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Weight Gain
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"You're So Skinny...

Quote  |  Reply have to run around in the shower to get wet."

That is my best friend's favorite joke about me. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has any funny or mean things people have said to them about being thin or underweight.

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People do the same thing to me where i work. I work at an inner city hospital with a lot of ignorant people. Many of the people i work with has asked if i was anorexic. One day i looked at this woman and said, you dont even know my name. After that she straightened out. Another time i screamed at this lady for asking if i ate. I am so tierd of this **** because when you look different then everyone else they judge you. For me i was always skinny and dealing with these comments have always been difficult. When i was younger my mom would constantly be snearing at people for looking at me. Every day someone says something to me. I dont care what anyone says it is difficult being skinny. I think often even more so then being a little fat, because then atleast you are normal. Atleast in this country.

My boyfriend and I were sat in Starbucks, and he was getting a headache from the glare outside. We moved to a different table directly next to two fairly... large women who, as soon as we reseated ourselves, stopped their conversation dead. One of them stared right at me and then muttered to her friend, her volume suddenly majorly decreased.

I turned away a bit to murmur to my boyfriend that she was obviously commenting on me - he told me not to be paranoid. However, in the next two minutes thereafter she then managed to turn around and clearly stare and thumb at me three more times before covering the side of her mouth between our tables to talk further with her friend.

Quite suddenly and loudly, my boyfriend spoke up: "The woman to my left should probably be aware that covering her mouth makes it more obvious she's gossiping."

The pair of women got up and left pretty soon after that, though not without looking utterly horrified that they'd been caught out. >>;

I'm 5'1 and weigh about 110 because I've always been really active (I'm a soccer player and I run 3-5 days a week), and I get the "you're too skinny" comments all the time. Yet, when I put on about 5 pounds during my freshman year, I had girls on my floor telling me my thighs were starting to look fat. I sense a double standard...

I don't think that people understand that it hurts when people make fun of the way you look whether you are overweight or under... my senior year of highschool someone told me that the skeleton my anatomy teacher used to teach us about the looked just like me and then thought it was really funny, i too get the constant "omg do you ever eat?" its really annoying

ahhh oh i knowww. it's just the most irritating thing in the world.

i went to a family get together last weekend and one of my older relatives actually asked me and my mom multiple times if i ever ate. and she was dead serious too! like really, does she think thats even a semi decent and reasonable thing to say??? how do you even respond to comments like that??
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hm.. i get a lot of comments about how i'm "really skinny" and "need to eat", but with each remark comes a major confidence boost.


i'm not underweight nor am i even close, and hearing those things just makes me feel thinner i guess.

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yea, i get at least 5 to 6 skinny comments a day! and i hate it! i hear do u ever eat at all? and then i hear, u are so skinny, what size u wear? 0?, they dont realize they hurt my feelings with those. but they do, my sister called me anorexic because i am so tiny, but that not the case , i can go for day or 2 with out even thinking bout foods some times, not on purpose but im just hyper i guess and i have 4 kids and work so really have lots to do and no time to bother with eating, but i thank that comment my sister said, cause it motivated me to get on this weight gaining diet and make it happen.. gl 2 u!

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Makes me laugh when someone who's the same weight as me calls me skinny, when they're 3 inches taller.

Makes me wanna smack them and just tell them that it's because I've got muscle  and they're FAT! 

Seriously, when did being obese become the norm? 

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Yeah, I'm recovering from anorexia and was in Costa Rica the other day for a school trip, and we were ziplining and I stopped before the platform so I had to rappel my way to the end. The guide caught me at the end and said "You know why you stopped?" I asked why and he laughed and said "You're too skinny. You need to eat more tortillas." and then walked away.
Yeah I used to and still do get comments like these a lot. They are quite rude and embarrassing but I have to admit they make me feel a teeny bit happy inside...which is definitely something I need to work on!

I'm relieved that now that school is over I know longer have to be in class with these couple of guys who I had to sit at a table with...they would always do stuff like grab my wrists or poke my flat stomach and remark loudly how skinny I was, then call their other friends over to see...oh look at Lena, what a stick, like I was some freak show or something. One of them actually said, "Damn, girl, if I was as skinny as you I would walk around with my shirt off all the time" I mean what is that? Or, when I told them I didn't eat meat...oh yeah of course you dont, im sure you come from a family of ******* skinny vegetarians. I mean people can be so inconsiderate.

my grandpa tells me every time he sees me that he's afraid that I'm going to blow away in the wind. lol.....

