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Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Dec 17-Jan 2

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I am taking the liberty of starting a new thread.  This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500-this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Excercsie is often an addicition seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you excercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by excercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and we all did, then please post a seperate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for ppl to see posts that are under the food reuirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum ontop regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.

A new thread will be started every two weeks, anyone can start the thread when the time comes.  Please start the thread by copying the initial post or two.

(copied from previous thread)-I am copying the many times copied thread, "What did you eat today?" in hopes of helping some of those who are just starting to gain and have no clue what to eat. I know that when I began weight recovery, I was eating tons of low-cal foods just because that's what I was used to. I learned the hard way that dense foods are essential to weight gain when you have high caloric requirements (at one point I needed 4500 cal to maintain my weight on BEDREST). Perhaps newbies can get some ideas if we post our weight gain meal plans! Even if you're not gaining anymore, grab an old one and post it!:]
Please note that every body is different and some will need more or less calories than others to gain. This thread is just so that you can get an idea of what you need.
Oh, and yes, I'm breaking the "no calories, no portions" rule, since it is pretty helpful in this case. If you want to post cals/portions you can. I just ask that you don't post if you're not eating enough, though as this is a weight gain thread, I would hope none of you are undereating.;]
I'll start....
Breakfast (875 cal)*

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal (150) cooked with
  • 1 cup evaporated whole milk (300)
  • 1 mashed banana (100)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (200)
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and cinnamon to taste (50) 
  • 1 hard-boiled egg (75 cal)

Morning Snack (300 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)
  • 1/4 cup dried apricots (100)

Lunch (660 cal)*

  • 1/4 cup rice cooked in 1 cup chicken stock (300) and
  • 1/2 cup canned or cooked chickpeas (145) and
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese (150) and
  • 1/4 cup each onion, peppers, and tomato (30) cooked with
  • 1 tbsp olive oil and curry powder to taste (120)

Afternoon snack (390 cal)*

  • 1 serving baby carrots (35)
  • 1/4 cup hummus (155)
  • 1/4 cup mixed nuts (200)

Dinner (875 cal)*

Evening snack (480)*

  • 1 cup plain whole milk yogurt (180)
  • 1/2 cup homemade granola (300)

About 3600 calories :]

 An example of when i was a ctively gaining weight, i was 25 and sedentary (female)-

B: Bagel, 1.5tbspns PB, yogurt, HB egg, apple, trail mix~750

S: cereal w/ milk+trail mix~360

L: 2 slices WW w/ cheddar, avocado, +sweet potato, Fage 2%, a Pepperidge Farm cookie, a plum, carrots ~700

S: ice cream w/ trail mix~250

D: veg salad w/ trail mix+tbspn alomd butter mixed in, chicken nuggets, corn on the cob~460

S: apple, yogurt, 1/2 Chocolate Candy Bar ~410

Total ~2930

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ooO yay a new thread! :) well, my day was ok...so much better than yesterday! had therapy..(did a little journal-y thing if u want to read my baabble about that... but anywhoo, T went well...and just relaxed today. well finding it super hard to except the weight ive gained, my body and all. and just feeling no good in general :/ but i did eat some yummiii things lol.ahh..ok here's my days eaties:

B- Scottish style oatmeal, with 1 tbsp white chocolate hot cocoa mix cooked in...omg so good :) 3 tbsp raisins, and a banana and 1 tbsp cashew butter=480

S-'Apple pie' larabar and a glass of hemp milk, and a small apple= 340

L-  ww wrap, 1/4 part skim ricotta, lots of spinach, tomato, and sprouts, 2 tbsp pine nuts...basil oregano and hot sauce. 2 clementines. = 520

S- (went to Starbucks! :) and had their oatmeal with the pack of the nut medley and the packet of dried fruit medley, it was so good! although i make the best oatmeal, sorry Starbucks ;P but it was so fun to eat snack out :) = 340

D- Basmatti brown rice 1 cup. 2 tbsp pistachios, spinach, asparagus, tofu, roasted kabocha squash. spiced with curry etc. = 470

S- 2 tbsp yogurt covered raisins, 1 tbsp goji berries, 1 tbsp dried mulberries. and 2 prunes. 10 hazelnuts (trail mixxxy) and 1/2 cup TJ plain fro yo+1 tsp ginger syrup= 360

:O so tired !! keep it up girlies!

