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Weight Gain
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Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today?

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I am copying the many times copied thread, "What did you eat today?" in hopes of helping some of those who are just starting to gain and have no clue what to eat. I know that when I began weight recovery, I was eating tons of low-cal foods just because that's what I was used to. I learned the hard way that dense foods are essential to weight gain when you have high caloric requirements (at one point I needed 4500 cal to maintain my weight on BEDREST). Perhaps newbies can get some ideas if we post our weight gain meal plans! Even if you're not gaining anymore, grab an old one and post it!:]
Please note that every body is different and some will need more or less calories than others to gain. This thread is just so that you can get an idea of what you need.
Oh, and yes, I'm breaking the "no calories, no portions" rule, since it is pretty helpful in this case. If you want to post cals/portions you can. I just ask that you don't post if you're not eating enough, though as this is a weight gain thread, I would hope none of you are undereating.;]
I'll start....
Breakfast (875 cal)*

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal (150) cooked with
  • 1 cup evaporated whole milk (300)
  • 1 mashed banana (100)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (200)
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and cinnamon to taste (50) 
  • 1 hard-boiled egg (75 cal)

Morning Snack (300 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)
  • 1/4 cup dried apricots (100)

Lunch (660 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup rice cooked in 1 cup chicken stock (300) and
  • 1/2 cup canned or cooked chickpeas (145) and
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese (150) and
  • 1/4 cup each onion, peppers, and tomato (30) cooked with
  • 1 tbsp olive oil and curry powder to taste (120)

Afternoon snack (390 cal)*

  • 1 serving baby carrots (35)
  • 1/4 cup hummus (155)
  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)

Dinner (875 cal)*

Evening snack (480)*

  • 1 cup plain whole milk yogurt (180)
  • 1/2 cup homemade granola (300)

About 3600 calories :]

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omg well done lala!!!!! that's incredible, i'm sure your family are so so proud. eating out is such an achievement and you should be so proud of yourself. i think we might be going out for lunch tomorrow which i'm quite scared about - you've really inspired me to try and do the same and just think 'f**k it!' so proud of you lala, well done :) :) :) xxxxxxxxx

good night guys... as im goin to be in Mexico till next monday morning not sure i will be able to go on.... however i know there is an internet cafe near the hotel so might get on a few times to tell u guys how things are and see how u guys are!!! there will be so much to read when i get back!!! hehe hope all goes well for u guys and keep up the awesome work :)   i am scared/nervous/paniced about Mexico but as u guys said it is a holiday so i should enjoy it :) thanks to all for all the advice about the trip.. just got to put it into play ARRR

it was really cool 2day i was allowd to ride my pony (i no that sounds weird but i sis has sort off stolen her so was so pleased when mum asked me if i cud ride her) and went jumpin!!!


foods for today

B- porridge with 150ml skimmed milk +maple/agave syrup..... 2 toast pb and j

S- after riding... 1/2 fortisip and 2 1/2 rivittas

L- (was a massive lunch as had to make up some cals) 1 wholemeal pitta w 70g tuna and 1 tomatoe..... 1 plain wholemeal pitta..... and 1 wholemeal pitta w some baked beans............ 90g full fat yogurt...all bran... teaspoon vanilla essence and tbsp agave syrup..... (shud i have not eaten that much???)

S- after 4 mile run (28 mins) 1 piece white bread (which is a FF so had decided to compitt to it after running nearly didnt have it) w tbsp honey

D- 1 slice pork.... sweet potatoe.. veg..... full fat yogurt.... blackberries

came to around 2500 cals so got my goal for today.... i know it was not 2800 (wot i got to on tues/wed) but plsed i got that :)

many hugs to everyone and all have a brill week.... xoxox

hi all :) today was good....had my usual big friday m n s cookie today instead of n mum went shopping an we went for cofee an cookies lol. i wish i had hunger ques at this stage.l i mean ive been eatin a good amt for some time now an still never get hungry and im worried that once i reach maintenance ( i knw a while away with my bmi still 14.4) that i wont recognize hunger an satiety signals. anyone else worried about this??? i also think ive pulled a nerve in my back..on thurs on my usual mornin walk my left side suddenly started hurtin an now when i walk on my left leg i get a really bad pain shootin up through my back and the top of my leg. i hope it mends itself.

