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Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today?

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I am copying the many times copied thread, "What did you eat today?" in hopes of helping some of those who are just starting to gain and have no clue what to eat. I know that when I began weight recovery, I was eating tons of low-cal foods just because that's what I was used to. I learned the hard way that dense foods are essential to weight gain when you have high caloric requirements (at one point I needed 4500 cal to maintain my weight on BEDREST). Perhaps newbies can get some ideas if we post our weight gain meal plans! Even if you're not gaining anymore, grab an old one and post it!:]
Please note that every body is different and some will need more or less calories than others to gain. This thread is just so that you can get an idea of what you need.
Oh, and yes, I'm breaking the "no calories, no portions" rule, since it is pretty helpful in this case. If you want to post cals/portions you can. I just ask that you don't post if you're not eating enough, though as this is a weight gain thread, I would hope none of you are undereating.;]
I'll start....
Breakfast (875 cal)*

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal (150) cooked with
  • 1 cup evaporated whole milk (300)
  • 1 mashed banana (100)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (200)
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and cinnamon to taste (50) 
  • 1 hard-boiled egg (75 cal)

Morning Snack (300 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)
  • 1/4 cup dried apricots (100)

Lunch (660 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup rice cooked in 1 cup chicken stock (300) and
  • 1/2 cup canned or cooked chickpeas (145) and
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese (150) and
  • 1/4 cup each onion, peppers, and tomato (30) cooked with
  • 1 tbsp olive oil and curry powder to taste (120)

Afternoon snack (390 cal)*

  • 1 serving baby carrots (35)
  • 1/4 cup hummus (155)
  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)

Dinner (875 cal)*

Evening snack (480)*

  • 1 cup plain whole milk yogurt (180)
  • 1/2 cup homemade granola (300)

About 3600 calories :]

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slr101: I LOVE Indian food.  If you make any great recipes, definitely pass them on!

agruskin:  I hate when I get anything less than an A- on my nutritional grade!  But your foods for the day and even your nutritional analysis look very balanced, so I really wouldn't worry about it!  And plus, since we're trying to gain, it's probably a good thing that we're eating the foods that might be a little higher fat or have a little more sugar and therefore have a lower nutritional score.

dragonfly22:  Haha, I totally hear you on the birth control supposedly helping out with boobage.  IF ONLY!

peanut_butter:  Welcome back!  CONGRATS on the KitKat - I really need to challenge myself more often like that!  And that's awesome that your mom wants to help you - if it were up to my mom I'd be on bedrest!  But it definitely sounds like she knows what she's doing, and hopefully it'll really help you to start feeling better about your body - I know it makes me feel better when I'm stuffing my face to see a little muscle definition going on!

gibbit:  It's so awesome that you had fun on your retreat and didn't let thoughts of foods ruin a good time.  With all the trips I'm going to be taking here in Ecuador, your attitude is definitely one I hope to bring with me!

Much better food-wise today - had to eat fewer but bigger meals due to the day's schedule, but it worked out okay because I definitely got more cals in than yesterday!  Quick question though - TVP and soy vegetable protein are the same thing, right?  See, my host family was gone during lunch today, so I decided to make myself lunch using this product they have called "Carve" (soy vegetable protein) - I used about 1/2 a cup of it, figuring it was going to be my major protein source for the day, but then after eating it all I sort of freaked out that I'd OD'ed on protein because the nutritional facts on the box were in grams, and I don't weigh out my food... haha mmm protein!

Breakfast:  1 packet instant, unflavored oatmeal prepared with 1/2 cup skim milk and topped with a little over a tbsp peanut butter; 1 cup fruit salad with kiwi, apple, and banana

Lunch:  a HUGE pot of zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom, tomato, onion, garlic, and rehydrated TVP sauteed in olive oil and spices (turned out really well!); 2 slices whole wheat bread (definitely felt the fiber-overload when I went running a bit later...)

Snack:  same as breakfast, plus a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice!

Dinner:  sandwich with 2 slices whole wheat bread, tomato, and avocado; baby carrots; strawberry yogurt

A snack before bed probably wouldn't be a bad idea either, but that's TBD.

agruskin~ sorryy, i didn't see you post tht before.


age: 16 yrs old

height: 5'2 and a 1/2

current weight: 94 lbs

goal weght: 110-115 lbs

hi everyone

so yea, i take it back, today was really nutritional in my eyes and i dont care about what it says.  i still dont understand why AUSSIE was told to continue eating ~1650 cals even if she does want to gain very slowly.  i mean, even a slow gain should be above 2000, rt?  i just dont think i ever want to have to eat that little-no offense AUSSIE, even when im maintaining. so i really hope my nutitionist has some good things to say.

