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Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? August 16th -Sept 16th

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Please make sure you thoroughly read and accept the rules before posting!


  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum
  • Also remember I do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500-this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Excercsie is often an addicition seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you excercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by excercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and we all did, then please post a seperate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for ppl to see posts that are under the food reuirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum  regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals

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Ello again XD

MP for today!!

Breakfast- 2 thick slices of Golden Wholemeal Toast(190kcals), a Big Pot Petit Filous(104kcals) and Cherrio Clusters(114kcals) with two small pieces of All Butter Flapjack(140kcals) and Orange infused Saltanas, Sponge Drops(Naughty, naught- cake for breakie!!) and Honey and Cinnamon Almonds(130kcals)

Snack- Blackberry and Yoghurt Coated Nougat bar(115kcals) and a small tub of Apple Compote(89kcals)

Lunch- A Large Vegetable Samosa(230kcals), and a Pear(72kcals)

Snack- Two Pieces of All Butter Shortbread(150kcals) and three Almonds(50kcals)

Dinner- Stuffed Red Pepers(!)(They're stuffed with rice(!), veg and cheese(!))(270kcals), with two pieces of Olive Oil Focassia(220kcals) dipped in Plain Houmous(100kcals) and two slices of Tomato, Paprika, Garlic and Thyme Marble Bread(120kcals) and Spicey Coated Peanuts(150kcals)

Desert- Ambrosia Apple Crumble and Custard Snap Pot(!)(187kcals), a Fruit, Nut and Seed Flapjack(320kcals), a bowl of Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry Cereal(220kcals) with 100mls of Soya Milk(38kcals) and a small, Broiche Roll(125kcals)

Supper- A Plain, toasted Bagel(215kcals), a Cranberry, Saltana and Cashew Hot Cross Bun(195kcals), a Glenilan Farm Probiotic Natural Yoghurt with Apple(140kcals), a bowl of Cherrio Clusters(114kcals), Honey and Fennal Seed Peanuts(205kcals) and a Blueberry and Honey Flapjack(354kcals)

Total of 4375kcals!! Wow! Most I've eaten since I started!! And a fear tackled!!!

@partyring- The Red Peper's tasted AMAZING!! Although it was like UBER hard, and I found it really tricky to manage the squishy food, it was worth it for the taste!! Mmm.... definatly getting those again!! xoxo

toffeecrisp challenge people- Yeah tomorrow it is then :D And I love these challenge days, fancy making them a more regular thing?!

jammiedodger- woooo have a cinnamon swirl- I am the queen of them on here :P


B- Packet of mini pretzels and 4 choice grain crackers spread with marmalade.

S- A huge apple.

L- A masive bowlful of mixture of cereals- ~40g bran flakes, ~45g Jordans chocolate country crisp, ~20g chocolate granola and 2 handfuls of jumbo sultanas and raisins, drowned in milk(!)

S- 7 Cadbury's chocolate honeycomb rings, 4 jelly babies and 9 Kit-kat pop choc bites(!)

T- Chinese feast(!) :L M&S chicken chow mein, 2 slices of M&S sesame seed prawn toast and 4 steamed prawn dumplings.

S- (you guessed it) M&S Greek yogurt with summer berry compote and granola yogurt pot (!) A Thorntons vanilla truffle.

A day of challenges :D

raspberryrose: always have the song 'raspberry parade' when I read your posts, lol. How did you like the trek bar? I used to have them a while back.

jammiedoger: when I was young I used to have icecream for breakie when staying with my grandparents! Huzzah for naughty breakfast.

custardcream:so awful about your struggle, I hope things are better today. "It's a new dawn, it's a new day".

lollydolly:well done on the eats

B: 2 fun-sized apples, lemon juice+ tea, bowl of bran flakes w/granola, 1/2 coconut bar (645)

S: puslin bar, 3 oatcakes (324)

L: 150g sweet potato with baked beans, chicken w/ pink salad (beetroot, tomato, peas, avocado (515)

S: 200ml innocent smoothie, oats w/seeds (227)

D: butternut squash with nutty chicken curry, steamed green beans and spinach (550)

P: yog, seeds +nuts  (540)

B:  250ml almond milk + almond butter straight from the  jar with the spoon to the mouth (201)

TOTAL: 3002

Sorry beth, just meant it in a conversational way! It wasn't loaded.