  • b-cereal and milk-400 cals
  • s-1/2 nature valley oat bar, banana n grapes, small pancake-320 cal
  • l-eggwhite and ham n turkey sandwhich with 2 slices highfibre bread, 1/4 eatnatural bar-320 cal
  • s-big cookie-350 cal
  • d-chicken n veggie stir fry-300 cal
  • s-trailmix-120 cals
  • total= 1890

agru: hi hun, aww ur leaving? well all miss you and ur great encouragin words an little pushes in the right direction. i wish u all the best an hope ul keep in touch an let us know how ur doing!! hugs xx

alferoni: thanks for the encouragement :)

xfallinstar: hi hun, yeah im in a sorta out patient clinic thing, its a recovery centre and its a hollistic sorta treatment. ive been seeing a counceller/therapist for 1.5 yrs now an have progressed alot. its jus im only beginnin the weight gain phase now and am findin it hard to deal with the changes of seein my body change etc. do u c anyone?? i also have a fear of big meals too..we both need to conquer that fear :) i jus hate feelin so full after big meals.

dana: omg ur in a movie? congrats hun thats awsome :) an so not diva-ish at all with the fridge stuff..u need to make sure this doesnt interfere with recovery an ur doin fantastic hun.

aqueav: im sure they wont come up with somethin without consulting you hun. hows ur weekend been so far apart from that? yeah i worry too when ppl stop postin..i gues when ppl with eds jus dissapear from here its scary cause reasons cud be to do with health etc. hope ur dins is going well with ur friends. you shud defo allow urself to eat junk every once in a while, its part of livin an being a teen an enjoyin urself :) 

ukjane23: welcome :) 2500 is still gr8 an im sure ul get to 3600 in time. i prefer to have more cals in the morinin an least at night..i hate the feelin of food in my tummy when im tryin to sleep.

lalabanna:  aw yay thats so fantastic u called ur mum an wanted to go for i bet she was so happy to hear about it too!! hows coll work?

lulu:hi hun...i think the fear foods is a good idea but it doesnt have to be all the time at every meal etc...u shud get some info on healthy gianing an show ur mum that u can gain on healthy foods. have a great time in mexico :) how long u away for?

mashed tatties: thats such an inspirational story about that girl!!an well done on uppin the cals :)

sayuri-mio: i also had this i used to binge/purgge an whenver i getfull i immediatly think of gettin rid of it by purging. ive gotten over all that by now thank god but when im super stresed feelin full triggers off the old purge feelings an i still find it hard to deal with the full feelings ..i think  thats a reason why i avoid really large scared to be too full incase the old b/p feelings come back.






My really good food day :) 1890 exactly - up nearly 300 calories from when I started posting, which was only a week ago!! so proud - when the guilt sets in I just keep reminding myself this time next week I will be on my last night in Greece and I want to have had an AMAZING time, not be desperate to get home to 'familiar' food.

Breakfast - 1 cup all bran, 150ml skim milk, 1 medium banana

Snack - 2 oat cakes, 1 large pear

Lunch (get ready!) - Quite a large piece of lavash bread, 2 heaped dessertspoons tzatziki, 1 tsp hummus, 1 tsp mango pickle, MASSIVE salad with 1/2 can sweetcorn mixed in, 1 fage 0% yoghurt, 1 tsp apple sauce

PM Snack - 1 fage 0% yoghurt with 1 tsp honey and 4 cashew nuts (FOUR!!)

Dinner - 190g potato (mashed) with a dessertspoon skim milk, 2 grassingtons veggie sausages, 1 carrot, 3 broccoli florets
Magnum ice cream

Night snack - part of a mini-mango (but it wasn't ripe so I couldn't eat more than a couple of mouthfuls bleugh!) and one BIG pear.

TAKE THAT ED!!!!!!! Tomorrow, 2000. FOR CERTAIN.

And my major major exciting news?? I GOT A TATTOO!!!!!! Will change my profile pick to what it is because I think it applies to ALL of us!


Woohoo guys I gained a pound! :)

Agruskin: We will miss you so much, but I know you can do it!  I'm so happy for you that you are finally able to live your life and crush your ED in the dust!  Best wishes! ^^

Xfalling – I prefer having dinner late, and do at home, but dinner is served in hall between 6-7, so if I'm eating there (which I have to a certain number of times each term) then I struggle to fit in a snack between lunch and dinner. But yeah, I still think I need to add more calories earlier. I wish it was easier to make myself do that though!

