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Weight Gain
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Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Feb 2 - April 20

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Please make sure you thoroughly read and accept the rules before posting!


  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum.  We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

  • If you post below the minimum, the posts will be removed
  • Also remember we do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  This is not the place for negative self-talk, nor should any foods be considered bad, unhealthy, or junk -- the goal here is to gain weight to be healthy
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • Do not discuss weights or personal BMIs -- this is very triggering

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500 -this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories. Teens need to eat at least 3000.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Exercise is often an addiction seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you exercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by exercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and you all did, then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for people to see posts that are under the food requirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.

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1/2 cup of rolled oats

1 scoop whey protein

1 tsp peanut butter

2 tablespoons of nesquik powder

1 cup unsweetened almond milk


3 slices of sprouted bread

2 slices of uncured bacon 

1/2 cup  low fat cottage cheese

1 tomato

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk w/ 1 tbsp nesquick


2 cups of starbucks coffee w/ creamer & sugar

1 banana 

slice of bread


in in out double double no cheese with lots of ketchup

some fries

Reactive eating-

1 banana

2 cups of nsa slow churned neopololitan ice cream

3 slices of sprouted bread 

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

celery and 1tbsp guacamole


Total 2700-2800

I just bursted out crying tonight after eating all of this food. I don't think it was about the food I just think I have a lot of sadness bottled up. :( or maybe i'm getting my period soon. idk. 


When it comes to exercise, if your body is underweight, it will stress it all the more to begin working out on top of replenishing it. Thus: if you've not achieved a BMI of 17.5 or higher, if your doctor tells you no, if you are suffering palpitations, pains, edema, or any other affliction while refeeding, or if you have a history of compulsive overexercise my advice is to not exercise at all. Equally, cardiovascular exercise can be detrimental to weight gain. Eat back any calories you burn off. That said, resistance exercise, weight lifting, yoga, pilates and other strengthening techniques can be beneficial in that they help rebuild lost muscle eaten away at.

frances1991- welcome! umm, 10 miles is more than enough:o are you at a bmi above 17.5, like that quote says? and no, it's not bad to be hungry! it's just like lola said; the reason your hungry is because you run.

kbryson7- thanks!:) i do too!:D and i adore the lasagna you had for dinner!

annaattack- your welcome! i think i'll probably stop soon, i haven't counted today (monday) but i did count yesterday. i just like to count so i can know exactly how much food equals x amount of calories!^.^ other than that i think it sucks hahah. omg, yes it's soo insane; i woke up this morning in need of some serious nourishment! i've already eaten like half of the brownie tin i baked xD and i'm not talking about a small brownie tin.. aww sorry that you still ended up counting:( mega sexy afternoon snacks btw! fudge rules<3

lola- yes, you may call me mia:D can i call you lola? i just called you it anyway, but idc. bahahah!! aww thank you<3 yeah i'm so glad i'm living with my bio. mother now too! it's amazing how much can miss someone when you haven't seen them in a while. pfft it better be!;) wow you eat so healthily; i mean, seriously, nobody i know eats prunes but me! i hope all goes well with your weight gaining, good luck! ~i believe in youuuu~

rosally- i experienced a little bit of that (although i don't suffer from an eating disorder) but mine went away pretty quickly. everyday i just chop up some prunes and sprinkle them on everything i eat!:o you should try it someday, it helped me so much so i'm sure it's bound to help you also xoxox

lvgrl90- aww it'll be okay! your doing terrific girl! don't let one day of tears ruin all the hard work and effort you've put forth<3 if you ever need somebody to talk too, i'm sure that we'll all be here to listen! feel better soon, kay?:)


here are yesterday's eats! i woke up this morning (monday) extra hungry, and have decided that now that i know what 6,000 calories looks and feels like; that i shall not count anymore! hopefully, i don't underestimate :s moving on..


