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African Mango - Probable Scam

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Hi everyone, I'm not sure how many people have or have not had this issue but I'll put a warning out as result of my own personal experience. A few days ago I signed up for a free trial of African Mango pills with the knowledge that it came with a 17day cancellation time, after which you adhere to a monthly subscription of some ridiculous price. So I thought "yeah, I'll sign up for the free trial then cancel before those days are up", not a smart option I have now found!! The site I registered my credit card with to pay for the shipping did charge the shipping fee which was expected, however it turns out that the contact phone number given to cancel subscriptions was inactive. I called 3 times and nothing. Just a recorded voice saying it doesn't exist, so try revise the number dialled. 


Anyway, I've cancelled my card, renewed etc. And this is a warning to people who have seen the african mango free trial sponsored link on calorie count. That's the link trail I followed, so just be careful, and hopefully not as dumb as me.

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After that I'd be extremely wary of whatever I recieved in the mail from them , though you'd get some contact information from the package label , at least where it was shipped from. I would strongly suggest not buying supplements from a smaller website as none of the products are regulated by the FDA. Even supplements in general, alhtough I am guilty of taking a couple myself I tried to do as much research on brand label as I could. Still a bit worried about trace amounts of mercury in fish oil as that is Seriously bad stuff. Bottle says purified to remove mercury. product of peru. Pretty sure mercury contamination can't easily be removed. Going to look into that now.

Anyway please do be very careful with supplements, especially those from shady websites.

Also a site admin might want to check into possibly removing that specific ad, I know at least with adsense the banners are content specific and randomly generated from another site. Maybe confirming if it's a scam and then contacting proper provider to get it banned from all sites accross the web :)

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