Dana – That's great about the fridge etc.! You're not being a diva, you're protecting your health, and it's wonderful that there are people who will accept that.

Aqua – the bone scan results are brilliant. Its often the bones that suffer in EDs (among other things), so it's great news that yours haven't.

Ukjane23 – welcome, and good luck with your weight gain.

Lala – That's great! I love eating out, and it annoys me that I find it difficult now. I hope you're dad is feeling well enough to go out.

Slr – Good luck with the going out. And bravo for taking the step. I know I certainly use work as an excuse for not accepting all my invitations because I'm scared – though with me it's not just the food that makes me nervous.

Mashed_tatties – I have the exact same problem with shop bought meals. I won't buy sandwiches over 350 or dinners over 450. Most of the time the lower calorie options are the ones I like anyway, but I'm not sure anymore if that's because I like them or because they're low cal…Glad to hear you've been having a good day. And I'm so glad to hear about your friend. And yeah, we can all do it. All of us.

Agru – aw, we'll miss you if you post less! But it does get a bit addictive, and if you feel you need to lessen contact, fair enough. Just keep on gaining! Love ya' xx

Lulu – Good on you for picking what you wanted. It sounds really yummy. And well done for tasting the other plates. Have fun in mexico!

Aussie – I get the satiety/hunger signal issue. I'm already unsure about what my stomach's trying to tell me. And they get mixed up with stress signals too – all feel like an upset stomach. But good on you for having the cookie.


Good/bad day today. I had a big breakfast – added toast and nutella to my usual cereal, so got it up to 600. Then I had a snack and then a decent lunch – jacket potato with beans and cheese (I usually only allow myself one or the other, so that's quite a big step). Then things went downhill for a bit. I ate a chocolate bar on impulse then spent an hour with a stomach ache, but I couldn't tell if that was being too full or being really nervous. I think it was the latter, because I was supposed to do a 10k erg and was worried after last time. In the end, it was actually a technical erg, so not too many calories burned or energy expended. Wish I'd known that beforehand, it might have saved me from the panic attack.

Dinner was good too – lamb and herb pie in hall, which was actually really nice, and then a flapjack. I got over 2500 today, and I'm bumping my cal goal up to 2600 for the next week. Wish me luck. Now though, I'm going to go sleep, because I'm soooo tired.

Love you all! xx



mashed - grape nuts? What is that? I live in the australia and they're pretty damn patriotic xD So we basically only have australian products in the supermarket shelves. I know exactly what you mean about the shop sandwich thing! Like I'm scared to buy sandwiches from shops because i don't know how many calories are in the sandwich, so I rather make my own 350 cal sandwich xD And wow! That sounds awesome about that uni girl. I want to be able to think like that =p

aqua - Haha you keep doing that! I need someone to push me over the ed's limit (which is mainly sugar lol) because I still find myself avoiding it! I'm actually scared of fruit sugars x.x lol. But at least I'm drinking about 3 glasses of fruit juice everyday ^^ And I made a really dense oatmeal for breakfast this morning! Just finished it and I'm stuffed, but it was darn delicious xD Used your oatmeal suggestions too! Haha, granola. Here in australia, we don't have granola because a stupid company trademarked the name. So theres only 1 type of granola here, but sugar is the second ingredient! D: (

lala - I used to get those thoughts as well! Like if I sat with my friends at lunch and they have the most delicious looking pasta or something, I'd be freakin scared to take even one strand x.x But now I just take a whole mouthful xD and those calories don't count =p

aussie - ok, thats great that you've been making progress ^^ keep on pushing yourself and the ED will eventually fade away! Yes, I'm seeing an ED specialist and a physchiatrist and they're very helpful. I hate feeling full after meals too! because thats when all the ED thoughts come rushing in and I hate that =(

Anyway gtg to church now! post my godly breakfast later xD

falling - these are grape nuts (though oddly, as the website says, they contain neither grapes or nuts.. oddness) but if you can find them they are awesome as a calorie dense brekkie (1 cup = 400kcals, there is also no sugar in the ingredients list). I wish I lived in Australia... warmth... Britain = cold. wet. rainy. and that's in the summer, if we're lucky. I stick to shops that have the calorie contents on the sandwich cartons... my friend wanted to go to Pret a Manger (where they don't) the other day and I freaked out (silently) so went on and on and on and on about how much I wanted to go to starbucks instead... we got to starbucks and they only had chicken salads. I'm veggie so that was a no no. Back to Pret we went. Was not a happy bunny!!