  • 1 1/2 ww waffles smothered in 6 tbsp fat free buttery spread and 1/3 cup maple syrup and 1/3 cup slivered almonds
  • 2 tbsp creamy almond butter w 10 large strawberries


  • 1 white hot dog bun, 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese and 3 oz. smoked salmon
  • a bowl of 1 sliced banana, a miniature raisin plus cranberry box topped with 1/2 cup lf cottage cheese
  • 1 m&m cookie ice cream sandwich


  • 4 cups cauliflower 'macaroni' and cheese, a glass of unswt almond milk
  • 1 quarter pound ww spinach feta turkey burger


  • ww cucumber and fat free sour cream sandwich
  • 1 snickers bar
  • 1 cup blueberries


  • 2 servings of leftover scrambled egg whites over kale and arugula with quinoa
  • 1 cup brown rice with mushrooms, asparagus, and 3 oz. shrimp stir fried in 1 tbsp almond oil
  • another m&m cookie ice cream sandwich


  • 1 cup bran flakes with 1/2 cup unswt almond milk and 1 cup grapes
  • half a ww waffle topped with 6 oz fat free plain yogurt
  • 3 cups of air popped popcorn

total- 6,050

miafrappucina - Thank you for the reply! My bmi is 16 so no. However I am a recovering exercise addict (used to clock over 100 miles a week) and have been working with a psychologist to bring my milage down. We've agreed it would be dangerous for my mental health to go cold turkey so I have cut down and am working very hard on bringing up my calorie intake.
I'm finding it hard not to restrict but I am finally starting to feel like I'm winning against the voice in my head! My biggest problem seems to be eating in the day, no idea why! At night it's like I finally see sense and realise how much my body NEEDS the calories.
Also: If you don't mind me asking, if you're don't/didn't suffer from an eating disorder what has caused you need weight gain? Very fast metabolism? I feel I suffer from both!

Does anybody have any advice on saturated fat/sugar intake?
My Mum says it shouldn't matter, as long as I'm not eating trans fats! I.e. homemade cakes over cheap shop bought etc.


B: 2 weetabix and full fat milk, glass of OJ

S: apple

L: turkey salad filled pitta

S: grapes, olives, nuts

D: chicken arrabiata pizza followed by flapjack crumble with M&S creamy custard

S: clotted cream yoghurt, huge bowl of shreddies, bowl of frosties, chocolate milk, protien bar, jordans crunchy honey and oat bar, raisins and banana chips

Throughout the day: 2 pints of Jersey Milk

Later I plan on some toast and hot chocolate!'s the worst. Makes you THINK you've gained a lot of weight but really, it's the bulk of you foods. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to ease it, but I've found that drink A TON of water really helps. Try prune of pear juice. Or you can eat prunes, just not too many. You're friends and family will thank me for that last advice. ;P (Let's just say there is SEVERE wind that comes along with that and trust me, you'll STINK!)

B-1c fibre first cereal with raspberries, 2tb pb and 1/2chocolate ensure, 1c OJ

S-banana, chocolate chip vector energy bar

L-big(~2c) leftover pesto lasagna, ~1c sugar peas,red peppers and carrots, a large orange

S_other 1/2ensure with choc. protein added, 4pieces cheddar cheese

D-large bowl of steamed broccoli, lima beans, green beans, gr.peppers, 1/2avocado and tb olive oil, a baked sweet potato and bbq flavoured chicken breast

S-another chicken breast with 2tb pb spread on, 1c OJ

just typed a huge reply/post and my laptop deleted it. AWESOME >:l

yesterday i reached 3,300 and today i didnt count calories!! no more counting for me honestly :) so todays meal plan was...


