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I don't drink excessively when I got out. 3-4 beers/drinks over the course of a night, maybe a few times a month. I tend to get pretty bloated the next day, I gain about 4-5lbs. It wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't show in my face as much as it does. How do you get rid of bloat after a night of drinking? Sometimes it takes a few days for it to go away on me :(

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As an older woman i'd suggest you try not to drink quite as much -Altho i admit ur not drinking as much as most...  I sympathise. I've always enjoyed alcohol not to 'be' drunk necessarily- and of late ive indulged too much due to some unfortunate things happening in my life-comfort drinking maybe. anyway-i noticed i put on a LOT of weight fast, but today i've decided to quit and start looking after myself again.  I used to weigh around 11stones and at 5ft8/9 that was fine for me, but i'm now hitting 14st and it's not good.  it's bad cos i can't wear anything nice, but today i woke up with tenderness in my lower abdomen and back and very bloated stomach and face.  I have experienced this in the past, but it's gotten more regular...this discomfort is with me for a lot of the time, maybe i've damaged myself a bit.  I don't want you to do the same, prhaps, you're intestines are senstive to alcohol and your body is sending signals..extreme this next bit, but if you look at famous ppl who've died from alcohol, theyve all ended up fat and bloated...we all know who they are...so i hope to stop/reduce big time now, and if i was as young as you i'd really try and do the same-b4 u end up with the discomfort bit...hope i've helped you :)

drink lots of water. every day. it takes me a couple of days to flush the alcohol. i do so love a few beers now and again and the ocassional whiskey.

I feel like I get bloated and have that puffy face look with beer and vodka. But who knows since I have never really tried anything else and vodka is my drink of choice. Maybe it has something to do with it being made out of a starch? Anyway, take an anti-inflammatory the next day. I just hate that carb faced look. Ugh. But it will take a few days to go away and if it is only an occasional thing, like once a month, this should not really essentially take away from your weight loss or calorie goals, figuratively speaking.

My friend who also shares the same bloat complaint from alcohol swears by whiskey. She says it does not bloat her. I have never tried this because I cannot stand the taste. Maybe something to consider though. Not sure how effective and/or accurate thought someone else's experience is to you!

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