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Weight Gain
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Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Feb 2 - April 20

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Please make sure you thoroughly read and accept the rules before posting!


  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum.  We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

  • If you post below the minimum, the posts will be removed
  • Also remember we do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  This is not the place for negative self-talk, nor should any foods be considered bad, unhealthy, or junk -- the goal here is to gain weight to be healthy
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • Do not discuss weights or personal BMIs -- this is very triggering

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500 -this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories. Teens need to eat at least 3000.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Exercise is often an addiction seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you exercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by exercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and you all did, then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for people to see posts that are under the food requirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.

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Aww...Imma miss ya Lola!!! 


And really? That's inconsiderate b**** better watch her mouth! (sorry, when people insult my friends, I get defensive) Good job for believing in yourself and loving yourself! There's no way that you have a 'meat-bun' face. I'm so proud (and jealous) that you could stay so strong! Being healthy is the most important so you shouldn't listen to what others think of you. Have fun and keep up the greaattt work! :)

Thanks so much ana! Ima miss you too!!! But ill be bak;) haha, dun you worry! And you can be strong too! Keep on going!:)

First with the bad news..yesterday was by far the worst day i've had since in recovery. I'm not sure if it's because I've been eating a lot more fats lately and my body's finally starting to put on the weight or if i had come down with something but i was EXTremely bloated all day, my whole abdomen was uncofortable,my stomach was sticking out like i was pregnant. I've noticed for the past week or so that my stomach is consistently a little pot belly but this was just far beyond. I also had a lot of back mucle soreness. Today i've been slightly bloated, but mentally this has been very tough to cope with..

Good news is even though i had no appetite yesterday,which is very rare for me, I still ate everything i had planned and more.

Today's eats:

B-1.5c PC  fibre bran cereal with 1/2chocolate ensure and raspberries, 1c OJ

S-choc.chip vector energy bar and some peppers and carrots sticks

L-pb(2tb) and banana sandwich on whole grain bread, can of spicy thai tuna, ~2c steamed spinach,broccoli,gr.peppers and gr.beans with 1/2avocado, and an orange

S-other 1/2ensure with choc. protein added, 4pieces cheddar cheese

D-3 chicken wings from a deli(really thick breading..not my fav), ~1c chopped roast beef with sweet potato fries(1 medium potato), ~1c sugar peas,lima beans and portabello mushrooms in a tomato sauce

S-an apple, maple and brown sugar oatmeal with tb pb, 1c OJ

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-2 large homemade waffles, all fresh and warm and yummy, topped with much butter and Maple Syrup

-2 scoops of salted caramel ice cream

-1 handful of candied ginger slices

-1 large hunk of Baguette, toasted, slathered in butter and Manuka honey

-1 real chocolat chaud



-1 large slice of galette des rois

-1 vanilla Fortimel Extra

-1 latté


Lunch, on the go:

-1 very large sandwich:

poppyseed Baguette filled with chèvre cheese, sundried tomatoes and Parma ham

-1 large warm gooey milk chocolate chip cookie

-2 Bonne Maman milk chocolate coated madeleines

-1 Innocent Smoothie



-1 bag of French fry shaped crisps

-1 vanilla bean drinkeable cow



-1 chicken, brie and cranberry jam panini, GOOEY AND SO YUMMY

-1 fruits of the forest fortimel Extra



-1 handful of Smarties, stolen from a buddy

-1 handful of Fraise Tagada, again stolen



-2 very large slices of Mum's delicious homemade meatloaf smothered in grainy mustard and cream sauce with lots of cranberry jam

-2 portions of mashed potatoes with butter and whole milk and sea salt

-Steamed broccoli and carrot batons with much salted butter

-1 large hunk of buttered fresh baguette

-1 large glass of coconut drinkeable yoghurt



-4 shortbread rounds

-1 large glass of full fat milk



-2 white chocolate Magnums (yesyesyes)



-2 Lindor chocolates



college- please no talk of weights/bmi/fat%ages on this thread. can be triggering.

lola- you betta come back! haha have fun on the beach it sounds super fun. who are you going with? and what an incredibly insensitive thing for that girl to say. id probably punch her if she lived within a 20 mile radius of me

kbryson- sorry you had a bad day yestrdya:/ my stomach is looking like im pregnant too its soo weird. yesterday instead of me ED saying how 'fat' im becoming, i just laughed at my stomach cause it really is funny and will spread out over time. you are doing amazing and im glad you pushed yourself yesterday <3