  • 2 carbmaster yogurts - 1 peach, 1 strawberry colada
  • wheat wrap with a banana, biscoff spread, and cinnamon raisin pb


  • baby carrots with ketchup
  • honey smoked turkey deli slices
  • a blueberry jello cup


  • wheat wrap with a banana, nutella, bees knees pb, & crushed potato chips
  • snack bag of salsa con queso cheetos
  • an apple
  • glass of lf milk


  • 2 fudge brownies with samoa ice cream on top
  • sandwich with cheddar cheese, turkey slices, and EVOO stirfried veg


  • 1 cup-ish wheat pasta with sauce, 3 turkey meatballs, & broccoli
  • 2 glasses of lf milk
  • snack attack... 4-6 servings (16 crackers per serving) of original animal crackers


  • ginormus bowl of golden grahams mixed with raisin bran and cap'n crunch cereal with lf milk
  • 3 apples
  • banana with biscoff spread
  • crackers and pretzels with nutella
  • chocolate chip granola bar
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Bonjour my friends!

Annatack: I am thrilled with your attitude, keeeeep it uuuuuuuup!

Lola: aw I'm so sorry about summer camp! I'm sure if you find something closer your mum would agree, no? You should tell her how much it would motivate you :-)




-1 large slice of toasted pain Poilâne with much butter and raspberry jam

-1 large slice of toasted pain Poilâne with much butter and Manuka honey

-1 pain au lait slathered in butter with 4 squares of Milka Daim chocolate inside

-1 vanilla bean drinkeable cow

-1 large banana, sliced finely, caramelized in brown sugar



-1 apricot Fortimel Extra

-1 large fresh Pain aux Raisins

-1 apricot Petit Filou

-1 strawberry Petit Filou



-1/4 of a very large Quiche Lorraine with much cream, cheese and bacon (also decorative tomatoes hahaha)

-Salad + cucumber + cherry tomatoes + Chèvre cheese + much dressing

-1/2 a baguette with much salted butter

-1 large slice of fondant au chocolat

-1 Flat White


Snack in lectures:

-1 white chocolate Kit Kat chunky

-1 strawberry Candy'up


Snack Angelina's:

-1 real chocolat chaud, just pure melted chocolate, with MUCH whipped cream

-1 Millefeuille



-1 pack of french fry salted crisps

-Green olives

-Black olives



-2 servings of Mum's fish pie with much mashed potato atop

-Salad + cucumber + cherry tomatoes + goat's cheese + dressing

-1 hunk of Baguette + butter + St Agur blue cheese

-1 very large slice of my sister's birthday cake: carrot with cream cheese frosting



-1 chocolate Fortimel Extra

-1 white chocolate Magnum



-2 crumpets, toasted, with much butter and an insane amount of Nutella

-1 glass of warm milk with vanilla and cinnamon added


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And here's today my little cookies!

Le Petit Déjeuner:

-80g of Curiously Cinnamon Grahams + much full fat milk

-1 toasted English muffin with butter and about half a jar of Nutella

-1 crumpet, toasted, with butter and comb honey



-1 large slice of leftover Quiche Lorraine

-1 Flat White



-1 huge portion of leftover fish pie with mashed potato

-2 large toasted Pita breads spread with hummus

-Cherry tomatoes + cucumber + chèvre cheese + dressing

-1 Kinder Pingui

-8 squares of Lindt vanilla bean white chocolate



-150g of Mamie Nova peach creamy yoghurt



-2 large homemade brownies with walnuts, pecans, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips

-3 Daim chocolate caramel sweet thingies



-1 large hunk of olive Baguette spread with butter



-2 extra large flour Tortillas 

-Chicken in a tomatoey sauce with black beans, onions, peppers...

-Much sour cream

-Much grated Gouda cheese

-Much mild chunky tomato salsa

-1 White Chocolate Magnum ('bit of an addiction going on here...)



-1 large brownie with lots of full fat Greek Yoghurt

-1 real chocolat chaud made with full fat milk and lots of Lindt Pyrénéen chocolates. This was AMAZING



-1 vanilla Fortimel Extra

-2 shortread Fingers

-1 Garibaldi biscuit (a present! LOVE)

Yesterday's eats

Breakfast- 1/2 cup of rolled oats; 1/2 cup of cottage cheese; 1 banana

HUGE LUNCH/reactive eating- 2 slices of sprouted bread; two eggs over easy; kale  onions with 1 tsp of butter; 2 tbsp of guacamole; 1/2 cup of rolled oats w/sf syrup and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese mixed in; 1 large banana; 1/2 slice of bread with more guacamole. 

