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"You're So Skinny...

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...you have to run around in the shower to get wet."

That is my best friend's favorite joke about me. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has any funny or mean things people have said to them about being thin or underweight.

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I stumbled across this under 'recent activity' and im not trying to gain weight, but i've seen worried looks on my familys face and they told me i better stop losing it (i've lost 170 pounds and I guess it's a shock to them when they see the smaller me).

i am i am! people need to chill. 

I don't have jokes, but i get people complaining to me because i mustn't eat just because i'm thinner then them.

I am not too skinny, but just because i'm not overweight anymore, suddenly they think there must be something wrong with me.
I'm naturally thin and very lean looking.  I eat healthy and enjoy running.  People make rude comments all the time about how skinny I am, ask me if I'm anorexic (which i am not), etc.  I'm not sure why people think its appropriate to comment on a thin person's weight, but not a fat person's weight.  Imagine the response of others if I said something abot someone being OVERweight...but no one bats an eyelash about comments about me being UNDERweight.

This is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves ever.  I hate it.

How funny you think that Mini. I have read where people that are skinny, get as many comments, or second looks as a fat person. I have always been over weight, and so is everyone in my family, except my children. Ten years ago I lost all the weight. I was so over whelmed to hear how people really talked and felt about fat people that I went into a shock and then depression. I slowly gained the weight back and really did not care for a long time one way or another. Now I care. I am loosing weight again, this time for good. I really do not care what people say, I have dumped all the people that were not supportive of me, and choose to leave behind people that feel that it is there place in the world to judge people on their weight, or other things. I think there are people that struggle with many things, and to each of us a struggle is a struggle. It does not matter what that may be. I go out of my way when I can to help as many people as I can. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all did that?



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I hate when people accuse you of being skinny instead of complementing you.

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Yeah I'm pretty slim and skinny.. I eat when I want to and never hold myself back. NO matter what though I always hear comments about my weight : You're so thin eat more, are you anorexic ??? , You're a toothpick... Makes me so angry !!!!! lol

I get really offended when people make jokes or comments that I'm "too thin" because I'm really not.  Oh and I hope you don't mind me posting since I'm not trying to gain weight but...

But my dad always says, "You'd better eat that cake and gain some weight...I could slide you under the door!"
       &nb sp;        -----That was my birthday and I left the room and cried..haha

I was talking to my uncle about going to Six Flags, and my mom said, "Yeah like she could go on a ride..the wind would blow her out of the seat..or she would fall through the seatbelts!"
                -----Also greatly offended me.

Do people feel those comments help in any way?  It just makes me not trust them because I think every time they tell me something it'll be to sabotage my healthy lifestyle!  GRRR!
       &nb sp;

One day a girl walked up to me and said loudly "oh my gosh you must be anorexic! you're going to die." and walked away. granted, i was/am anorexic (recovering yaay) but it wasn't a very tactful thing to say.

Ugh, I used to get this ALL the time! I was a busgirl last summer, and almost every day one of my coworkers would go, "You're so skinny? Do you eat?" And one asked me once, "Where have you GONE?" And grabbed my arm. Yeah, her hand went all the way around. That freaked me out a bit, but I kept losing. . . it got to the point where I wouldn't wear shorts or skirts after my neighbor told me I had no thighs (well, I didn't) and one of my friend told me "people" had been asking why I was so sickly-looking. I agree, it's just as hurtful to tell a thin person they're skinny as it is to tell a fat person they're fat. No one has any right to comment on ANYONE'S size, be it small, large, average, whatever. Mind your own freakin' business, because your comments aren't solving anything anyway. 

I can't stand the "you need to eat a sandwich"... as a recovering anorexic (like toridl - yippee!), it bothers me.  I just wish people would spend more time focusing on their lives vs. everyone else's.  How about what's on the inside?  Personally, I think I'm pretty great and do not like being "defined" by what I look like/weigh.  It only makes us have to work that much harder.

Conversely, I get really frustrated and angry when you hear overweight or anyone trying to lose weight say, "I wish I was anorexic so I wouldn't eat so much"... oh yeah, I'd be happy to pass it over, they can have it...  grr

Great thread!  I've never heard the "you could fit under a door" - wow

This happens to me all the time!  I hate it!  People give be backwards compliments left and right.  A girl I know was like, "Oh I would never fit into those jeans because I have a butt!" and it's like, well I do too it's just not huge like yours lol!  And I hate when people tell me that I need to gain weight.  It's none of their business and I would never tell them that they need to lose weight.  It's rude either way.