have fun at church - it's still yesterday here (ten to midnight) and I'm not tired.. too much damn coffee! xxxxxx

rest of foods

l- cinnamonr aisin bagel, cream cheese, granola bar (in a rush) 400

s- at mall :) fruit parfait [300]

s- we went to get frozen yogurt and i got vanilla with mango banana and pineapple blended together to make softserve tropical.. it was so amazing i went back and ordered another one.. no idea of calories but it mustve been pretty high :S

when i got home frm mall, got invited by diff. friend to sleepover, so at her house all tehre was was frozen dinners for dinner so ihad a vegetable lasagna mediterranean one (didnt want to make a fuss) which was 350.

then had a salad abt 100 cals..

no idea where i am for the day but going to be at friends house for a WHILE so foods rnt going to be too healthy.. gotta CALM DOWN abt that kind of stuff.. =S


edit didnt see this before but to agru dont leave :( or at least good luck and thank you SO much for inspiring me to take faster steps and not put things off, you've been amazing

hey guys.. heres what i ate today.. i would love a critique if anyone is willing...  i raised fat and carbs and lowered protein so i would love input.

b... 3oz cereal with 8oz vanilla soymilk and a grapefruit with a stevia....300 cals

s... sandwich from starbucks and a coffee with 3 stevia (410 cals)

l... 4 potato pancakes a cup of creamed corn and a falafel and hummus wrap (550 cals)

d... 2 cups brown rice, 3oz shrimp, 6oz asparagus and 6 mini trader joe's crab cakes (630 cals)

s... strawberries and reddi whip (110 cals)

total... 2000 cals

agru... you will be very missed... you inspire and help me daily and your food posts help me through mine.  do what you need to to recover.  i hope you keep in touch and message me and get on my ass if you feel i am slipping ever! xoxox

I'm back!! I'm so happy! The movie was really good, it made me laugh a lot. Sort of makes me wish I had an exciting life haha. But I actually ate some candy without worrying during the movie! It wasn't quite like it was before, where I'd go and just mindlessly stuff myself with junky theater food. But I took a piece every so often when I wanted one, and didn't think about the calories. Then for dinner, we decided not to go have pizza because my friend told me about this place called crepes a go go. It was amazing. They have tons of different flavor combos to fill crepes with, sweet and savory. They crepes are seriously huge, like the size of my head,and I got one with nutella and banana. It was so DELICIOUS! And I didn't think about cals once while I was eating. We didn't really feel like getting ice cream afterwards b/c the crepes were really filling and sweet. So we went to Starbucks and got drinks. I was really sugar-ed out so I just got some tea, but added sugar and milk to it which I never usually do. I think my friends being with me really helped a lot. Just seeing that people my age do all this regularly and enjoy themselves made me feel less conscious of my eating. It also made me realize that going out and having some junky, unbalanced meals every once in a while is actually healthy. Afterward, we just went back to my house and just relaxed, chatted a bit. I would definitely call this night out one of the best I've ever had. The Night I Gave My ED a Good Slap In the Face.

lala- Yay! You had a good time eating out too! I think I'm going to have to eat out more often, because it's made me feel so good about myself to know that I can do this every once in a while and survive.

lulu- Have fun in Mexico! One thing that helped me in Italy was just to act like the locals. At dinner, they eat entire pizzas by themselves. It made me think "If they can do it, why can't I?" Good luck!

aussie- Glad you had a good day today. I really can't give you any advice about being full all the time, but I got my hunger cues back pretty early on in recovery. My weekend has been good, thanks!

mashed- Wow, awesome tattoo! Did it hurt? Good job upping your cals so far.

xfalling- Hrm, that sucks about the granola. You could always try making your own! Like this. Or this.

slr- Glad you were able to enjoy yourself with your friends!

Snack at the movies- Unknown quantities of gummy bears and sour patch kids, a couple sips of sierra mist!

