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Weight Loss
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age 45-50 group. Anyone interested?

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I have looked for twins and poked around other groups without finding a real support group.

I am 48, 5'5", SW 151, CW 134, GW 128

I am the school teaching mother of three in their upper teens, wife of my 3 lbs from goal hubby.


Anyone interested?


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Um I don't know what happened other than JUST talking to you guys!!! I weighed in at 139 this a.m. YEAAAAAAA!!! Its probaby water but its been years since i was 130 anything...cross all fingers that this continues PLEEEZZZZE! LOL Have a great day al of you!LaughingSurprisedLaughing 

It is AWESOME to break through to a new number category, isn't it? Congratulations!

Original Post by alylou:

Welcome canlose (yes I MEANT to leave that t out) and justamom (not, never, JUST)!

HI Alylou -

Thanks for the encouragement on my screen name. I have mentioned this on another post (sorry for those of you reading it twice) but I actually chose "justamom" as a tongue-in-cheek sort of name. 17 years ago, when I stopped being a lawyer in favor of raising my kids, my attorney-colleagues couldn't believe it and some said to me: "you mean you are going to be JUST a mom??" - so I adopted the name as a point of pride - but know for sure, that I mean the opposite.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing great. As for my favorite snacks - well, the 100 calorie popcorn packs are good (portion control helps me) and I really like a juicy orange or a small handful of cereal straight out of the box; I've tried the frozen banana shakes that are listed in several posts on CC+ and they are pretty good, too. One food I like that I have at breakfast (but I guess you could snack on it, too) is toast with low-fat ricotta cheese on top. It tastes kind of like a cheese danish. I sweeten the ricotta with a packet of Splenda or sometimes stir in 1 teaspoon peanut butter or a little unsweetened cocoa and spread it on wheat toast. It sounds a little strange, but it's really good. And, saves a lot of calories and fat grams instead of butter/margarine.

Good luck to all - keep on posting, and keep on eating right.

justamom: amen!  My sisters are both big career types and at first they worked on me with that type of comment, now they are working on my girls! arg.

canloose: WAY TO GO!.  actually I am going to take credit for it...It was that t!Laughing

Hi, everyone! I got off track a little about a week and a half ago, but am now back to where I was, so the damage wasn't too bad! I've got a wedding on April 26th to go to, and I just ordered a sweet little black dress to wear to it--I want to look good in it! Talk about renewed motivation!

I think I need to stay away from the processed snacks--they keep me going back for more! My go-to snacks are dry roasted unsalted almonds, Fage 0% yogurt with some frozen berries and a drizzle of honey, hummus and raw veggies--I, too, like spicy, but haven't really found anything that seems "safe" to scratch that itch. Once I start with the spicy, I tend to keep going--my shutoff valve doesn't work right!

Hi Alylou! You know what? I will gladly give you that credit and will be waiting to jump on the scales in the a.m. since i've talked to you again!!!!  LOLCool

Just thought I would post my good news.  I was really scared to weigh myself today (my once-weekly weigh in is now set for Friday) and as it was the end of my very first week I wasn't sure how well/bad I had done.  Well, I lost 2lbs!  Cool eh!!

canlose: *bows*

veganmamma: Wahoo!

I find it interesting what day people weigh in, everybody seems to have a reason for a different day.  I weigh everyday-addict!-but I am usually lightest on Saturdays. I know this is weird, but thats how it generally works out.

Got a good weigh in today myself, down 1.5 lbs since the vacation. yesssssss.

Congrats veganmamma and alylou! Love those losses! Once again I've discovered the simple truth that if I stay on plan the weight comes off. I was bouncing around between 159 and 163 for about a week while I was straying (plus it was TTOTM), but over the past week and a half or so I've been very focused and I woke up this morning at 156.5! I'm almost within 10 lbs of my goal!

My downfall is social events. Whether it's one of my kids' friend's birthday party or getting together with friends to go out (or even cook in)--I always end up going over my cals for the day. It's not always a big overage, but I do this often enough that I really need to come up with a strategy to handle it, otherwise I'm going to totally sabotage my efforts. I need to learn how to make this work because this is the life I lead, and I'm not going to suddenly become a hermit because I want to lose weight (and keep it off). I've had some success this week with planning ahead and budgeting calories throughout the day so that I can still "splurge" a bit at a social event--I'm hoping it gets easier the more I do it, because right now it takes a lot of mental energy. It was all worth it when I stepped on the scale this morning, though! Wish me luck today--I've got a christening party to go to!

Hi everyone! Alylou I need your magic BIG TIME actually I think I'm gonna need a real GENIE....My neighbor is from Honduras and His family was in for a visit and so he had a cookout/party and WOW was there alot of food I actually was not terribly"sinful" I did leave the sweets alone but drank a few too many beers (um they were light) so that means you lose a lb for every one you drink right????LOL Anyway I am also a daily weigher but DID NOT DARE get on the scales this a.m. You know though that really was the first time i have cheated since I started in December to any degree!!!!! I will let you all know my outcome with either aSmile  or a Surprised and if you were to get aYell  then I'll get back to you after my 1000 mile jog to get rid of it!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Just posted this elsewhere:

"I got to my GW a couple of years ago on a diet (Rosemary Conley) that advocated 1200 cals per day when I was exercising 3x a week and in a moderately active job.  I got down to my GW but found it impossible to maintain and I was cold and lethargic all the time.  Since coming to CC I have learnt that this is classic sign of problems with my metabolism.  Now I have about 14lbs to lose and I don't want to make the same mistake again.  I do cardio/weights 3x a week and I walk 2 miles a day on 2 of the remaining days.   I home educate my daughter so whilst I'm not sitting on my behind all day I am active albeit at home.  I selected "light active" having received advice from the "Ask Mary" thing and in my first week on 1500 cals a day lost 2lbs.  I read somewhere else (can't trace the post now, just for the purpose!) someone was saying you should aim for 1lb a week for a healthy, sustainable weight loss.  Do you think 1500 cals a day is OK (I don't want to slow my metabolism down like last time) or is it too early to tell?"