Snack- coffee with half and half; and coffee with 1/2 cup fo whole milk & sugar. 

Dinner- large serving of mahi mahi in coconut tomato sauce (brazilian bbq again hehe); large serving of collard greens w/evoo; 1/2 cup of white rice; heart of palm; olives and cheese ball. 

Night snacks- 2 medium apples; 1 orange; 1 mini banana; 2 carbmaster yogurts; 100 calories of cashews & cheerios.

Total- 2502 calories. 

I have the urge to binge still, but I really am trying to go with it. I never eat until im nauseated or in pain... so that is a good sign, right?? I am just never full! I don't weight myself, but I can see the weight gain... It is finally going to the right places! Boobs are coming back, muscular legs, just overall healthier! I promised never to weight myself, all that matters is what I see in the mirror. The number throws me off way too much. 

Hope everyone is doing well... will post eats later! 

ziporaa- hey! your food always looks so awesome. do you count calories still? i just stopped yesterday xD

nyankawaiicat- your meal plan doesnt meet the minimum to post here. teens need 3000 absolute minimum

lvgrl- dont stress! i dont really think its reactive eating since u are just meeting the absolute minimum for gaining. its called a minimum for a reason so dont be scared to go over:)

Original Post by annaattackk:

nyankawaiicat- your meal plan doesnt meet the minimum to post here. teens need 3000 absolute minimum

I..I do? Sorry, I was trying to work up too it. Excuse me for breaking the rules.

-Emz xxxxxxxx

Doing so much better lately and getting closer to my healthy weight every week,,and i havent even been counting lately!!! :)


B: 1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup of soy milk and scoop of chocolate protien powder (new favorite all mixed together!), bowl of grapes, 1/2 a bagel with tbsp PB, 1 protien power bar, and a yogurt


S: Fiber plus bar (Chocolate and Oats) with lots of PB


L: Boca Burger on a whole wheat bagel with honey mustard and spinach, a lot of tortilla chips with this AMAZING spinach artichoke dip...soo good


S: Power bar, apple, quaker smashbar


D: (went out to dinner!) Mediterranean Vegetable pasta with extra parmasan cheese, and a big triple chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream ontop and ate every last bite haha it was delishhh!!


S: fiber bar and some grapes and probly will grab another snack before i head off to bed!

nyankawaiicat- sorry for sounding so harsh. not taking away from any of the progress youve made so far, its great just the rules of the thread are 3000 minimum for under 25 years old to post. so get up there girl! its easy once you take the plundge and get past the first few days


feeling happy and positive today. i decided im never ever satisfied on the 3000 minimum a day so i am making my new minimum 4000 and higher when im hungry. im trusting my body will sort itself out on its own.  i said i was going to stop counting but i ended up counting today :/ oh well, i will try not to tomorrow


  • 2 packs of cinnamon roll oatmeal w/ vanilla almond milk and raisins
  • an apple
  • 1+1/4c kix cereal
  • a hardboiled egg
  • a colby jack cheese stick

snack at the movies:

  • 2/3 bag of large movie theatre size bag of popcorn
  • baby carrots & 3 'hugs' hershey kisses i snuck in :)


  • pc of toast with nutella & banana slices
  • 2 cups of microwave spanish rice mixed with green beans
  • a boca burger with bbq sauce
  • 2 fudgesicle bars


  • last of the nutella jar (4 tbsp) with a chopped banana in it
  • 2 nectarines


  • bowl of life cereal with raisins and vanilla almond milk
  • 2 turkey hotdogs w/ kechup
  • fiber one oats & pb bar


  • 2 mini bags of popcorn
  • 2 pc cinnamon raisin toast with cinnamon raisin pb & biscoff spread
  • fiber one oats & chocolate bar
  • carbmaster vanilla yogurt

total = 3,980

What are some of the best things to eat? Please go look at my other posts:)

nyankawaiicat- sorry for sounding so harsh. not taking away from any of the progress youve made so far, its great just the rules of the thread are 3000 minimum for under 25 years old to post. so get up there girl! its easy once you take the plundge and get past the first few days


It's okay! :) Thank you for the support :) I actually tried 3000 today and It's not so bad after all!