_____________________________________________ __________________

yesterdays food (counted calories lol ugh)-


  • an english muffin-egg sandwich
  • a mozzarella string cheese
  • 3/4 cup each peanut butter cheerios and chocolate cheerios, dry (YUM)


  • 3 carbmaster yogurt cups (2 pear & 1 tropical fruit) mixed with 2 diced pear cups and 1/2c kashi cereal


  • chicken quesadilla from taco bell (! first time had in 2 years :D)
  • strawberries
  • 2 hershey 'hugs'
  • a pure protein revolution chocolate peanut caramel bar


  • 2 fudgesicle bars
  • 2 apples
  • a fiber one oats and peanut butter bar


  • can of minnestone soup topped with shredded cheddar cheese
  • a frozen waffle & slice of cinnamon raisin toast with peach jelly
  • sandwich on wheat bread with biscoff spread and grape jelly


  • fiber one oats and chocolate bar
  • 2 mini bags of popcorn/kettle corn
  • 2 slices cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter
  • a vanilla pediasure

total = 3,540

Was up from 4-8am with intestinal cramping and pooped out my food from the day prior. This happened once last week, I think it may have to do with taking a prenatal vitamin? I took one yesterday and one last week and it might of been the same day I had the problem. IDK but it sucked! Anyways... yesterday's food

Breakfast- 1/2 cup of rolled oats; 1 scoop of whey isolate; 1/2 banana

Lunch- 1 egg; 2 slices of sprouted bread w/ 1/2 banana mashed & 2 slices of bacon crumbled on top! Yum! 1 egg; 1/6 avocado; 1 tsp of honey w/ 1 more slice of bread. 

Snacks- coffee w/ 4oz whole milk; 1 banana; 2 carbmater yogurts; 1 cup nsa ice cream; carrots.

Dinner- thai spicy beef salad; a little fried rice. 

Dessert- 1/2 cup rolled oats w/ 2 tbsp of nesquik; had fro-yo w/ peanuts on top. (this is kinda getting old for me, its too sweet.) 4 oz of cabernet wine. ( I actually socialized, but it was horrible. I am so bad at talking to people)

Total- 2600. 

annaattack: your food always sounds amazing!


Prerun: Protopure peanut butter bar

Postrun/bfast: 3 weetabix, frosties, full fat milk, glass of oj

S: handful of cashews and raisins

L: turkey and stuffing sandwich, apple

S: homemade milkshake (jersey milk fortified, spoon of nutella, spoon of p.butter, scoop of vanilla ice cream) AMAZING

D: Bangers and mash (3 sausage, 2 scoops of mash, baked beans and lots of ketchup!) 2 of my mums homemade cupcakes, bowl of my Mum's homemade rice pudding w nutella

S: huge bowl of cereal (mix of alpen, frosties, rice crispies and cocoa shreddies), bowl of raisins, M&S clotted cream fudge yoghurt, hot choc made w half cream half full fat milk and nutella, jordans oats and almond bar, 2 slices of toast w butter honey and peanut butter

S: Mum's homemade flapjacks with M&S clotted cream custard

Also drank around 3 pints of milk throughout day (building up to the GOMAD diet)

I don't count calories so no idea what it equates to...

I'm feeling much better today and had a pretty good day of eats too.

B-maple and brown sugar oatmeal with 2tb pb, a soft egg, 1c OJ

S-chocolate chip vector energy bar, 1/2chocolate ensure high protein

L-kind of a weird combo sandwich but yummy!; roast beef(~1c chopped) on whole grain bread with a banana and ~30g cheddar cheese, ~2.5c steamed spinach, broccoli,lima beans,zucchini, gr.beans and 1/2an avocado

S-an orange, other 1/2ensure with scoop choc. protein

D- mmm sausage and rib stew!..included ~1c fire roasted canned tomatoes, chopped red pepper and portabello mushrooms, a chopped sausage and a barbeque sauced riblet

S-1c fibre bran cereal with 1c soy milk and tb pb

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Haven't posted here in quite awhile, because I needed a break from obsessively tracking my intake. I've still been following my meal plan (and exceeding it on most days).  I probably won't be posting regularly because I'm trying to spend less time obsessing about food, however I'll still check in occasionally to help keep myself accountable. =) 

I've been challenging myself like crazy recently.. I've been eating out almost every day.. sooo amazing & freeing. I had real fish & chips the other day, a croissant smothered in melted chocolate with fresh strawberries & ice cream, an AMAZING gourmet beef burger from a cafe... and many more! Planning on going out for brunch tomorrow and either frozen yoghurt with a million toppings or a trip to one of the chocolate cafes in the city in the afternoon (must try belgian waffles with ice cream, fresh fruit & melted chocolate! =D). 