Maya, all your meals are so amazing! I want to try that wrap!


B - Oatmeal with blueberries, plain yogurt, English muffin with smoked salmon and cream cheese (ugh, I don't like cream cheese at all, but need to have two fats with breakfast and we're not allowed to bring nuts because we need to confront our fears of spreadable things..I eat almond butter all the time!)

S (provided by program) - 2 nature valley oatmeal raisin granola bars

L - oatbran and flax tortilla with basil pesto (yum) and tuna, strawberry yogurt, carrots, and vanilla pudding

S - Clif Nectar Bar (cherry pomegranate!) and 2 dried peach halves

D - couldn't resist having oatmeal the way I've been craving it all week in the mornings! Old fashioned oats with cinnamon, half a diced apple, 2 dates, raisins, and almonds, with some apple juice cooked in too. So so good. And broiled salmon on the side for protein haha.

S - Greek yogurt with craisins, the other half apple, and a piece of cinnamon raisin bread with a tbsp of almond butter

Happy Thursday!

maya -- i second pappilonpixie, your meals look awesome. i really am trying to eat more "clean" i guess yuo could say but its reallyy hard we dont have a whole foods store anywhere near my house and the rest of my family eats like all full sugar full fat no organic or vegan stuff haha but i dont like anyyyy of it. so luckly they're supportive and let me buy the organic/vegan stuff i CAN find at like the local kroger but its sooo difficult. i wish my meals could be as fun as everyone elses on here :(. 

well,, i went clothes shopping and it actually wasnt tooooo bad! pretty much just reminded me how underweight i still am.... i tried on a pair of jeans at Saks that actually didnt fall off me! the guy working said they look like the perfect size then i was like but noooo im going to gain about 10+ pounds and i still want these to still fit...and they were a smaller size than my pre-ED jeans and he said they would still fit no problem if i gained weight. i didnt feel comfortable in them though and i knew they would only get tighter so i decided against them. it was just reassuring to know that im STILL not close to where i need to be, so it was a little kick in the butt to go eat a BIG snack!

todays eats

b - oatmeal pancakes smoothered in syrup and blueberry jam, yogurt with strawberries and blueberries drizzled with honey, 8 oz vanilla milk

l - turkey sandwich, ww crackers, apple

s - PBJ, trail mix, CIB milkshake

d - egg white omelette with brown rice, 8 oz chocolate milk

s - 1 c cereal, milk, topped with granola, banana, dried cranberries, and pb crackers on the side

sick day! :P i had some un-sick-friendly foods, no good, but yummy nonetheless!

breakfast 1 (my mom brought me, aww sweet!):
2 pieces of buttered toast, tea with honey.

breakfast 2 (cause that ain't enough breakfast for me!):
20ish(?) saltine crackers, maybe 1/2 c. peanut butter, 1/2 c. raisins, more tea with honey.

homemade lemon square from a batch a friend made for me, yum!

sandwich wrap with 1/2 c. almond butter, 2 tbsp. honey, and 4 prunes (omg good). dark chocolate almond biscotti. 1/2 apple. trying to avoid dairy b/c i'm sick but i live for dairy so oops... 2 c. full fat greek yogurt with raspberries! X)

tea with honey, 2 snicker doodle cookies, 2 lemon squares, 3 mini dark chocolate reses chocolates (sweetness! this is what happens when i'm left alone.)

