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Yogurt for weight gain

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I am looking for easy to digest food with a lot of protein and calories. So I found the following:


Peanut Butter: 2 tbsp = 210 Calories, 8 grams of Protein.

Cheese: 1 slice = 60 Calories, 3 grams of Protein.

Yogurt: 6 oz = 190 Calories, 5 grams of Protein.


Now I read that yogurt can actually increase your metabolism and is good for weight loss. I'm using it as a snack, not a meal substitute. I also read that it has Probiotics (good bacteria) which help in digestion. So is this a good thing for people wanting to gain with? Lastly I read an article that stated that people who consume more calcium lose more weight. Calcium helps break down fats. is that true? In this particular yogurt. its 20% of DV.


Thanks to all 


If you know of any other food that is quick to eat and already made that's high in calories and protein please let me know. 



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Yogurt is great!  Try Greek for 2x the protein:) and a very thick and yummy texture.

Here are some other high calorie/protein foods:

Eggs (with the yolk)



Meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish--especially salmon!)

Protein Powder (great for mixing into smoothies and oatmeal)

Lentils (very high in protein...try them in a pre-prepared or homemade cream-based soup)

Lasagna, especially meat


Ensures (they make ensure plus with extra calories, and ensure protein as well)

Many meal replacement shakes have a good amount of calories and protein, and are very convenient, just check the label.  If you're trying to gain weight, drink them with a meal/as a snack instead of a replacement...many people even use Slimfast to gain weight!

Broccoli is the most protein-packed vegetable, and if cooked in olive oil or butter can become more calorie dense (it's not extremely high in protein, but if you're craving vegetables it's a good choice)

Trail Mix

Protein Bars


Hope this helps:)

I love Greek Yogurt too and they do have a full fat version! 

Trail Mix/Granola

Grape Nuts

Smoothies with chocolate protein powder, milk, banana, and peanut butter

PB Banana and honey sandwiches (I loved mine warm and dipped in milk...don't ask haha)

Chia Seeds (awesome additive to pretty much anything)

Ground Flax Meal (like chia seeds, good healthy fat that mixes in well with a lot of foods!)

CLif Builder Bars

Clif Bars are yummy too and some flavors have more calories than others! (My personal fave is white chocolate macadamia nut...it tastes like a cookie :-) )

Good Luck!!!


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