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Weight Loss
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Advice needed about dramatic weight loss..Please

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I am a 21 year old, UK size 12/14 weighing 160lbs.. I used to be very athletic and believe I have a big build due to muscle.. Recently I have given up smoking, put weight on, and am less active..

I used to have a small eating disorder (bulemia) when I was 15/16years old and do not want to go back to being unhealthy, but am willing to extreme diet to reach my goal weight of 130lbs without gaining any more muscle, I JUST WANT A FLAT TUMMY AND SLENDER FIGURE!!!!! lol

can anybody help me? suggest foods and light excercise?

Would be hugely appreciated..

Lucy x

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You probably have a lot less muscle than you think. In addition to that, it is nearly impossible to gain muscle while eating at a deficit, and you will likely lose muscle. So now you have one less thing to worry about.


Many thanks for all of the advice, tips and support guys! CC is pretty cool..

Day one of the diet plan and to try and get back to working out regular!

Wish me luck!

Thanks again, I have learnt a lot.. Mature for my age, but naive when it comes to dieting!


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You quit smoking! Wow. Great great job. But yeah, it's best to take the slow route. Anyway, congrats! That's fantastic and I wish u the best of luck.
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