Wow.... this is comforting to see that it happens to others too. A while ago I started eating healthy and went down to 110 (I'm 5ft5in) and decided to go back up to around 120. At my lowest weight, which is still healthy on the BMI index, I was getting all sorts of comments from both family and friends. I tried to ignore it at first and also remind myself that they are genuinely concerned for me, not trying to make me feel bad. Eventually I lost it one day when I stayed over at a friends house and her whole family were making jokes about me (incidently everyone in her family is considerably overweight). I waited until we were by ourselves and just told her how mean it was, that it really upset me and asked how she would feel if I made comments about her weight. Well she was really shocked that these "harmless jokes" has upset me so much and apologised and has never done it since! The thing I realised is that most overweight people would like to be slimmer and think they are giving you a compliment when they make these jokes. They don't understand how being called skinny could possibly upset someone. I think once you tell them it's not cool they should lay off with the comments. If they don't then you know they are actually just being cruel/jealous.

The one thing that makes me mad is one comment I got from a vicious nasty girl at college one day. She basically picks on people.

"You need to eat your gunna like pass out" Infront of the whole class. This was after Id just eating toast and jam and a packet of crisps, She just did it to make me look stupid.
Hello all, it's the gal with SMA Syndrome again, with a few more (of far too many) episodes to rehash.

Now that it's summer and I can no longer hide myself under layers or long sleeves all the time, there has been a sharp increase in the frequency of . . . erm  . . . *interesting* comments. This past Tuesday evening at church, a complete stranger walked up to my brother after the sermon, when I was in the bathroom, and told him that she'd like to pray for his "anorexic friend."  She said she "recognizes THAT body type anywhere" after dealing with her own severely anorexic daughter.

I was at the hospital on Thursday for my Lipase and Amylase Lab, and my mother in the waiting room was approached by a woman who asked her, "Why did you let your daughter get so bad?  You know, if she's is under eighteen, it's perfectly legal to force her into an inpatient clinic."

Yesterday, at my church's Independence Day party, the pastor (who doesn't have a clue about my medical situation) greeted me with a cheery, "My goodness, you're too skinny!  How about I give you some of my gut and you give me some skinny?" 

Today, I went shopping with my best friend's family. Her aunt burst with "jeez, girl, you're tinier than a model!" 

People can be real blunt and quick to judge sometimes.

Wow!  This is a way interesting post with great replies.  I'm obese and trying to lose, and coming over here and reading this makes me how people can say such messed up things.  People over on Weight Loss are often talking about how frustrating it is to get comments about not eating the donut, not eating the party potato chips, etc.  Our society is obsessed with food.

and then i hear, u are so skinny, what size u wear? 0?

Whoa!  I can't imagine someone saying to me... "You're so fat, what do wear, like a size 20?"

And can you even imagine a "fat" joke being told outright like a "skinny" joke?
"You so fat, when you wear yellow, children try to board you to go to school!"

Weight is obviously a sensitive issue to me, to all you, to people (mostly women) in general.  It's really no one's business, and quite frankly, people would do much better to mind their own business once in awhile.  Like smaller women looking at me and thinking, "Lay off the honey buns."  Makes me want to say: "Yeah, I made some bad decisions in my life, but have YOU had 5 servings of fruits/vegetables today, low sodium and fat intake, high fiber and protein, worked your ass off to keep a balanced diet, prepared and logged calories and meals for the next few days, and given your body an aerobic workout?"  It's my business, right?  I know now how to be healthy, and I'm doing it even though it's difficult and it doesn't show right away.

People just don't think about what they're saying.  Unless you're in the "comfortably overweight" majority, I guess you're fair game.  It hurts, but only each of us knows what's right for ourselves.  Our bodies tell us.  Right now mine is telling me I need another glass of water.  :)

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"anorexic andrea"

"come eat a french fry.... you need it"

Andreahe: "Come eat a french fry.... you need it"

Oh, I HATE those sort of comments. My mum kept telling me I could afford to eat a chocolate bar (And I'm talking a 100g bar, here, not a snack-size one!) every day. I had to turn on her after I realised she was serious and tell her honestly that that's not the way to gain weight back. She's a lot calmer now after talks with the GP and such, though. [:

i hate when people do this. they make a big deal out of me being underweight. i don't make a big deal about them being overweight. so COME ON, stop making a 'i could break you in two' comment every few minutes. it's not cool.

I know this is the millionth time I've replied to this thread, but I had a conversation with the founder of my hometown himself at the City Festival this morning, and I thought it was worth sharing:

Him:  How long have you been living here?
Me: My whole life.
Him: Wow. So, are you starting intermediate school this fall?
Me: Oh, um, I'm in college.
Him: ... What!?
Me: I'm almost 21.
Him: *Stares in shock* Goodness, you must've found the fountain of youth! Tell me where it is!

Clever save, I must commend him! I can't even count the number of times I've been mistaken for a 12/13-year-old.  And I'm almost twice that.

Edit: To wistfulxthinking in the following post (#61): Haha, yes, I know he didn't mean to be hurtful, and I wasn't offended by this episode one bit.  Just amused Laughing

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