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alcohol: morning after weight gain?

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last nite i went out to a club with some friends.  I had 2 shots of tequila, a mixed drink and two coronas, over the course of 4+ hours, but had calorically allowed for the drinking and (some of) the post dancing diner dinner.

i drink very rarely, about 3 or 4 times a year, so i was guitlessly allowing myself the spurlge. With that being said, today i weighed myself and my weight had gone up 4 pounds! (since the previous day).

i'm assuming this isn't possible, not only because i didn't consume nearly that many calories, but also because i danced for 3.5 hours without stopping (and it was pretty good workout, this morning my thighs and stomach are so sore!)

sorry to drag this out.

what could be the culprit of a 4 pound fluctuation after a night of drinking and dancing? (and i did use the same scale)

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It's water retention which is very common with alcohol consumption.  I too, gained about 2.5 # overnight from 2 glasses of wine.  This will resolve in a day or two.  In the meantime increase your water intake to help shed that extra water.

lonestar's right, it's all water retention. my girlfriend notices the same thing everytime she's had a night out drinking. it always freaks her out a little bit, but it goes away by the next morning usually, sometimes it takes two days to balance back out.

curiously enough, i always lose about 4 pounds after drinking.

now if only those pounds stayed off every time. i think we'd be on to a new, fantastic diet ;o)

Like coffee_cake, I also strangely lose weight after a night of drinking...never stays off though.

i lose after drinking too! and sometimes it actually does stay off.

i'm one of those weirdos who's lucky enough to be repulsed by food when i drink, though. so no drunk munchies.

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Its probably water retention because alcohol dehydrates. drink lots of water and eat fruits and veggies today, and tomorrow morning you should be back to normal.

I gain at least 4 pounds after drinking, and it stays there a few days no matter how much water I drink to rid myself of it... It is horribly depressing, but I did it to myself... again!

I also seem to temporarily lose weight after a night of drinking - I always assumed that it's because alcohol dehydrates your system, and that my "healthy" water weight is low? 

I always gain after drinking especially if I do a post waffle house thing like you mentioned. even if you allowed for the diner food in your daily calories, the sodium level in that kind of food + the alcohol probably doubled your water retention. the last time I did that I was SEVEN POUNDS HEAVIER the next day. SEVEN!!! I almost cried. And it did not come off in a day or two. It did come off, but it took over a week - about a lb. a day. even with a ton of water and whole foods...so I would allow 5 days, but it WILL come off. Promise.

oh! and! I forgot to say that if you danced your ass off, your muscles may also be retaining water. It's a 3fer.

I easily lose 2-3 lbs when I drink because I pee it all right out. Of course the next day or two when I rehydrate I'm back to normal. I wish I would gain a few lbs, it would help me to say no to beer!

aLright! All you people on here who say you lose weight when you drink can all just go to hell!!!


just kidding...love you...

Yeah well come and ask my belly fat about beer and actual weight loss Cry

hey guys thanks!

i was a bit panicked, so its good to hear other people's experiences. I actually do feel a bit bloated, so i think i'll stay off the scale until i feel normal again :) avoid the unnecessary nervousness!

I actually do a little of both. If I have just two or three drinks then I'll usually lose weight the next morning; however, if I go on a bender then I'll normally gain a few. Either way, I'll be back to normal in a day or two.

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It's water weight.  Make sure to get lots of water before you go out like that and try to drink water (not soda) through the night.  You'll feel better!

hon, I'm in the same boat - I had a bottle of wine and an alcopop tonight - then had 3 bits of bread, smothered in pesto. . after a bowl of pasta at dinner, also with pesto.. I think there's a pattern with pesto at the moment..

I also have a photoshoot tomorrow - the results will be fun! yay for photoshop!

Scales are also being hidden, as is my money so I don't repeat it.. Stress + worry + me fretting about an issue = me doing that.

I will be 4lbs heavier, my arms will be bloated, i will be tired - but it WILL be gone in a few days. . my bike shall just be my new best friend for a few days :)

Haha! I only lose weight after I drink when I get sick... and that makes for a super crapola morning.

(I definitely do not advocate that. Its HORRIBLE. And it does NOT stay off.)

You can look at my weightloss chart and see the 2x in april that I drank and got sick because they make deep V's in my graph! /smacks forehead

Whenever i drink- the next morning is always the lowest weight. (usually) due to dehydration... it goes back to normal by the next day.

alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to lose water from your body. as a rebound effect, anything consumed after the drinking will cause water retention- not drinking water after a drinking night could result in a massive headache from dehydration, so many drink water before bed. it doesn't have to be water itself.. food also has water in it and salt in the food will increase the effects.

it's really not a big deal but it does feel uncomfortable. it can take two days to balance out if you're not too active but the quickest way to fix it is to exercise or sit in a sauna/steam room for 20 mins or so. you can also take a diuretic pill or vitamin, these contain natural compounds that promote kidney filtration, but again take longer to work. after a night out, i go to the sauna in the monring and take a water bottle in with me. keep sweating and keep drinking the good ol' h20. the bloat is gone in 20 mins and as a plus your body will be more detoxified, as toxic chemical byproducts of alcohol metabolism are also released in sweat.

Today I got up with 4lbs more than my normal weight. The result of 2 nights of a couple of wine glasses. Water retention is obvious, I noticed much reduced peeing during the day. Back to water and green tea in a hurry!!

Hope this helps you.

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