So great to see some familiar faces doing so well (and lots of new ones too, of course!). Keep up the great work everyone, it's worth it. =)

Breakfast - 120g Whisk & Pin muesli, ~80g meredith sheeps natural yoghurt, 2tbsp. LSA & 1c. mixed berries

Snack -  'Joy' Red velvet cupcake

Lunch -  Cheese (21g fall fat) sandwich (thickly sliced seeded sourdough bread) with avocado (unmeasured!), lettuce, pesto & tomato.

Snack - 150g 'Eat. Gourmet' yoghurt & banana

Snack - 52g 'Nestle' rolo

Dinner - Tofu stirfry (150g extra firm tofu, 1.5c. rice, 1.5c. mixed steamed vegetables & sauces)

Snack - 200g hazelnut roche gelato

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By the way Annatack, nah I don't count :-)


-2 slices of chocolate chip Brioche, toasted, with much salted butter

-2 slices of white toast + butter + Bonne Maman raspberry jam

-1 hunk of Baguette with butter and Nutella

-1 vanilla Fortimel Extra



-1 fresh pain au chocolat

-1 raspberry macaron

-1 Flat White



-2 huge bowls of Linguine with a creamy smoked salmon sauce and dill

-1 Kinder Pingui

-1 large glass of cold milk

-2 shortbread rounds



-1 banana

-1 strawberry Candy'Up


Snack out:

-1 real chocolat chaud

-1 Nutella crêpe

-1 lemon butter and sugar crêpe



-1 toasted sandwich with much butter: poilâne bread, lots of Goat's cheese, Parma ham, finely sliced onions, cherry tomatoes and gherkins, GOOEY YUMMINESS

-1 Brie, Chicken and cranberry sauce toasted sandwich

-1 brownie Cornetto ice cream



-1 big bowl of Porridge with full fat milk, lots of cold full fat milk poured on top and about half a bag of brown dense sugar

-2 shortbread biscuits crumbled into it

-1 handful of Jelly Babies



-2 Garibaldi biscuits

-1 apricot Fortimel Extra


great job everyone, remember this is worth it!!

yesterday i made it to.... 6,000 cals!!! i was hungry for it though so i dont feel bad. :0 so yesterday was...


  • overnight oats- 2 packets of cinnamon roll oatmeal w/ vanilla almond milk and a carbmaster vanilla yogurt mixed in
  • a 7 oz sweet potato with ketchup
  • fiber one oats and peanut butter bar
  • english muffin and turkey slices sandwich


  • vanilla almond luna bar
  • blueberry bliss luna bar
  • 2 fudgesicle bars
  • english muffin with nutella


  • sandwich on wheat with biscoff spread and grape jelly
  • another sandwich with nutella and almond butter
  • bowl of pretzel sticks
  • 2 hershey 'hugs'
  • 3 bowls of cereal with almond milk - life, pb cheerios, and chocolate cheerios


  • mini chocolate crunch bites
  • white chocolate macademia luna bar
  • iced oatmeal raisin luna bar
  • another fudgesicle bar


  • 4 breaded turkey meatballs
  • 3 cups of evoo strifried vegetables
  • 1/2c of pasta
  • an apple
  • sandwich on cinnamon raisin bread with biscoff spread and nutella


  • 3 serving bag of sweet chili rice cakes
  • a tagalong girl scout cookie
  • a fererro rocher chocolate
  • 40 chocolate animal crackers

more snacks/R.E.:

  • cookie dough luna protein bar
  • plate of chips and cheese
  • 3 bowls of cereal with almond milk - life, golden grahams, and cap'n crunch
  • an orange popsicle

annattack: i am SO proud of you. 6000 is awesome. I hope it pays off for you soon. and your eats sound delicious too!

B-1.5c Fibre bran cereal with chocolate ensure, 1.5c OJ

S-Tim's carrot orange whole grain muffin

L-So this was scray but amazingly good.. sandwich on a 12grain bagel with 1/2can salmon, a banana and 2tb pb on it, ~2.5c steamed kale,broccoli,zucchini,lima beans,green beans and 1/2an avocado

S-granny smith apple, choc.ensure with choc. protein added

D-bowl(at least 4c..) tomato sausage and rib stew, also with sweet potatoes, red/yellow/green peppers, mushrooms, sugar peas and canned tomatoes and bbq sauce

S-4pieces cheddar cheese, maple and brown sugar oatmeal, and an orange


I think I have blood sugar problems.. bought a machine and its been on the low end (in the 70s 2 hours after eating). I haven't had a sick shaky feeling today because I ate pretty frequently, but if I wait too long I feel sick and feel like I'm dying.. I try to eat lots of protein adn low sugar that seems to help a lil.