2 c. white cheddar mac and cheese with garlic and italian seasonings. (my mom was going to make spicy indian food with couscous so i could just have the bland couscous, but we were out so she made this instead... not sure how that train of thought went, lol!) also 1/2 apple.

snack: 2 c. premium vanilla ice cream with 1/4 c. melted peanut butter over it, strawberries, and 1 tbsp. dark chocolate chips... omg good but so not good for breathing! X(

Breakfast: Oatmeal, cheerios, cottage cheese with applesauce, almonds, soymilk (700)

Lunch: 1 slice toast with avocado, 1 slice bread with chicken breast made into an open-face sandwich, mixed stir-fried vegetables (leftovers from cooking group on tuesday, yay for non-hospital food), soymilk (700)

Snack: Cafe twist cookies, almonds, soymilk (300)

Dinner: Salmon, brown rice, squash, 1/2 chocolate chip cookie, soymilk (700)

Snack - planned: Nonfat greek yogurt, persimmon, hazelnut butter - I'm either going to eat it on the persimmon if that's good, or on the side if not. (300)

oh persimmons, how i've missed you! looking forwards to my snack in two hours :)

fruit_lvr-! ur meals are great/healthy/balanced and sound perfect! dont beat urself or let ED tell u they arent up to par etc...:/ u know? i know how frustrating it can be to look at and compare to others eats and feel like urs arent "as  fun" etc..but remeber lovie, food=medicine and fuel to live! and get healthy... and it doesnt matter what it is, as long as its yummy :) and something u LoVE! wish i could send you a Whole foods ;) lol. being fixated on "clean eating" i think can be bad... i am trying to break away a bit from 100% needing everything to be "clean" n eating more non organic things..*goal*! bc food should be something to enjoy and nourish and food is food in the end. :) keep going girly! and love that u felt good in jeans!! :) so amazing ur wonderful.

appletwo- LOve persimmons! :) and hazelnut butter YUM :) hazelnut butta+persimmon=probs soooo good lol...bc i love almond butter on persimmons ---amazing! :) great job girly!

and feel better blueberry :( !!! xo

Original Post by fruit_lvr:
 i guess yuo could say but its reallyy hard we dont have a whole foods store anywhere near my house and the rest of my family eats like all full sugar full fat no organic or vegan stuff haha but i dont like anyyyy of it. so luckly they're supportive and let me buy the organic/vegan stuff i CAN find at like the local kroger but its sooo difficult. i wish my meals could be as fun as everyone elses on here :(

so i'm a bit confused... why do you need vegan foods is you aren't vegan? honestly, being vegan isn't the BEST THING when you're trying to gain weight, especially if you have a history of disordered eating. so don't worry if you don't have specialty stores...here's some ideas if you'd like

quinoa or couscous with a couple tsp of olive oil, sundried tomatoes, kalamata or black olives, black beans, and salsa...all mixed together.
quinoa or couscous cooked in coconut milk or heavy cream, with cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisins add in slivered almonds/pecans/or walnuts
garbanzo beans, black beans, kidney beans cooked with brown rice in a couple tbsp of olive oil and add in vegan cheese, chopped avocado, olives and eat with ww tortillas
for a snack roast garbanzo beans with olive oil and nuts...sprinkle cayenne pepper and garlic salt on them..yum
for a snack...have a ww wrap, sliced banana, nutella, and sunflower seeds...be very generous with the nutella and seeds (you can use chocolate syrup if no nutella) , wrap it and grill it in heart healthy butter (earth balance or something), with a glass of chocolate soy milk..yummy! 
bread extra firm tofu with panko bread crumbs and pan fry in vegetable/olive oil until it's crispy...add in jarred marinara sauce (or homemade if you wish) to create a parmigiana effect...top pasta with it and serve with a crusty garlic bread. 
you can always have roasted potatoes...mashed with unflavored soymilk, vegan friendly butter, and topped with vegan chili

Hi everyone!

Blueberry-hi, hope youre feeling better!  2 slices of toast would not be enough for anyone, i bet the 1st bfast was an APPETIZER!!  did u put the prunes in the sandwich at lunch? i LOVE prunes dipped in PB!