Haven't had a response there - so anyone have any opinions?

Cantlose:  fingers/toes crossed for you!  Anyway - if this is your first "cheat" since December then you have done real well - I hope I only have one cheat in nearly 4 months!!

Sophecesca: 10lbs away from GW!  Great news!

Alylou: thanks for the support. 

Oops - just checked, I did have a response elsewhere - was told the 2lb loss was either a fluke or water weight Cry  Someone tell me not to be depressed.

Hi veganmamma  Do not be depressed! I had many weeks of two lb loss and it stayed off it did slow down the closer i got to my then goal which is by the way 10 lbs lower now..Anyway i did the whole first 20 lbs on 1200-1500 calories and did fine when I went down to like 1000 I started freezing to death and yes learned I needed to up my calories and did. so.....(sorry whoever u are) but just IGNORE whoever responded. Gotta go rest from that party last night LOL but remember to keep those fingers crossed like you said!!!Undecided

Thanks cantlose - fingers and toes definitely crossed!  Thanks for the support.

veganmamma, a 2-lb loss is considered healthy--it requires a deficit of 1000 calories a day, which is a bit more than I can usually manage, but as long as you don't go too low (some people say 1200 cals, some say your BMR--I chose my BMR, mostly because it's really hard for me to keep it at 1200), you should be fine. Sometimes people see larger than "usual" losses when they first start out, and sometimes a good portion of that *is* water weight. I don't think anyone can safely say whether or not your loss can be chalked up to a loss of water weight or real fat (my guess is that it's a combination of the two).

You probably don't want to hear this (I sure wouldn't have when I started out) but it just might be too early yet for you to know exactly how your body is going to respond--and while you can apply general priniciples, each individual's body is going to behave differently. Once you've been at it for a few weeks, you'll probably start seeing things (either good or bad!) that will give you more information to go on. It's hard not to be impatient--I'm the worst offender, believe me--but with time you'll learn how your body is reacting to your caloric intake and exercise regimen, and then, if necessary, you can tweak it (a bit of trial and error, I'm afraid) to optimize your results. Good luck!

Hi all!

a quick check in before hubby andi tuck in for a movie.

Canlose: you Can! Many SmileSmileSmilecoming your way!

veganmamma: You sound very sane to me...stick with it and watch the LB slide off!

A record for me, two days in a row of big drops...132.6 this am...I am STILL dancing!

sophesca: don't worry about me not wanting to hear what you said about leaving it a while. I appreciate your post. It made sense to me and I was thinking when I posted that I ought to leave it a while cos its early days. A bit embarassed to admit that I just wanted someone to say - its ok you're doing alright.

Alylou: thanks for the support. I guess "if it works, work it" :) I sometimes drop in to the forum for a "thumbs up" now and again so I don't start thinking negatively! Cos thats when the down moods kick in. Anyway - off to do some crafts or something nice (when you guys are ready to go to bed we in the UK have just woken up - to snow I might add!!)

OK guys I just got on the dreaded scales and the verdict......(drum roll please) Frown I went from my little happy place 139 to 141 but I had a blast so I will get this back off soon soSmile thats for all of your support! Thanks! My birthday is the last week in June I'll be 49 (Do you guys realize HOW close that is to 50!! LOL) anyway I would love to be at 130 by then.....what i am really wanting is to live my "normal" life eating in moderation with the occasional party/cookout type stuff and staay between 130-135. Now my biggest problem is finding the right mind frame to exercise REGULARLY I have really been slipping with this!!  I think I told you that right now I have only the treadmill to work with anyone with treadmill advice out there???? I have asthma but do manage a good workout WHEN I do it.!!!It sounds like everyone is really doing well so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! 

canlose (I'm adopting alylou's name for you!)--do you have an mp3 player or any other personal music listening device? I do most of my walking on the treadmill, and I've found my iPod makes a whole world of difference. I've got a special "sophcesca's workout" playlist and it really gets me pumping and before I know it my workout is over. On the days I forget to bring it with me, it's torture.

Also, I've found that even setting the incline to a modest grade makes a big difference in the amount of calories burned. I usually have the incline set between 4% and 9%, and that isn't really hard to maintain (and gives my butt a better workout!).

Hi Sophcesca! How often do you work out- for how long and at what speed? I WAS walking on an incline of 4 and at a speed of around 3.5 which probably doesn't seem fast to all of you guys but with the asthma it's something I have to work up to (and IF I get myself started) that pace works for me. Yes I do listen to music absolutely while I'm walking!!!!! I'm going to begin again in the a.m. SOOOOOO ALL OF YOU push me to do it until I get back to my routine please!Laughing

canlose: I aim for 4-5 times a week, but I probably am only making it 3-4 times. I go for about 40 minutes--I'm walking, too (bad knees), so I'm pretty much where you are. I use some of the preprogrammed walks--having it change up every once in awhile helps with the boredom, too. My max speed is usually around 4.0 mph, and my low is 3.4 mph. I  burn around 260-280 per treadmill session. I'm hoping that as I continue to condition myself, I'll be able to increase the intensity (if not the speed).

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