JAPAN-hi!  so im about 9 yrs older and an inch taller than you, how long have you been in recovery and hows your progress?  looks like youre doing great and we need lots of good fats and carns to be healthy and in order to gain, keep it up!

PSYCHO=hey hun, glad you had fun today w the babies, i still ahte when they cry eventho they are deff cute, lol! yea, ive realized how bad my looks are for a while and thats been my motivaation to get healthy.  and yes, daily fluctuations, sodium, and youres still growing, who knows, its nothing!

LIKEARE-hi, yea, i eat all fat and carbs but i dont even care, i want to eat for life not do anything that i cant sustain.  i wouldnt worry about having too much protein or whatever but deff have treats too!

hello guys! I posted a new journal entry and posted about my night in the ED recovery club if any of you want to read. I had quite a night and am still pretty upset, but after talking to people I feel a bit better and I think I'm just going to stay in an watch a movie tonight.
Today I went to the first meeting of a vegan knitting club I joined, so we went to this really good veg restaurant. I love this place! And I biked there so that was fun on the way there, but I ended up with a flat which made it almost impossible to get home :( I made it but thought I was going to die I had to push so hard to get the bike to move.

here are my foods for the day:

b- pear, blueberries, almonds, and walnuts in wm yogurt with maple syrup, kashi go lean crunch with vanilla soymilk

s- sauteed mustard greens with mango salsa and oo, sounds weird but it was good and i have to use up my greens before they go bad!

l- veg restaurant, burger with basil crusted bean curd, grilled tofu, guacamole and sprouts on oat bun (so big i had to take it apart to actually take a bite!) and side salad with creamy garlic dressing.

s- pear

d- sweet potato baked with honey and cinnamon, moer sauteed greens with garlic and an avocado. pomegranate blueberry juice

s- ??

lets see if i can respond to everyone!!

agru- glad you're feeling positive too! we all deserve to make this a great week. Don't worry about the B, i get those sometimes too, who knows why, but i figure cc also tells me i only need 1730 to gain, so it doesnt really know what it's talking about anyways.

theo- awesome about the eggs! I'm so proud! I love dancing in my underwear haha. That's such a funny text! lol, i don't think you're destined to be single forever, if I were a boy I would absolutely love to date you, you seem like so much fun! Ice cream with peanut butter and dried fruit is delicious, go for it :)

peanutbutter- you should read my post in the recovery club. Isnt it great to have a good relationship with your mom?! I'm so grateful for mine right now.

aussie- you're doing great! I really think your metabolism could handle more than 1600, you really just need to test it out and find what works best for you. As your nut said, we all have different bodies, so you just have to figure out what yours needs.

dragonfly- maybe posting here is just the push you need to begin eating better. Just try it! we won't judge, and as others have said, posting on here really keeeps me accountable for what I'm eating, it really works, I'll be tempted to restrict and then remember that Ill be posting it on here and know that I'll be dissapointed and embarrased about it. I get a little over 100 grams of protein a day, which seems like a lot to me. I don't think it's bad to get 200 but it has to be proportional to the rest of your intake so make sure you're getting adequate amounts of carbs and fats too. My problem is with the fats, I'm always at 40-50% fat for my daily intake!

slr- you're doing so well! I love grocery shopping, you're going to have to post some of those indian recipes.

likear- going out and having fun is the best way to get our minds off of food. Just don't be embarrased to carry lots of snacks and then don't worry about it! the experience andt eh people you're with are much more important.

Charliebo-I play right half-back and right defender. Hopefully, I will be able to be back on the field this week! Thanks for asking!

Ugh, I eat too much dessert and not enough regular calories. Today, for example, I had:
Salt Western Bagel
About a teaspoon of cream cheese

Lots of Van de Camps Pork and Beans (yum)
Asian Pear

Chocolate cupcake
Tad of marshallow fluff and chocolate drizzle things

3 pieces salmon sashimi
3 pieces white fish sashimi
3 pieces tuna sashimi
1.5 cups rice (just a estimate, I ate about half of the bowl)

1 strawberry cupcake with strawberry pieces

1/2 Vanilla cupcake
Cholate Frosting

From now on I am going to try (try being the key word here) and stop eating sugary dessert to make up for missing calories and instead eat healthy fats.