FRUITLOVER-hi, yay on new pants! ive never bought anything from whole foods, y?? y do u need organic? i never bought any of those things either, ur vegan? WHY? just eat regualr food from a regualr store, i dont get it?

thanks! :) i actually feel fine with eating, and my energy level never decreased or anything, but respiratory stuff is :P and i'll probably make everyone else sick if i'm around them, so... 

i second (third?) the opinion that organic/vegan is NOT necessary. you can have a healthy, balanced diet of fats, proteins, carbs, even sweets and desserts, but if you limit yourself to any idea of what's "healthy" (i.e. only vegan or only organic) that's still very disordered eating. remember the goal is to go out with friends spur the moment at 2 in the morning for pizza and ice cream, right? lol, well not really, but it would be fun, and that type of casual social... "ness" is what we're working towards. :)

maya: you are so, so right about not needing everything to be "clean" & i personally believe that only eating "clean" & organic foods can lead to/continue disordered eating behaviours -- flexibility & balance are two acts that we need to practice! 


ITS THE XMAS THREAD, This time next week we will be posting out xmas meals. So its only 9am here now, but i am going to post a little note. I AM really going to try and flip around my eating and attitude to food today. REALLLLY am, after a great sess with my therapsit last night (from 10-11:30) I am motivated.

Breakfast: Oats with tbsp ground almonds a kwi, honey and oj

I am going to a loverly veggie restaraunt for lunch www.cornicopia.ie

I am nervous but wish me luck!



good luck driven you can do it. blueberry sorry you havnt been feeling well .

dont post very often as my meals are very boring

breakfast porrage milk 2 toast spread a banana

snack cinamon bagel and banana milkshake

lunch 2 toast vege sausages beans mushroom apple and yogurt

snack bowl of museli elevenses bar more milk im craving milk

tea fish parsley sauce mash peas sweetcorn mums apple crumble

supper 2 weetabix trex bar thanks to laura :)

Original Post by clairedeterre:

maya: you are so, so right about not needing everything to be "clean" & i personally believe that only eating "clean" & organic foods can lead to/continue disordered eating behaviours -- flexibility & balance are two acts that we need to practice! 


I agree with Maya and Claire, i think that eating "clean" organic pure foods etc can lead to disorfered eating behaviors as Claire said, but i also think that it can be done healthfully...like for me, my mom raised me on pretty much all organic foods, of course i ate cookies, goldfish crackers, chips, soda etc on occasion, but mostly in my household there was fresh produce and organic items etc...but i think that if one is in a situation where they have to eat something not so clean or pure, and if they freak or cant handle it in a rational way then that is probably a sign of orthorexia or just shows they have a problem...flexibility is something i think a lot of us need to work on, and i think its great to be able to eat what YOU love, not what ED loves.


Leah, i agree with you 100% that is exactly how i feel, my mom also raised me on pretty much all organic foods, and i did eat things like pizza, chips, gold fish ;)  lol..cookies etc and even went to McDonald once in a while...yet she packed me organic foods and such for school and i drank soy milk, and rice milk and annie's mac and cheese etc etc...but i think now with an ED it kinda turns into safe foods or not safe, and if something is "scary" for me its usually not "clean" enough or pure etc...and i wnat to work on this and be able to have like gummy bears lol, who knows!? because as you said Leah, it can be a bit of an orthorexic tendencie to be vegan, raw or just super clean eating...who wants to go through live avoiding that food one loves just because your ED deems it not pure enought, you know? :)


let me 1st just say that I am NOT vegan, i am just vegaterian, and pretty flexible within my accommodations of my veg. diet, i eat eggs ans dairy and cheese(although, eggs and cheese are not prominent in my MPs i have ate them in the past 3 months a few times and i am very open to it) i think yes, veganism may not be the best at all for weight gainers or anorexics/ed girls in general at all....but all the tx place ive been have had vegetarian options....In IP tx they had couscous, brown rice, veggies burgers, whole wheat bread, granola, and seeds and nuts...things I would classify as "safe" or clean, and yet they had a PB cookie too, or cheesecake or chocolate chip muffins and white pasta...etc...SO they where trying to show a not black and white way of eating.....bc ones diet relle must have versatility and be flex-able....with diff kinds of foods.