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is good for me for Toffee Crisp :) And yes, Baybeehannahx I would be up for making it a regular thing.  Well done for your day of challenges, I enjoyed reading a far more varied MP :)

Beth22: Yes, I'm going to aim for the full banana after tomorrow - I have half left in the fridge, but after that, full banana here I come :) Thanks for the suggestion, it's the kick I need :) I like the strawberry ensures best, then banana, then vanilla.  The chocolate are ok, but I've never been much of a chocolate fan and I like my evening hot choc, so tend to vary it a bit.  Although the recent lot I've got is mixed flavours, with all kinds of odd flavours like orange, peach and forest fruits... in MILKSHAKES!? A bit sceptical, but will give them a whirl :) Have LOTS of banana and strawberry to get through before that :)


Breakfast: 30g shreddies; 1/2 banana; handful chopped dates; handful blueberries; 200ml sweetened soya (350)

Snack: 250ml pineapple juice (135)

Lunch: 2 thick slices wholemeal bread; 1/2 avocado; teaspoon marmite (I love avocado and marmite combo); tbsp PB; tbsp humous; tomato and a few mixed leaves; chunk of melon (560)

Snack: Fig roll and soya latte (206)

Dinner: 2 veggie spring rolls; spaghetti; 2 broccoli florets; tbsp mango chutney (370)

Dessert: large dairy-free chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate sauce and alpro custard (!) (410)

Snack: Ensure plus strawberry (330)

Snack: snickers bar; hot choc w/sweetened soya (396)

Total: 2747 Yay! :)

 teaspoon marmite (I love avocado and marmite combo) *gasp* got to try this some time!

thebiggerpicture and shadowlight: The thing is I did drink a whole bottle of water before bed... but then that made me need to pee in the morning!! It is a vicious cycle, but tbh i didnt really mind getting up early, I realised i have the potential to do so much more in my day than just sleep.

jammydoger: Congrats on all the challenges! I love smoothies, you should defs try one!! Is it not difficult for you eating so much in the evening? It seems very ED-y to me... maybe another challenge would be to eat more during the day?

partyring and shadowlight: The best crisps are doritos and kettle chips =)

babyhannahx: The cereal at lunch sounds amazing, my kind of thing. Well good luck for the weigh-in on thursday!! And everyone who's eating toffee crisps, I would join you as i love them but i have conquered that one many times in recovery already, though i may have one if i fancy it =)

Beth: You should defs try veggie Percys! I love them!!

breakfast: 'iced and spiced' iced bun, milky tea, sliced apple and raspberry activia layer yoghurt

snack: mango and passionfruit 'cooler' from costa

free samples: dark chocolate covered marzipan chocolate, two doritos dipped in salsa, strawberry with clotted cream, two chunks of bread dipped in various types of oil

snack: large coconut froyo topped with cap'n crunch, frosties, brownie pieces, honey almond granola and pomegranate syrup (odd combo but i wanted to get my moneys worth)

lunch: pret super food salad (humous, chickpeas, poppy seeds,pumpkin seeds, other seeds, taboulle, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinaded pepper, beetroot and a flat bread)

snack: two peanut butter oreos and a handful of peanut m&ms

dinner: entire pizza express margerita pizza, side salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

dessert: strawberry cornetto

snack: 6 peanut butter oreos, fudge brownie flavored hot chocolate

Wow I am so full! And i feel like ive been eating calorie dense foods... what can i do?


raspberryrose, shadowylight, baybeehannah: yay role on toffee crisp day tomorrow :D got mine ready! and spiritriser you should deffo join us :)

shadowylight: your welcome :D belive me the whole banana wont kill you youll be perfect fine, the only difference will be that your breaky will be yummier! and oh no i hate strawberry flavour things :P love banana though! and the new flavour pack you mentioned arent milkshakes, if you look istead of "milkshake style" they say "yogurt style" exacly the same though, just taste more yogurty flavoured :P same thickness n all that, if i remember right...

spiritriser : im glad you said yes because earlier today i went and bought some, 2 for £2 ;D bring it, you will see some percys very soon :D very very soon...

ok so today, i reeeeeeeeally pushed things, i basically eat the same thing everyday so today was MASSIVE for me, i hope you guys aprove :) also ive been eating bigger snack recently, but i preferred having larger meals smaller snacks so im going to go back to that again, and plus i miss my activia yougrts which arent nearly as high as the ones ive been having :P


Breakfast : Usual porridge 1/2cup oats, mixed with 2 scoops protein powder (1 banana, 1 choc, mixed seperate and put side by side in a bowl)and a cup of SOYA MILK(!) topped with 2tbsp of PB and 1 tbsp Jam