fhchicky4: I reccomend Almond Butter. Really healthy and so delicious! (Taste just like dessert anyway)

aussiegirl17: Glad to know ^^

peanut_butter: I'm in a similar situation as you, skinny-fat, but I've started weight training and I think I look much better.

theo: Congratulations. :)

agruskin: Nah, it's just that my scale sucks. But I tried weighing today and it seemed like I gained 3-4kg but obviously that's not possible then I told myself that I should be happy that I gained. It means I'm actually gaining some muscle (because I think I look somewhat better)

gibbit: I love hearing about how social you have become. The retreat sounds like a success! (I'm a little behind and have yet to read the other posts you alluded to.) It is inspiring to hear about how hard you try to work your food around life rather than the other way around.

peanut butter: Of course, I noticed! Congrats on the Kit Kat! Please, please be careful about altering your weight.

psychoj: Your attitude gives me hope, thank you!

agruskin: Wow! I am so impressed with your shift towards a healthy outlook. What do you think the change is attributed to? Any pointers, because I am struggling with still wanting a sickly body which is very, very demented.

theo: Dance on Egghead! For a talent show one of my students donned a pink skirt and wig and shook his little ten-tear-old booty to the music of Shakira. I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes! Will message a list of book recommendations soon.

toast cubed: Glad you're not the quoting movie type. My younger brother has entire films memorized and frequently feels the need to "perform" them for all. (This caused quite a stir when he pretended to turn into a werewolf on the floor of a department store. The other shoppers assumed he was having an epileptic seizure!)

aussiegirl: Keep up the good work! Go for the bedtime snack!

fhchicky4: Really hope you are able to play this week. It sounds as though your team needs your expert assistance.

Yesterday, I spent far too much time going round and round about my newly bigger body. Was so miserable and upset. Then I helped someone out in a very small way and poof my mood improved immediately. Theo, you're really onto something with the good deed thing. I'm going to aim to do something for someone else each day. Did much better balancing not counting while still maintaining my intake. Here's the remainder of what I ate:

snack: part of a peach (had to cut out moldy spot) bit of cantaloupe
lunch: roasted veggie and pea puree w/ olive oi
brown rice
salad w/ turkey, eggplant hummus, and sunflower seeds
snack: smoothie (soy milk, yogurt, oj, spiced apple-peach sauce)
Ekekiel bread w/ almond butter
dinner: green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, and tomatoes sauteed w/ garlic and olive oil (delic)
tuna, soy feta
Ekekiel bread w/ mashed pinto bean spread
orange juice
snack: nonfat yogurt w/ mixed berries

hey everyone!

so i forgot to mention that i have an interview this morning and 1 on fri somewhere else-i need a job!  feeling big today BUTit does not matter!  im really going to try and ignore it, eat mechanically, im still sick of this crap and dont want to spend my life thinking of food...

CHARLIE-i dont like being paranoid ppl are talking/staring at me, i look in the mirror and 90% of the time im dusgusted, clothes dont fit, havent bought new ones in like 3 yrs, parents dont trust me, scared to socialize, eat out, do anything, hate thinking of th\\food most of the time, i want to be special for doing/being something, not just the sick, weak anorexic!  hope that helps, message me whenever!

GIBBIT-im short on time but-i think its good that this situation allowed you to get in touch w your emotions and talk to your friend and mother, i think this could be a good thing!

TOAST-yeam not srue what the kg to lb equivelant is and its hard to think gaining is a good thing, but it is! you can do it!

FLTCHK-snacks are ok, even a few a day and youre a kid!  eat what you like and try not to get too caught up in nutrition, youre doing great!


t bagel, pb, apple, cheese~410

hey guys

had my first day of classes today an they went well...really interesting. i had sociology an psycology today. ive had these intense pains in my stomach on an off for a while an today theyve been consistent an im sittin here crunched up on my seat in serious pain an have no clue whats wrong. when i mentioned to the doc about it she said she thought i was havin stomach spasms an gave me tablets for it but ive taken them today an it hasnt gone away..i felt like i as gonna pass out in the lecture in college today. an i have this big dance/ball thing tonight for college an i really really wanna go so im hopin the pain will go away soon. mayb its my stomach linin or somethin? has anyone had any pains like this?