Dinner- Huge banana and nutella stuffed crepe

Snack- Starbucks orange tea w/ milk and raw sugar

Snack- Orange, TLC bar, Ben and Jerry's

At first, I wasn't going to eat anything after I came home to make up for a caloric dinner. But you know what? I'm hungry. And I'm going to eat something, because that's what normal people do when they're hungry. Good night!

dana: Your food looks good but why no afternoon snack? The fat/protein/carb thing seems fine to me. Hope your weekend is going well.

lulu: Bon Voyage! (I don't know how to say it in Spanish. (Tsk! Tsk! Half of my neighbors speak Spanish!)  Hope you have fun and take a vacation from ED!

mashed: Cool tattoo! Good job upping your calories. Keep moving forward, progress scares ED! I love grape-nuts too!

lala: Thanks for the uni update. What are you up to in the drama course? Hope you are able to enjoy dinner.

Food update:

breakfast: amaranth flakes and shredded wheat n' bran w/ a package of trail mix and nonfat milk
banana w/ peanut butter
snack: Naked Mighty Mango juice smoothie (Darn, still hate mangoes, bleech!)
lunch: big 'ole mess of whole grain and flax pasta w/ tuna, veggies, olive oil, eggplant hummus, and yogurt
snack: loaded smoothie (vanilla soy milk, yogurt, oj, almond butter, ground flax, prunes, berries)
brown rice
dinner: turkey apple oat meat loaf sandwich w/ tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and olive oil on 2 slices Ezekiel bread (my first ever meat loaf sammie)
salad w/ eggplant hummus and raisins
orange juice
one more snack to come


Aquaev-Holy smokes, CONGRATS! That sounds like an amazing night! Wish we could have all been there with you...You are right! We can eat like that and NOT gain weight. Now if we do every moment of the day then...But amazing job! I think that was a HUGE step :D This week has been sort of the same. Been taking it easy b/c of the leg, but I have been super hungry/just wanting food!!! And, I've been giving into my needs b/c it is my body talking! I am going through a "growing time." People have been commenting that I seem to be taller :] We deserve treats! Great job and congrats again!

Agruskin-I (we) will miss you!!! Best of luck xxx

Aussie-Sorry to hear about the back. Take it from someone who has had terrible back problems, I understand, but it will get better if you just REST AND RICE :] But maybe go to the doc too?

Lulu-Have fun but do not back down! Keep on eating, no matter where you are!

Lala-Great job!!! You are all doing sooo well :]

Doing really well lately! Will post in more excess tomorrow :] Bye and goodnight!

<3 psychoj


charlie... i was out or i would have...  i emailed u earlier xoxo

lulu.. have fun!!!!!

aussie... feel better sweetie!!!  email me.

afoneleri.. thanks for the vote of confidence!!

lala... i love your posts.. thank you for even being here.  i would love more advice from you.

aqua.... mama i am proud!!! you sound sooo good tonight!!!  i am envious and proud and inspired and hopeful.  thank you.



ps.. tonight was my first time having crab cakes bc i was always scared of them... omg they are AMAZING!

lala inspire me so much.keep going hun you are kicking butt!


ausiegirl..hey hun im aussie too..where in this nice country are you? are awsome good on ya are really getting there!let urself be a diva i recon! so kicked eds how brave to eat at someones place....that takes guts i recon!:)


dana......i think u r doing so well with trying the whole upping carbs......i think soon you will just feel less tierd and have more energy if you keep it up!


Can i have some help from all you guys/

im obsessing so very much right now as you can see with my meal plan.....

and this is REALLY open to ne feed back and kinda needing some.....

thanks guys!!!(i have trouble posting my food cause i fear so much judgment but please be honest)


  3. 120g/beans (150/30/10/0)
  4. 1x salad + 4x oil (200/30/0/2)
  5. 15g prunes/apricots (40/10/0/0)
  6. 80g salmon/sardines (160/0/15/10)
  7. TOTOAL= 550/70/25/12

  8. SNACK#1
  9. 200g yoghurt (100/15/10/0)
  10. 12g walnuts (80/0/0/5)
  11. 80g fresh berries (40/10/0/0)
  12. 1 tbs. p.h. (20/5/0/0)
  13. TOTAL= 250/30/10/5

  14. SNACK#2
  15. 100g beans (120/15/5/0)
  16. 80g capcicum (20/5/0/0)
  17. 1x egg + 1x chocolate (110)
  18. TOTAL= 250/20/10/5)