eating "clean" i supppose ed girls see other recovers eat a 'certain way' and the ed deems that way better, but really there is no good or bad foods, at all...its all the way we choose to eat.

i think it relle depends on where u live, and ur family....bc as for me...in kindergarten-2nd grade i went to a school, where lets just say they gave us oatmeal with organic cream and butter for snack..and the high schoolers could walk to the co-op health food store for lunch break...my mom would pack me organic this or that, but yet for b-fast i would eat a roll with eggs and cheese from the deli when i was little. My mom was a vegetarian (for reasons not ed of course.) so i guess its in my family to shop/support at the local co-op and go to whole foods, etc..etc...but there was a time when i was anorexic and i didnt care at alll about "pure clean" foods.

and really foods from trader joes and wf, are not alwys that much different than generic foods, ive compared the ingredients on granola from Target(archer farms) and the granola i buy from TJ and its pretty identical, and all the foods at WF are not always "better" ....my therapist is a vegetarian,,,and she is overweight! and she said to me..."believe me i have been a veg. for 10 years and i still eat Doritos" just shows, it depends on ur motives for vegetarianism.

flexabily and balance is teh key and we must learn thta, and remver no diet is perfect no eater is perfect and there is no perrfect "weight gainer" everyone is diff, people shouldnt be made to feel less than bc of this...  in the end we all are going to be healthy no matter if w had an organic cracker or a ritz cracker for snack :P

and argu- fruit_lovr is not vegan...she simply siad she wished she could have "fun foods" and shop at wf..and i dont see the need to say "i dont get it.." bc many could say to you..."i dont get why u dont shop at _______" or why u dont cook and only buy ur food...like idk...? :/ everyone shouldnt be up for critic so harshly..i know u mean well...but if she wants or anyone wants a ceratin way of eating, and its for good motives i dont see a problem, my best friend is soooo not anorexic, like so healhy and her mom shops at whole foods, its just a way of some people live.

great idea/suggestion chrissy

Merry Christmas thread!!! Well done everyone, you're doing great! Blueberry, hope you're feeling better! I was going to increase to 2800 because I've been pretty hungry lately, but am going to wait until tomorrow (weigh in day) and see what the scales say. I know I'm chickening out, but I don't think one day will make much of a difference...

Breakfast: 2 crumpets with peanut butter and mashed banana on top (450)

Snack: Trail mix dipped in yoghurt, apple (350)

Lunch: Tuna and cheese toasted sandwich, satsuma (550)

Snack: Warm weetabix with milk and honey (250)

Dinner: Sausages, mashed potato, broccoli, carrots (650)

Dessert/snack: My homemade cherry cake-yummy! (250-maybe?)


omg, thank you so so much maya! you understand me :) haha it's def NOTT an ED fear of eating "clean" because what i eat isnt clean and it doesnt bother me at all. but like maya said i just see other menus on here that include food and meals that sound soo good but half the things in them i cant get at my local store so i was just commenting how it would be nice to have a whole foods near my house so i could try some of the yummy creations.

i realize everyone is really just trying to help, and i appreciate your concern! it means a lot to me that you all take the time to help make suggestions on ways to still enjoy eating on not neccessarily clean meal plan (chrissy..love u!). 

i have been working reallyyy hard on felxabilty and balance in my meal plan and i feel like ive come so far from the begging of recovery. i made that comment mainly because i love this thread and looking at all the meal plans and im always like "ah that sounds so good i want to have that!!" but then i dont have this or that... i find im getting bored lately with my mp and i think it would be motivating to eat new things so i was trying to use this thread to get more ideas but it was just a little discouraging that my local store doesnt have half the yummy stuff everyone eats

Hey girls! Had weigh in yesterday Morning and I am up 1.5 lbs! progress! ..handling pretty well…here are my eats from yesterday! Great job all! And about the “clean” eating…I really think everyone should eat how they want/love! And u know what? It doesn’t matter, as long as u have good motives for ur health and recovery. Everyone should focus on them selves, of course and offer support, we all have such diiff diets and its nice to see how others eat..we can all learn from one another and help one another.and remeber each of us are different, have diff views and backgrounds we cant judge..we judge ourselvevs enough with our EDs.