I had 2 chicks ambush me at Ren Fair and tell me I should go on a diet "a cake a day diet" I kinda growled at them, and said something about liking being petite. Other times I would say that since my doc has no concerns over my health, I am rather happy being as I am, tiny.

A lot of times when I go out people will stare at me.  It makes my mom really mad. One time at my college a guy came up to me and told me I should eat a cheeseburger. And one time a janitor came up to me in the bathroom and asked what the heck was wrong with me.  She also asked me if I was dying and what my doctors said about my condition.  I try not to let it bother me and try to use it as some sort of motivation....haha
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My pet peeve is when people come up and put their fingers around my wrist to measure it--okay-DON"T TOUCH ME! Gosh! Also, dido on the comment about how people "accuse" you of being skinny.  Many times someone has said

"you are sooo skinny" and then I get mad at them, and they say

"Why are you so mad?"  Do they not realize that the tone of voice they used wasn't exactly a complement! more like disgust! RRRRRR!

Oh well--no worries! I am going to gain so much weight--and get bigger boobs~ (anything bigger than my current "almost A" would be great! :-)

I'm pretty thin.. Luckily I never get any rude comments.. people assume I'm 12. Hahahahaha....

Free bus fare. =]

I get it now because I had a baby in auigust and gained 43 lbs, i started calorie count and lost 60 lbs (I was trying to lose weight before i found out I was prego) now everyone asks me if I am starving myself because I am so much smaller then before, I weigh 128 lbs at 5' 1" I am far from anorexic, It is possible to eat healthy and lose weight and not be accused of starving yourself, people just dont undertsnad sometimes!

When I was IP, we had courtyard   (ie. we could leave the jail-like rooms we were usually kept in and go inside this small outdoor courtyard in the center of the hospital) for 15 minutes everyday. We would always tell anorexic jokes. Like how anorexics make the best CIA agents because we can turn sideways and no one can see us :P One girl would all try to edge towards the huge tree in the yard, hide behind it, and wait for the staff to notice. They usually didn't. they probably couldn't see her :P

I also used to joke with my one guy friend about my ED. I always split my piece of gum into 3-4 pieces because A. I hate having a huge wad of gum in my mouth and  B. Because if I hate a whole piece everytime, I would be spending $3,000,000 a year on gum. SO I would joke around and say that I was having 1/4 piece of gum for lunch because I was too fat to have a whole piece.

Also, everyime I walked past one of my teachers (who was really worried about me and would always try to casually ask what I had for breakfsat or eat something in the middle of class just so she could offer me some), my guy friend would yeall "OMG, You haven't eaten in 6 days?!?!?" (which wasn't true) just to piss me off. It was funny though.

I'm 30 now, and I've been accused of ana. since I was 15.   I definately don't have an eating disorder and live on the "sea food" diet.  What I see, I eat.  I just have a wicked metabolism.  It runs in the family... my dad weighed 135 lbs on average at 5' 6".

Highschool was definately the worst.  "You're balemic, aren't you?  Why do you go to the bathroom after lunch?"  Duh, I pee and wash up before next class.  Since when is good hygiene a crime?

As for the jokes... we live in FL, so a standing joke in my house is "You'd better be careful or a hurricane will blow you across the state lines."  Another one is "what?  Do you have a hollow leg or something?  Where does all that food go?"

I've learned after time to just ignore the comments and let it roll.  God built me small, and I am comfortable with myself, inside and out.  I'm okay with me and that's all that matters.

You know what I went through this all in high school and even now.  I'm 34 yrs old 5'7" and I weigh 143lbs.  Women would all ways tell me I was too skinny and that I needed some meat on my bonds.  They'd say, "Black women have curves"!  It was this one girl who I thought was my friend but she'd ALWAYS ask me where I was hiding my jars.  She was basically saying I was throwing up in jars and hiding them.  I've never had a ED.  This really use to get to me ladies and gave me a complex about my size 8.  I had my son at 30 and the same "friend" would say, "you are not going to have that cute little shape after you have this baby."  Yeah I got up to 210 lbs but after I had him I dropped to 160.  I still looked good I just had a "video booty".  Women still had negative remarks about that.  I started going to the gym bcuz my doctor recommended it.  I have high BP.  Ladies I have 2 kids now and I'm back to my pre-pregnancy size- 143lbs.  I have realized some women are evil and very jealous.   The people who were telling me I was too skinny where fat women. They basically wished they could eat anything and stay slim.  I still have an issue with being 143lbs but hell I'm alive and healthy.  Sorry I was really venting! 

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