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Weight redistribution: how does it even out?

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So now that my digestive system has adjusted a little, I've more or less survived the battle of the bloat, and I'm going on to develop the tiniest bit of legitimate belly fat around the edges. This is not a bad thing, but it does prompt me to ask about weight redistribution.

I understand the fat will go to the belly before any of the places I'd like it to be (basically anywhere else), but folks who have been in recovery for a while assure me it all distributes evenly after a while. What does that mean, exactly? Will the fat in the abdomen reduce as my body builds its reserves elsewhere? Or will the belly stay the same slightly larger size, but look more proportional as the rest of me catches up?

I should say I'm okay with either (or even no "redistribution" at all) as long as it means a happy, healthy, capable me at the end of this. Practically, though, I just want to know if I should expect to buy new pants. I'm built pretty thick/muscular in the abdomen, and I never lost much waist circumference when I was sick -- it was all from the limbs, which are still pretty spooky-looking.

Thanks for being here! <3

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For me, so far, it didn't ever really settle to my tummy, my tummy would just get big after eating because it was full and the rest of me was still really little. The weight seemed to go straight to my butt (which was so thin there was space between my cheeks- talk about gross), then thighs, and legs in general. Immediate muscle recovery in those places. Now it is some going to my upper arms, though they are still fairly scrawny. My chest is now not so bony either and I have a slight amount of breast growth.

I guess its distributing all around pretty much, but I have mostly noticed it in my legs.

First, everyone's body is different.  So keep in mind the postings here are just someone's experience.  The ultimate goal is accepting your body for whatever it is, I think.  But, refeeding/gaining can be extremely hard & distressful.  

I've relapsed many times & regained the weight, and each time it's been different.  I think it's important once you reach a healthy weight, as scary as it might be, to continue eating a healthy amount of food (and it can still seem like a lot).  

I found how I saw my body changed rapidly, which (looking back) implies it was no where close to reality [i.e. feeling like my stomach gained 10 pounds after 1 meal].  Personally, in the very beginning i think my weight went to my stomach.  Then, spread and my body shape sort of shifted [but my ED started when I was very young].  Sorry if this didn't make any sense.  I guess I"m just trying to say your body will become what it was meant to be if you continue to feed it what it needs.  

Good luck, and congrats on your progress so far!

Yes, your body will distribute the weight...I wouldn't say 'evenly' though. It will redistribute to how ever your body naturally wants it to be. For some, this means more prominent hips..and for others it's a more prominent chest.

In regards to how it redistributes, at first almost all the weight was in my stomach, resulting in a huge waist measurement. Over several months, my waist shrunk slightly, (not even coming close to the ED measurement though). At the same time, my but/thigh and chest measurements went up. Most, I have to say, went to the thighs, but that's simply because it's the way my body likes to store fat. So it may not look "even", but it's the way your body wants to store it. I can pretty much assure you though that your limbs will fill out, and your stomach will not be as prominent. Good luck!

I am going through this again. I am swelled up in stomach,legs and breasts.I have gained 8 pounds in 5 days-hoping just edema and i get night sweats,tired and bloated.I do not want to do this all over again anymore so I am trying to find comfortable clothes and realize I messed my own body up and it takes time to fix.I am gaining on 900-1000 cals.I am up from 500-600-this is per nutritionist.I think the low calories are making me retain and swell.Good luck to you.

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