B- Oats cooked in 1 cup soy milk, 2 tbsp dried papaya, 1 madjool date, 2 tbsp raisins, 2 tbsp of pecans, 1 tbsp coconut . A lemon poppy seed heart thrive too. ---750

- ½ cup soy with ½ cup bare naked banana nut granola and a banana sliced. 2 tbsp almonds---520

L- Sprouted wheat bagel, 2 T sunflower seed butter, 1 T. apricot jam. some carrot sticks+ 2 T. hummus for dipping, and a POM juice---7400

S-  sesame brittle(200) a slice of seeded bread with 1 tsp earth balance + cinnamon, and warm apple cider.--450

D- made individual quiches !! =) spinach and mushroom herb …had 2 [each one was 230 cals] and a side salad with 1 tbsp goddess dressing and artichoke hearts and kabocha squash[thought of u Maya =), soo good loved it!!]. ---410

S- a fage with maple syrup and 1 oz peanut/cashew mix---340

3210 =)

Original Post by fruit_lvr:

i realize everyone is really just trying to help, and i appreciate your concern! it means a lot to me that you all take the time to help make suggestions on ways to still enjoy eating on not neccessarily clean meal plan (chrissy..love u!). 

thanks...you're such a sweetie!! also, i'd like to point out that "clean eating" doesn't require any sort of specialty stores. 

i'm not sure where on the diet spectrum you are (in terms of beef, pork, chicken, etc.) but you can always buy free range meat products, eggs, and organic dairy. These things are clean and can be bought ANYWHERE.

ground pine nuts and olive oil (pesto) is clean, tasty, and high in cals.

since you're not vegan, adding freshly grated parmesan cheese to breaded/pan fried tofu on a whole wheat roll with marinara sauce is like a "meatball sub" but clean and tasty. 

you can even have pizza...yes pizza. it's really not "unclean" especially if you go to a mom and pop place that makes it all homemade. The ingredients are pure, unprocessed and clean. 

Low calorie doesn't equal clean. Fat free doesn't equal clean. On the same token, things that are high in calories and high in fat are not "unclean". I'm sure you know this but I just want to point it out. 

Everything can fit into a "clean" diet. There are ww crackers that are made by organic companies that don't have preservatives, or additives that make them "unclean" and even if they did, honestly, these things are not going to hurt you in any way. 

GLENNROSE: congrats on the weigh in!!

HEALTHYMUSICIAN: dont chicken out. eat more. i think the only problem is that the extra food weight will show up on the scale and you'll THINK you gained more than you actually did simply from eating more today. i think if you're hungry you really NEED to eat!

MAYA: i personally love the co-op, whole foods, trader joes...i LOVE THEM!! i don't think it's bad for people with EDs to shop at those stores at all. I just think it's so limiting if that's the only type of stores they are willing to shop at, which clearly is not you. i love TARGET too!! their stuff is so much cheaper! your elementary school sounds amazing by the way. 

Hey guys, so today was tough and very emotional but i did it. I could have aeten better but I did my best.

Snack: Paclet of yogue=rt covered banana chips and raisins

Lunch: 1 slice of seeded soda bread, salad of sprouts, carrots and seeds aand tomatoe soup

Snaxk: Tea with honey and dark choco covered almond marzipan bar

Dinner: Chicken curry portionx2 with stirfried veggies

Snack: Coco iccream with crumbles biscuit and maple syrup

I am startign to feel reallly guilty for my damily about me not gaining and still having issues over food which is another motivation to keep getting rid of ed and keep eating. However I know the importance of getting better FOR me, because if i get better for them well then i use my recovery as and emotional blackmailing tool and influence in my relationshiups with my family.

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