B- Strawberry Nutri-Grain, 200ml semi-skimmed milk with a magic strawberry straw! 2 digestive biscuits, 2 TUK crackers.

= 500 cals


S-Honey Nature valley granola bar, 1 breakfast biscuit.

= just over 250 cals.


L- 1 and a hlaf servings of crunchy nut with chocolate curls cereal with 125ml semi-skimmed milk! Half a sandwhich with half a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter, 1 small petite filous, 1 apple, 2 TUK crackers.

= about 700!


S-a plain freddo, Dairylea cheese stripper, bag of cheese and onion pom bears.

= 260 cals.


D-baked oven fish, peas, spicy potato wedges!

= about 800 cals!


S- Having some chocolate with my mum that will equal 500 cals!




-Emz xxxxxxxxxxxx

Original Post by nyankawaiicat:

Original Post by annaattackk:

nyankawaiicat- your meal plan doesnt meet the minimum to post here. teens need 3000 absolute minimum


I..I do? Sorry, I was trying to work up too it. Excuse me for breaking the rules.

-Emz xxxxxxxx

You have had at least 3 posts removed - please read the email you receive when a post is removed by the moderators.  Please also read the original post in this thread and it's very clear that you must meet 3000 calories.

ETA:  Didn't see your post above -- good for you, keep it up.  try not to include "maybe" or "later" calories -- those have an awful way of not actually happening.

Sorry, I just had a hard time of getting it in my head what my body REALLY does need to require, im pushing myself and doing my best now, so thank you :)

Sorry for being annoying btw. :)

-Emz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am having a rough time with school. I feel like I am back in high school with the same insecurities. Ugh. Anyways...

Yesterday's eats.

Breakfast ( 563 cals)- 1/2 cup of rolled oats; 1/2 cup of cottage cheese; 1tbsp nesquik; 1 small banana; 1 tsp pb; 1 medium apple; a little bit of cashews, and some crackers. 

Lunch- (422 cals) 1/2 cup of rolled oats; 1 scoops whey isolate; 1 tbsp pb; sf syrup; 1/4 cup cottage cheese. 

Snacks (345 cals)- 2 carb master yogurts, 1 medium banana; cashews and crackers; coffee w/ half and half.

Dinner- (658 cals) 4 slices ezekiel bread (I am becoming addicted); 1cup of kale w/ 1 tsp of butter; 1 can chunk light tuna; 1 egg; 3 tbsp guacamole.

Night snacking immediately after dinner(672 cals )- 1.5 cups of dryers nsa light ice cream; 2 carbmaster yogurts; 1 large banana; 1 slice of ezekiel bread w/ 1 tsp of whey on top; some other stuff I just logged as calories. 

TOTAL- 2660

How much did you weight two weeks ago? 1-2 pounds is perfectly normal when first upping calories. It has nothing to do with quinoa. Why don't you do it another week or two  and see what happens? I think that is the perfect gaining amount. 

Hey all! sorry i haven't been posting lately! So i'm going on a beach vacation tomorrow and won't come back till next thursday:) :(. I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

and today, one of my classmates came up to me, and said "you should lose weight, your face really shows you gained, you have a meat-bun face." I was hurt for about a few minutes, but i thought to myself "Who cares what she thinks? I love myself and how I look and my abilities, i am not going to let her get me down!" and so my dearest, DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE RUN YOUR LIVES, you are you and you are amazing and you remember that!

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