  19. SNACK#3
  20. 20g seeds (120/5/5/10)
  21. 10g gojis (40/10/0/0)
  22. 1x chocolate (30/0/0/0)
  23. TOTAL=200/15/5/10

  24. SNACK#4
  25. 80g tofu (80/5/10/5)
  26. 80g carrot (40/5/0/0)
  27. TOTAL=120/10/10/5

  28. SNACK#5
  29. 6 almonds (60/5/5/5)
  30. 1x cup popcorn (40/10/0/0)
  31. n.y./oil/herbs (100/10/0/5)
  32. vegitmite/tablets/werthers (50/10/0/0)
  33. TOTAL= 250/20/10/5

  34. DINNER
  35. 200g cauliflower (50/10/5/0)
  36. 200g zucchini (30/10/0/0)
  37. 250g mushrooms (60/10/10/0)
  38. 150g broccoli (50/10/5/0)
  39. 100g beans (30/10/0/0)
  40. 100g celery (20/5/0/0)
  41. 100g tomato (20/5/0/0)
  42. 50g b.s. (20/5/0/0)
  43. TOTAL=300/65/20/0

  44. TALLY TOTAL = 1920/250/90/50



I'm back!!!!! woooooooo!! I missed you guys so much!

I've really tried to read as much as possible but it's late and i'm tired :\ sorry! I'll try my best to get through some more tom.

My trip was sooo great! Not sure about the eating, I probably didn't get above 3000 on any of the days but I was so busy and had no control over the food so I just made myself eat whatever I could get my hands on whenever I had the chance. I took a bunch of snacks and it also turned out that our bed and breakfast had a common kitchen and living room so I had food access all the time in the hotel, meaning I coul dhave my giant nighttime snacks and my parents didn't even make fun of me for having about 3 or 4 bowls of oatmeal a night lol. It was really hard to get in enough food in the mornings because I was working a ton. We were leaving the hotel about 7 am to get to the conference so I'd eat something quickly on the way there or while getting ready, like toast, or yogurt, or fruit. Then I'd have to go set up all the tech stuff for the conference, get a break about an hour later and eat a snack like more fruit or granola bars. The group would get a coffee break about midmorning so I always ahd a bunch of fruit then, one morning there was also egg sandwiches, and the other two mornings there were bagels and yogurt with granola so I had all of those too. Then lunch I would have to finish taking down all the tech stuff before so it wasnt til about 2 or 3 and whatever they were serving there. my afternoon snacks were small because we were touring around boston every afternoon, then I had to force myself to have big dinners to get all the cals in. It was hard because I feel bad having such high cal dinners in one sitting but I had to make myself choose the higher calorie options on the menus to be sure I was having enough.

I got to see one of my good friends I studied in Spain with so I went out with her every day and met some of her friends, and we used to love to eat together, so that helped too, I had to eat normally and we went out to bakeries and restaurants, so I had cookies, and pasta, and we bought those sugared roasted nuts on the street just because they smelled good! And last night I even went to a bar and drank quite a bit of wine, which my body has no tolerance for :X haha but it was fun!

Today I"ve eaten a ton too since I was up so early again for the flight and just sort of ate constantly all morning since we were on the go, plane lunch was only so so, so then by the time we got home my whole family was starving, I had 2 peices of toast with pb, grapes, and a whole bag of pecans, and started to feel guilty but my family pigged out too so i felt ok. Then I baked a brownie type cake for my aunts bday, and didn't hold back or bake anything healthy!! it turned out amazing and I made a pretty design with the icing and it was just pounds of sugar, but I let myself eat some batter! and then we went out to eat, then came back and ate cake, which I ate a whole slice of and it was delicious! And now i'm finally back and my apartment and have eaten several handfuls of almonds, a big bowl of chocolate granola and lots of soy ice cream.

Hope everyone is doing well!! I'd love for all of you to messsage me and let me know how you've been so I can give more personal responses!

gnight everyone, much love to all!!