Breakfast-1/2 cup of rolled oats; 1 cup plain ff greek yogurt; sf syrup; 1 slice of bread.

Lunch- 3 eggs sunny side up; 1 tsp butter; smallish yam; 2 small gala apples; 1 cup plain ff greek yogurt.

Snack- chocolate chip pure protein bar; carbmaster yogurt; 7oz baby carrots; some random 100 calorie log.

Dinner- spicy beef salad; ( this was a different thai place than I usually go to, they gave me TONS of beef.)

After dinner/night snacks- small apple; orange, carbmaster yogurt; 6 oz of plain greek yogurt; a few cashews; 2 crackers; 1 tsp pb; some grapes; handful of honey nut cheerios. 

Total- 2710



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How are my lovelies?

Snack before going out for breakfast:

-1 toasted crumpet with much salted butter and Manuka honey


Breakfast in a gorgeous tearoom:

-2 fresh all butter croissants with lots of butter spread on top

-1 mini Pain aux raisins

-1 mini Pain au chocolat

-1 slice of Baguette + butter + raspberry jam

-1 Latté



-1 vanilla Fortimel Extra

-1 hunk of a white chocolate Lindt easter bunny



-1 very large bowl of leftover Linguine with smoked salmon in a thick creamy sauce with dill

-1 slice of fresh Baguette with butter and Brie cheese

-150g of Mamie Nova full fat creamy peach yoghurt

-1 lovely banana



-1 apricot Fortimel Extra

-4 squares of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate



-1 warm pain au chocolat



-4 madeleines

-1 warm sweet vanilla milky coffee



-1 large breaded veal escalope

-2 servings of Orzo Pasta tossed in Olive Oil with much much much grates Parmesan on top

-Sugar snap peas with salted butter

-1 slice of Poilâne bread, toasted, spread with butter and Chèvre Cheese

-1 honey and nougat Magnum (switching things up a little ahaha)

-1 glass of cold full fat milk



-1/2 a tablet of salted Lindt milk chocolate

-2 M&S shortread biscuits



-1 large hunk of buttered Baguette with Bonne Maman raspberry jam

-1 glass of vanilla bean drinkeable cow


hey guys, everyone here seems so wonderful and supportive, it's amazing! i am trying to gain weight although i find it really challenging to get to 3000 cals so i'll only post here when i reach the 3000 cals so as to honour the posting requirements. hope you dont mind me posting here anyway!

here are my eats for yesterday:


breakfast 1071 kJ

1 mug coffee with 1 cup soy milk

150g bush honey and vanilla yogurt with 50g banana and 40g strawberries


lunch 1063 kJ

20g baby spinach with 60g cos lettuce, 80g tomatoes, 3 almonds, 1 serving mexican tuna, 45g corn kernels

large nectarine

large gala apple


dinner 15755 kJ! (went out for dinner with my boyfriend at this indian restaurant and it was DELISH)

entree: 1 cup mango lassi, 1 samosa, 1 indian fried puff pastry with filling, 2 pieces tandoori chicken, 3 grilled prawns, lots of butter chicken gravy

main: mixed platter - 2 pappadums, 1 cup flavoured basmati rice, 7 garlic chilli tiger prawns, serving chicken tikka, serving beef korma, couple of tablespoons of buttery mash and at least 1/4 cup raita, 1/4 cup butter chicken gravy, 1/4 cup madras gravy

dessert: 1/2 belgian waffle with 3/4 scoop ice cream, 1/2 cup melted chocolate, serving of sliced strawberries AND 3/4 massive chocolate brownie at least 3x2x1.5 inch with 2 tbsp jersey cream AND 1/2 large mug of yummy horchata

dessert at home: like 40 pretzel m&ms, 1 serving organic salted popcorn

to be honest i haven't enjoyed myself so much in weeks, we were even contemplating not going for dessert after dinner because we were so full but then we decided we hadn't been out like that in ages, so we went anyway. and i actually ate the cream willingly with the brownie and didn't think about calories at all or restrict. 

but i was really upset that although i was so full i still came back and had the m&ms and popcorn in bed ): i think its really more habit than anything and i wish i could stop! it's not like i was hungry, infact after dessert i was telling my boyfriend i was filled up to my throat.

