And to make matters worse, my chest is a size A. I feel extremely disproportional so I'd love some advice as well.

my guys friends tell me that i have a big butt alot. they always make sure to say "oh, but that is a good thing" right after they see the expression on my face. I wouldn't say i am disproportionate though since i am a C cup. my mom and sister haveFLAT butts so i am actually happy to have my butt haha. some of my exes said that was there fav. body part on me. that is prob. since it is cool to have a big butt now lol. i believe biking helps tighten your glutes. But until then be proud of your big butt haha! i know i am :)

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The booty is in, and it's about damn time! You hardly ever hear a guy talking about a big butt like it's a bad thing, only other women.

But yes, I too belong to the big butt club. I've started doing a LOT of lunges, squats, leg lifts,... pretty much anything lower body you can think of. I must say that I think my butt is getting even bigger but this is not nessasairly a bad thing. I can already tell a difference in my cellulite and I just look healthier in a bathing suit. My husband has already noticed a difference too. (Not that he would say this, but I suspect a lil less jiggle. Lol.)

Flat butts were the thing for entirely too long, (nothing against you flat butt girls), but it's about damn time ppl are saying "OMG, look at that ass" and for once it's not an insult.

Oh, to answer your ques I'm just not sure you can change genetics in that department. It will be the last thing to go after youve lost weight everywhere else. If yours isn't flabby, best thing you can do is learn to love your big butt cause your stuck with it. Lol. Best wishes!

I have no butt (I'm one of those flat-butt women who would like to have just slightly more of a butt), but my husband has a butt. And he doesn't believe me at all that he's got more ass than some women do (which is a very good thing for me, because I like my men to have butts >3), but I think it only makes him insecure at times when I mention it.

I have no words of advice for you. I'm naturally butt-less. My husband might, but he's currently in Iraq and none of the excersize he's been put through since bootcamp for the USMC hasn't done anything to his butt at all (yay!), so I'm not even sure of how much help he'd be. I think all you can really do is tighten it up some; body fat decides where it'll come off of first, not you. (Like mine. My arms and legs are obviously getting thinner, but not my middle. At all. So my pants are too loose in the legs but still fit tight at the waist. wtf, body, wtf.)

have you guys not seen those padded pants that give you a bum? I love having a bum! Im always told its spankable ;).

If you are worried about it... look up some tips on how pear shapes should dress. Im sure there are some hints in there for disguising it if you are very worried about it.

I adore a nice big booty!

I have perfectly natural baby making hips and a booty to match lol Doesn't help that I'm small at the top too. I've never liked my bum, however since I've been losing the weight and toning up I feel much better about it, and it's my bf fave bit of me, yay.  And it's not as though I have to look at it all day, so it's easily forgotten hehe.

Also, a big bum means more comfort to sit on and more space to sit in :D

Yes I have advice... stop being neurotic about it and start loving yourself.  You have a big but... so what, that's not going to change.  You can feel good about it or not.  That's up to you and no one else.  If your friends are making you feel bad about it then maybe they are not really friends. Frown


Personally, I never look twice at a woman unless she's got a big but.  Just ask my wife. Wink

that ass ain't goin' nowhere. enjoy your "black girl butt." it's yours. learn to love it, and yourself.

Walk uphill. I do it 5 days a week and my assets* are depleting. :-) I;m sure I'll never have a teeny you I'm somewhat hourglass-ish but my rear end is definitely shrinking and firming up from all the hill climbing!

I was hoping your question had something to do with the "Newlywed Game", but alas...

I've always had a very hourglass-y shape, and ya know what? the 80's sucked for butts. remember when no butts were "hot"? well, i don't know one man that thinks that's attractive.

I've heard that stairmasters and etc. actually make your glutes bigger, and truckers have flat butts (or so I've heard), so maybe if you just sit down all day your glute muscles will go away and you will get rid of your butt.

really though, embrace it, enjoy it, show it off, and strut so it's a lazy pendulum following you, I guarantee your confidence will over shadow your butt. (and when your hilarious friends comment on it again, get really serious, then ask them if they're feeling ok, and that you're sure somebody, somewhere finds them attractive)

If you mean that you are overweight and you store fat in your butt, then losing fat overall will help shrink it as the rest of you goes down too. You can't control what loses weight first, second, etc., so you may have to just be patient. Cardio is what burns fat, but lifting weights is going to increase your burn rate, so they're both good.

If you lose weight, or are at a healthy weight already and your booty is still big, I say work it. Lots of people love it and lots of wimmens wish they had one.

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