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activity level and passive calorie burning

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Men burn more calories than women (other things being equal) because their testosterone produces lovely muscles. Right? So active people should burn more calories because their muscles are better developed *even when they're not using them* (since muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue).

As far as I can figure your activity level both reflects the amount of calories you burn when exercising, and affects the amount you burn when you're not. A lot of people set their activity level on "sedentary" and just log exercise and other calorie-burning activities, but from what I can tell the amount you burn (say) sitting in front of a computer depends partly on how well-developed your muscles are - your activity level.

Am I on to something?
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i've always thought that too... but i figured i'd rather underestimate my burned cals than overestimate :P i'd like to hear what others think about this though.
I've heard that a lot too, but I've never seen anything to help you figure out the added calories you burn.
Yeah what I've been doing is puting my daily activity at sedentary and then adding stuff like walking/teaching/working out/ walking up stairs.

I would agree with you the more active you are, the more you will burn when you are not doing anything because your metabolism is faster. Although I dont have any data to back that up so.... I agree with kellbell I usually like to underestimate my activity rather than log tons and.....find out its not be true because then I feel like I am being untrue to myself.
To give you some idea. Muscle burns more calories than fat just staying alive, which is one reason why guys (especially body builders0 can eat so much more without gaining.

The more you weigh the more calories you require to maintain that weight and the more calories you will burn during a particular activity. However a person of the same weight who has more muscle will burn more.

Activity also speeds up your metabolism increasing the calories you burn even when you aren't active, but for it to make a difference it has to be regular exercise, preferably one that increases your heart rate at least some. T00006 this article give a good basic overview of how it works, though it doesn't give a lot of details. -Fat-Loss-article68.html 0652/Muscle_vs_Fat_and_Your_Energy_Level.html

This last article may have some of the best information.
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