b-oats n more cereal and milk-350 cals

s-banana-100 cals (cudnt manage more..the pains soo bad when i eat too)

l-scrambled egg on soda bread with ahm and turkey-300 cals

if i feel better for tonight ( which im prayin i will) im gonna drink...il jus stick to vodka an diet 7up...gets me very drunk so fast...im sucha  lightweight lol...oh well it means i dont have to spend as much on alcohol

charliebo:im glad you managed to snap youself outta feelin sad yest :) helpin ppl always makes me feel better. an remeber your bodys healthier ok? bigger is what we associate with negativity an feelin crap....healthy=good :)

ttoast:i wanna try almond butter cause i love almonds lol. i it the same cal wise as normal pb? n with the gaining remeber your gainin muscle an thats awesome :)

gibit: yeah i wanan be able to gain on a higher number than 1600 so im gonna try have bigger portions an more nuts an stuff...its jus hard to know what to do cause my nut said one thing about how what im eatin is good for now and then here ppl are gaining on alot larger numbers. how much did u gain when u first started uppin the cals to 4000?im gonna read your entry after ive typed this btw. the vegan knittin club sounds great. is sweet potatoe nice? i really wanna try it but dont know what to do wit it. i hope ur feelin better after being upset about what happned last night ( still have to rad the entry tho to see what happened) *virtual hug*

agruskin: no offence takin at all....like i dont wanna gain on 1600 but if im gianin an the but saiys to jus keep doin what im doin i dunno why i wud upp it. like ppl here seemt o jus halve alot higher cal req than me. like my nut has been thru this herself so she is experienced with dealin with this an she only works with ppl with eds. i wish she had told me you need 3000 or whatever but she didnt so? i guess my metab jus really sux :( let me know what your nut says k? cause all the adivce i hear helps

likearock6: yay for protein lol. keep up the gr8 work :)

psychoj:glad to hear your doin so well hun :) an well said...your not a number on the scale :) it seems like ur really jus enjoyin life an goin with the flow which is pretty amazin to be able to do so congrats!!

theofournay: yeah my nut said the same thing about the metab...so i guess il jus stick it out for now at eatin around 1600 but try increase a bit an then when i go back to the her in a month see if she will tell me to increase ( which i sorta hope she will cause i dont wanna gain on 1600 cause then what will i maintain at?). lol funny text u sent to that boy :). im sure he jus thought it was funny. eat loads of ben an jerrys ice cream?? so good an pretty calorie dense!

keep up the fantastic-ness ppl :) xxxx

hey guys

well yesterday wasnt the best for me, i couldnt face breaky, or my midmorning snack, i went to a cafe for my my lunch with my mum, we had planned to share a chicken fillet burger and chips, after 3 days of working my way up to it, they didnt have any chicken, i felt like i had been kicked in the stomach( does that happen to anyone else here?) so i settled for a jacket pot with beans and saled, shared it with my mum, but i gave her a bigger bit then i had, i also had a few chips which to my surrprise were very nice, after the cafe we out for an hours walk, i felt so full i couldnt face my afternoon snack, had my dinner at 8.00 i had vegies, slice of bread with a sausage and onions with tomatoe sauce, now that did taste very good, i had a mini binge last night, i sat with a cup of coffe and ate 10 biscuits, about 5 sweets, and 2 bites of peanut butter on toast, i pushed my calorie intake up to 1600 abouts. i still dont know how many calories i should be eating im so confussed, i need to know im panicing, im in panic mode again today i feel terrible after what i did last night, i feel so fat, im sure i ave put on loads of weight, i hate feeling like this, my day is crappy. does anyone know where i can find out how many calories i should be eating please help me.

heres what ive eaten so for and what im aiming at eating today.

B= couldnt face it

S= couldnt face it

L=2 slices of 50/50 crustless bread toasted with spagetti, 195 cals

S= cereal bar 71 cals, glass of milk 20 cals( make a pint of skimmed powdered milk a day and aim to drink it all, works out at 60 cals for the pint.

D= 1 sausage and veggies 168 cals, going to try and have a slice of bread with it too 49 cals

S= crumpet with jam 77 cals

total 620 cals

will try and eat something else with my last snack, im trying to aim at 1000 cals aday for now.



gibbit - yeah, mum's are great. I don't get on with with my dad, so I suppose it makes up for the overwhelming understanding-ness off my mum.

agru - good luck in your job search! I don't think I ever got round to saying it! And I wouldn't pay too much attention to this site... I know it's dedicated to diets and stuff, but, to be honest, the whole industry is actually based on failure, so they try thear VERY hardest to undermine you so you pay more attention to them. I think you eat very nicely, and 'normally' (of that doesn't strike you as an offence.