You guys I was out with friends tonight and I ate normally!  I ate 1 and a half giant soft pretzels, which was actually more than everyone else!  I am so proud! :) :) :)

heyy guys! long time no see! :P sorry i aven't been here, trying to fight my obssession with food, i think i've accepted that a)you eat more than you ever will ever in your life when your 14! and b) im naturally a food junkie, i eat reasonably healthily, just alot of it isn't that bad. just felt ike i needed to pop in and say hi :)

WOWzers! you guys have soared! everyone has gone so well :P im maintaining (sorry i've aways been terrible with conversions) on about 120pound???? it's really good. i'm spending more time with my friends, im not an emo anymore ahahahaaha! seeing each other tomorrow at the mall before we all perform together at a concert (we all are musical, i sing and play flute) then in a week i go on school camp to TASMANIA! (australia) really exciting, so i once again won't be here from about the 25th October to the 1st of November.

okgo - good going! if your eating like a proper gainer and aren't guilty! it's a fantastic sign! your healing physcologically :)

gibbit - such an effort :P lol oatmeal is the best, my brother used to play a 'game' with me, me who couldeat more ahahahah it's a good idea, cause he's a BIG eater, a bit overweight. No oe had a go at me, mum got concerned  would make myself feel too bloated. my friends joked,if i took too much popcorn they'd throw some at me to make me give them some, i'd catch it in my mouth lol. what sort of work were you doing???

spek - don't worry so much, confidence is one thing the ED takes away from recovery means im back to my bubbly self. i don't give a stuff what the girls at school think anymore, as long as i have my parent's approval, feel good and can have kids. personally im happy with anything you do, honestly as long as your eating you have my acceptance even though what i say mean nothing.....

physcoj - yays! you have your hunger back, it's the best thing right!expect bloating and learn to limit yourself so you dn't feel sick, cause relaspe is aways possible. yeah, like i said im never gonna need to eat this much ever again in my life because im growing, ill still need to eat more than i was in my ED once l've grown, but i should enjoy my childhood so should you :) i don't wanna miss out on anything, any growth or any fun!

are you guys still interested in what i eat??? ill stop posting if i put you guys off, but i stll eat quite a a growing teen, walking around a big campus all day, trying to be active (long walks every couple of days, say 4 days *tsk tsk*) etc. and i'll try to eat a bit more just until i gain my period *sigh* xfalling? do you reckon i eat a pile or is it too little to bother posting?

oooh i can't today (soooo much homework) or tomorrow (going to mall and performing a in a band) but tuesday im going to post a muesli slice! it's kick-ass had piles of it when my friend made in in food tech class, it has like honey, peanut butter, no real butter, oats, fruit etc. it's delicious, you could call it a mueslia bar or granola bt whatever, check it out, ill et you know when i post it :P

Keep up the GREAT work, xoxox Holly

mashed - oh Post cereals! I've seen those in singapore, but sadly not here in australia =( wow 400 cals a cup! Thats pretty scary xD

aqua - thats great that you had so much fun ^^ I can't wait to recover and do all those things again with my friends. just go out, enjoy, eat whatever crap, sleep, come home, and not feel a single tinge of guilt. Thats what I want =p

spek - are you vegetarian? Your meal plan has almost no actual carbohydrates in it! it is one of the most essential food groups for your body to recover! please add some carbohydrates, it is very very important. They are our best source of energy and will help your body recover!

GIBBIT! - I was wondering where you've been! I thought you just disappeared off the face of earth without telling us! xD Must have missed your post. Glad that you had so much fun there. Sounds like my experience in singapore with getting enough cals. I wasn't sure if I was getting enough cals there because nothing has the cals with it so i just grabbed whatever snack was in the kitchen lol.

holbee - post it if you want =p its good inspiration for us to see what real, normal people maintain on xD I think you maintain on a great amount!

Ugh, I don't know how many calories I'm up to. But I think my lunch was like 1500cals or something?! Is that overestimating? Ok heres the story. We went out with some friends to an indian restaurant and we ordered different curries for everyone to share, and no one liked the Dal Tarka (split lentil yellow curry), so I finished the WHOLE bowl by myself D: and to think that I finished something that is meant to be shared, along with a bit of rice, I felt horrible after that.

Up till now I still haven't eaten anything extra because I have no idea how many calories I'm up to. But do you guys reckon that a huge serving of dal curry + a small portion of rice would be about 1500 cals?

Ahhh x.x

OKGO...... well friggen done!!!!

i am soo proud of you hunny!!!!!

HOLBEE.....its good to get away for a bit i think!!!.but welcome back!

thats so good to be spending more time with pals..thats healthy!:)

thank you for supporting me i was so nervus about posting!


fallingstar..not quiet,i eat fish and dairy and eggs


has ne one eles been able to overcome this?


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