i'm hoping today will be a new start for me. i'm going to eat when i want, and only plug in my eats at the end of the day. i find when i plug in after every single thing i eat i get obsessive with eating tiny amounts during the morning/arvo and then eating TONNES of food at night because i can see how much kJ i have left (like last night). today i am going to try more intuitive eating (although i cant give up weighing just yet).

if you're still reading, hope you guys have a lovely day! x


Hey lvgrl90:


I had a question. My talked to my dietician and she says that I should stay and be at least in a 2500 -2700 range for weight gain and to keep my daily calories consistent. My question is if it is necessary to stay at exactly at 2500 or 2700 calories each day. 

Also, how do you eat? Do you stop eating when you are satisfied or is it necessary to feel full. Sometime I think I am satisified and I stop eating but then I start losing weight. But when I feel full or not hungry at all it helps me gain weight but I don't know what's healthier. Thanks

College29- I think your dietician is right, stick to 2500+. by now your bmr has probably increased therefore you lose weight when dropping bellow that. I notice I gain if I don't eat 2500 at least. I have been raying to respond to hunger cues. I never really get that, I'm so full feeling. Sometimes I could keep eating, sometimes not. I've been having large lunches (close to 1000cals) because I just feel most hungry then. I try and snack a lot too. I say if you feel like you want to eat more, than go for it. That is what I'm trying to do and I've maintained my weight this week.

how is everyone? :) <3

last night i went to a club with some friends and had FUN and ate junk food with my friend after at our sleepover. was so much fun and im glad to be living again! so yesterdays food was...

breakfast @ wildflower cafe:

  • vegetable egg omelette
  • 2 pcs of whot toast
  • side of fruit (pineapple, orange, banana)
  • lots of ketchup for the omelette!


  • 2 packs of maple brown sugar oatmeal mixed with vanilla almond milk and a carrot cake yogurt cup
  • peanut honey pretzel luna bar (new and soo good)


  • peanut butter nimble balance bar

dinner w/ my friend!:

  • footlong subway turkey sub with sweet onion dressing
  • bag of parmesan & herb sunchips
  • a few lifesaver mints

at club:

  • a redbull energy drink

snacks after the club:

  • special k double chocolate protein meal bar
  • 2.5 servings of tostidos restaurant style tortilla chips with cheese dip
  • big bowl of oil popped, buttered popcorn
  • a bunch of peach rings and sour gummy worms

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. This is my first ever time posting here! I've been trying to recover from binge/purge type anorexia since early winter; the past two months I've been very inconsistent with my eating habits but had enough one terrible night last week, promptly got a doctor's note for time off of work and school (where I live alone right now), and have been home at my momma's house surrounded by support and loved ones! It seems to be the push I needed since I've been feeling better mentally and didn't exactly count calories or obsess all weekend.

Breakfast - 1.5 HUGE bananas, sliced into coins sandwiched with with 1 T dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. another T dark chocolate dreams and remaining .5 banana on a toasted sandwich thin. I actually prefer real whole grain bread now, but my mom buys those little flat things for herself.

Snack - 6oz plain nonfat Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup original Uncle Sam cereal

Snack/Reactive eating? - 25-30 pitted dates with an unmeasured amount (probably about 2-3 T) of dark chocolate dreams, Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich (mom's)

Lunch - Boca burger, salsa, and about 2 T roasted garlic hummus on a sandwich thin

Snack - big mug of coffee with 2 tablespoons creamer and a bit of 2% milk. white chocolate macadamia Luna bar

Dinner - heaping plate of penne pasta with pesto sauce, cup or so of garden salad with dressing

Snack - slice of blueberry pie, tea with honey and a few splashes of 2% milk

Total - I am trying not to be obsessive so this may not be overly exact, but I got at least 2600 :)

This weekend I did nothing physical..mostly lounged around the couch and watched tv and read..but i kept craving chocolate and meat. weird.

B-2x whole wheat toast with 2tb pb, a banana and soft boiled egg

S-1/2 chocolate ensure and an orange

L-~3c salad of chorizo sausage and cheddar cheese with steamed kale, broccoli, lima beans, sugar peas, gr.peppers, kashi dark mocha almond granola bar

S-other 1/2ensure with choc. protein added, can of tomato and basil tuna with ~9baby carrots

D- 4big bbq ribs covered in sauce, ~1.5c side of orange/red peppers and gr.beans, and a sweet potato

S-double chocolate bran muffin,1c OJ

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