And, erm... how do you get over the feeling of inadequacy when someone tells you you look 'great'. As in, I alwys immediately go to 'they know I've gained weight, they think I look HEARTY'. hohum.....


Hey guys. I've been reading over everyones' posts, so I'm up to date on everyone. I just couldn't really post much before because the old computer took 34093457 million hours to load everything.

I'm in a bad mood today. The other day, my friend told me that the boy I met at the game said that he liked a white ninth grader. The county I live in is one of the most culturally diverse (according to my teachers) in the country, so there really aren't that many white people in my school. Anyway, I was happy all through this morning until lunch, because I was sure it was me he liked. I was seriously smiling non-stop, and my friends had to hit me to get me to stop. But then I went to lunch and I sat across the table from the boy. And he didn't say one word to me the whole lunch. Eventually he moved down the table to be near the girl I was talking about before (who ignored me all last year) and starting chatting her up! She's not even white, so I'm guessing that he's just a really big flirt. He gave me attention on Friday, and now it's another girl's turn. Arg. I guess if he stops being such a jerk I'll give him another chance. I want to go back to thinking that boys have cooties. I hate high school.

And oh yeah, my dad got the computer working again and everything has been deleted. I mean everything. Itunes, pictures, word files.. all gone. I would think that since my mom is an editor and works with computers all day, she wouldn't crash it. But no. Crappy crappy day.

Sorry for not replying now. I have a feeling all my replies would be really snappy and rude. Maybe later. Now I'm going to start loading stuff back on to the computer :\ Then maybe bake something.

Breakfast- WW mini bagel w/ PB, oatmeal w/ pumpkin, egg, nectarine

Lunch- PB on WW potato bread, chocolate mousse yogurt, TLC bar, carrots

Snack- Almonds

Snack- Usual

Dinner- Sweet potato and pear bisque, 2 parmesan cornbread puffs (definitely not enough, will probably have string cheese or something)

hi everyone!

im back from the interview, i never know how ive done so i wont even think more about it...

BUT-coolest thing, i wore a pair of pants that i wore like 2 weeks ago which had been falling down, today they didnt fall!  i was able to walk and shake the guy's hand...and not have to constantly keep picking my pants up and it was so cool!  im so sick og\f this ED crap!  its crap!!!  there is so much more to life!

AUSSIE-ill deff let you know what the Nut. says and i hope you feel better for the party.  take tylenol or anything but deff try and go!  eat before so you dont get too drunk and have a blast!

PEANUTBUTTER-thanks hun!  im trying to eat as i want to for the rest of my life, plus more bc im trying to gain.  but i dont want to set myself up for failure by either excercising or eating in a way that i wont ber able to for the rst of my life.  and w the compliments...it was a COMPLIMWNT!lol, its tough, try and remember that what they said was that you look good, that they were not telling you you looked good when you looked like a sick skelton and unhealthy.  now youre getting better so you deserve to hear this, its a great thing and if you go back to restricting then youll just feel bad, weak, and ppl wont think you llok good, hope that helped!


t bagel, pb, apple, cheese~410

cereal, milk, trail mix~200

ugh, having a hard time eating today. I'm still making myself food but doing this thing I do once in a while where I spread each meal out over a long period of time...why why why?!?!?! last night must have reopened all old ED wounds that i've been ignoring in order to get over them. I'm being so stupid. I think it's also because i hve to be on campus for a while tonight and it interferes with snack and dinner and I'm not coping well with taht today. I have class from 4-5:30, then training for the outdoor club from 7-10.

b- nectarine, coconut flakes, almonds, whole milk yogurt, vanilla soymilk, and honey (i ate half of this at 9:30, stopped and slowly ate this until about 10:45, wtf??)

l- made suhi roll with snap peas and guacamole, more guacamole on the side with mango salsa and carrot sticks. Sauteed greens with garlic and olive oil. orange juice. (eaten half of this so far and put the other half in the fridge for right before class)

d- I'm taking a fried tofu burger on ww bun with lettuce tomato and avocado and more carrots to eat on campus.

peanutbutter- i know what you mean when someone says you look great or you look better, in my head its "you're getting fat" or even "you look normal now" that stupid eating disordered part of me sees that as a negative commentBut that just goes to show how illogical our thinking can be sometimes so we have to stop listening to ourselves and listen to the people that tell us we look great because we do.

