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Weight Loss
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Advertising on this site.

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Hi all,

I'm new here and am finding the constant ads with pics of choc chip cookies and apple strudel on this site v challenging & unhelpful!  Pictures of fruit & veg would be much more motivating.  your thoughts? katie

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Yes, I'd have to say my favourite ads are the ones that helpfully crow 'Lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks!!!' and 'ARE YOU FAT?' - their very presence is a little ironic for a site that has been striving to remove the misconceptions and negativity associated with weight loss.

All I can suggest is to ignore the ads, and pay attention to what people say on the forums - the people here are fabulous and will take pains not to misinform you. :)

Welcome to CC.

I agree that the ads on this site are terrible.  I'm tired of the Splenda cookie ad!!!!!

I agree!  And just before posting look to the right, and it says "lose 30 lbs in 3 weeks!".....let's just promote an eating disorder! 


I know this is a great site for promoting a healthy lifestyle/calorie routine....but shake those ads!  At least Biggest Loser has better advertisers (ziploc, cheerios, etc)....something we would actually pay attention to. 

I do not know which wed browser you use, but if you use mozilla firefox you can download an add on called adblock that block ad on sites.  I use it and never see those ads.

i agree... cookies are my WEAKNESS - i can literally have 10 in one sitting! So having that splenda ad there makes me struggle the 30 times i log in here everyday :(

Agreed, bowlinsara. Firefox Ad Block is the way to go.

+1 on adblock. I just started using it and dig it.

You have more power over these ads than you realize.  Ads are in a "bundle" and specific ads are triggered by keywords in our posts.

So if you continually talk about cookies, or cravings, then those ads that feel you'd be a customer will trigger.

So talk about healthy weight loss and see what happens. 

Remember, the ads are what keep this site free.  A good ad blocker really does help.

Also, try clicking on Contact (under the Home menu) and report the worst offenders. Several ones have ceased to popup because people do this, or so I am told.

Original Post by clairelaine:

Ads are in a "bundle" and specific ads are triggered by keywords in our posts.

 I had no idea, clairelaine!  So I wonder what I've been writing about that has suddenly produced those two young women in bikinis who are talking to me so earnestly.  I don't dare click the ad to un-mute them - god knows what spam I will unleash - but they both seem to be very urgent and serious about something!

Actually I rarely notice the ads anymore - and I appreciate that they keep CC free for me and you!  But it is surprising that a website promoting weight sanity and health would have so many unhealthy and sometimes bizarre sponsors!

I just downloaded the Firefox Adblocker right this minute, and all of the ads have vanished - brilliant!

Can anyone tell me what the "one weird tip" is that will lose all my stomach fat in 25 seconds?  I've been seeing that ad for a couple years now, and I know it's nonsense, but I'm curious and don't want to open the ad to find out for myself.

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