xmasbaby- i don't know your stats but you need to be eating well over 1600 to even begin to repair the damage you've done to your body by restricting for so long. You're very malnourished. I know how hard it is when you've been planning on one meal and you end up having to ahve something else but that's part of learning to eat normally again. You need to start eating more whether you feel you can "face it" or not, and you need to switch to real milk with more calories. It will make you feel a lot better to eat real and more calorie dense foods than filling up and making yourself feel sick  on very few calories.

aussie- i still gained very slowly at 4000, it took me a while to start seeing real gains, so I would definitely suggest upping the calories and seeing how it works out for you since everyone is different. But you really shoudl be getting at least 2500 to repair the damage that's been done. I love sweet potatoes!! it's really good how I had it last night, baked with butter or margarine, honey and cinnamon, and it's also good if you can add pecans on top, or black beans, or even eggs.

agru- good luck on the interview!!

charliebo- i think i also need to do a good deed today, not feeling so hot either. I'm glad you were able to start feeling better! It's nice to not count isnt it? takes a lot of effort to stop myself though.

fhchicky- yum cupcakes!! other than the cupcakes none of your other foods are dessert like. I think you're getting a very balanced diet, maybe add in some veggies somehwere? Other than that, enjoy your cupcakes!

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hope you all are doing great

agruskin- edit; i've been in recovery for about 3 months (i think, lol). i used to weigh 87 lbs so i'm getting alot of progress. :) ~

breakfast- 1 cp of peanutbutter puffins cereal, 1 cup of milk, 1 orange, and 1 handful of almonds. (537 calories)

snack- 8 apple cinnamon rice snacks. (60 calories)

lunch- 1 grilled chicken sandwich. (567 calories)

snack- 1 mini whole wheat bagel, 1 tbsp. of peanutbutter. (194 calories)

dinner- [Went To Arby's] 1 grilled chicken sandwich, 1 baked potato. (686 calories)

snack- 1 cup of seedless grapes, 1 cup of milk. (212 calories)

total amount of calories- 2,225 calories.


1) will post some veryyyy successful indian recipies after dinner :)

2) gaiined two lbs :) at 90!!!!!!

10 more to go

gibbet: had the same problem today, only ate half my lunch ate the rest for snack but forcing myself to eat extra..


b- bigggg bowl of oatmeal with apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel sauce (mmmm :) ), granola and home made apple pie filling [uhh had a craving for apple pie, and i realised, why not? im trying to gain so no harm] [400]

s- was too fulls o just ate an apple

l- 4 slices of vegetarian cajun chicken on WW bun with pickles lettuce avacado, cheese, tomato, ketchupp/mustard.

cup of yogurt

s- a banana, glass of milk, cinnamon, vanilla, mixed together with more apple pie filling to make a smoothie, topped with almonds :)

d- trying out some vegan chili recipie, gonna make indian paneer curry on the side.

s- maybe some dried apricots and nuts... or peanut butter :)

Breakfast: Scrambled egg on a crumpet with tomatoes (250)

Snack: Apple and Babybel (140)

Lunch: rice salad with vegetables and lean mince in a spicy tomato sauce (450)

Salad: Tortilla vegetables with cheese and salsa (200)

Dinner: Prawn and Saffron Pilaf with beetroot salad (400)

            Glass of wine (120)

Pudding: Apple Crumble and Ice cream and raisins (520)

Snack: Planning: some sort of bagel with stuff on (500 odd)

Hot milk and whisky (250)

Total: 3000

Well done me...why do I feel like rubbish?

Sorry guys, not feeling so chipper today...sorry.  Will be back to full cheerful mode tomorrow...It's the oddest thing you know, because I'm naturally a happy person, and I've never really felt consistently rubbish before, so from an intellectual point of view it's actually quite fascinating.....




t bagel, pb, apple, cheese~410

cereal, milk, trail mix~200

cheese sandwich, veggies, pb, fage w strawberry sauce, plum~420

SLR-congrats!! that is amazing! keep it up

GIBBIT-break out the nut butters when you get home!  we all get in those moods but the sooner you snap out of it the easier it is.  youre doing great!

THEO-Great job today!!!

JAPAN-congrats on your progress!!

i have a stomach ache...

thanks agru :)

just posting to calculate my actualy cals for today

b- oatmeal, milk, apple [350]

l- burger thing, yogurt [400]

s- big smoothie, dried apricots [350]

d- vegan chili, plain yogurt, steamed veggies [500]


total so far 1600

gonna aim for 1800

so yogurt and granola or somethin :)

too tired to post recipies but got an amazing one for mango curry :) will most tomorrow promise

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