Snack: Activia peach rhubarb yogurt (yaaay) sliced banana

Lunch: major biggy coming up! FRENCH TOAST(!!!!!)2 large slices of ww bread, soacked in a EXTRA LARGE EGG(!!!!) mixed with almond milk, cinammon and vanilla, then sandwiched them with 2tbsp of crunchy PB and 2 tb of jam!, topped this with 100g cottage cheese and fresh sliced strawberries. aaaaaah! :P now that the biggest ed challenge like...ive ever done *breathes*

Snack: Activia rhubarb yogurt (yaaaa) sliced pink lady apple dipped and 10g nuts

before i started making tea: 2 VEGGIE PERCY PIGS(!!!!!) thankyou spiritriser! you inspired me here! (unplanned and ontop of my MP)

Tea: Tuna tahinni pittas! nearly 2tins of tuna mixed with quark, 2tbsp of tahinni, alfalfa, stuffed into a large ww pitta with cherry tomatos and lots of romaine lettuce, devine!

an hour or so after tea: 2 MORE PERCY PIGS(!!!!!) (unplanned and ontop of my MP! because i wanted them ED! :D)

Supper: large pink lady apple, pep tea

How did i do? :/

Shadowylight; can't tell you how nice it is to have fellow posters who enjoy a tipple! Hot chocolate is also a great pre-bed hydrater. Hope your head is okay this morning. ;-P

Hannah; yep, trucking on :-) Sounds like that could be a challenge for you! I struggle still with breakfasts with little fibre or fruit; so I'm challenging myself with one tomorrow :-) Puff Pastry Quiche? Sounds Delish! I find short pastry can be bland/dry. Next chance I'll give on a go.

Jammie; ah! Don't let me put you off! I don't like cinnamon, so it really limits the muffins I might like. The Pret High Fibre muffin is actually even better, as it has a jammy filling of 'Superberry Compote'. SO yum!

Spiritriser; as someone who slept until 11 this morning; sleep is a necessary and highly constructive occupation! I consider it caring for my brain :-P Where did you get Coconut Froyo?! Love coconut! Want! (despite the cold and rain...)

Beth; Congrats! Particularly on the pigs too, baby steps are all going forward, you should be proud! :-D

Started new therapy; enhanced CBT. The idea of the first stage is to change behaviour you identify as possibly being for ED reasons (this is the 'homework'), then to analyse how this change makes you feel and what occurs (this is where the therapist helps!) Then you can work out what is ED, what's You, and find what works. Well I struggle with low fiber or no fruit at breakfast. Thinking about this as I walked home, there was an amazing smell of baking. So I followed my nose to Muffinskis, which I think someone here has talked about before?! Don't know if it's the same one, but they were giving out samples of Toffee & Banana Muffins, which were so nice! It was 8pm, so there was only one type left which wasn't gluten free, but I bought a Raspberry & Banana Muffin for breakfast tomorrow. I'll let you know when the world doesn't end! ;-P oh, and if I came find a toffee crisp, mind if I join? Used to love them when I was little!

Anyway, not v interesting eats as there is only really packets of what I had bought yesterday in... But hey, some days are; 

Early hours, tired rather than hungry, but so be it!; 1/2 seed Bap w/ butter & Honey, bowl of Ginger 'Cornflake' Granola from Borough Market w/ milk 

Today proper ;-P

T, Pro Active

Wholegrain & Oat Muffin with mushed Banana & Honey, T (not had a banana in AGES! Noticed having one and it reminded me of how I used to do this to try and recreate the Banana Jam they serve at Ottolenghi. Love it!)

T, Plum w/ tbsps Honey 

1/2 Seeded Bap topped w/ Sautéed Mushrooms, roast Cherry Tomato and sliced Roast Chicken: 3 warmed Sweet Potato Falafel: 1/4 bag of Carrot Batons, blanched Baby Corn & Sugar Snaps w/ 2-3tbsps Onion Chutney. Bottle of Ribena

Large Flat White

Pot of Tea, Raisin Biscuit

few large chunks of free banana & Toffee Muffin :-)

Chicken & Prawn Paella w/ added extra Chicken, glass of Ribena

Couple of handfuls of granola, another Banana

Hot Chocolate, few pieces of crystallised Ginger, two Bear Peach Rolls

TOUGH DINNER- faced a fear of white flour in a foccacia roll! :O stuffed to death.


 edit: i had TWO big pot petit filous at lunch i forgot my frozen one!!

B: 2 pieces WW thick toast with 4 heaped tbsp PB and sliced Banana (880)

S: eatnatural and box sultanas. (198)

L: tin of tuna, 1 nectarine, 1 HUGE tomato, 2 petit filous big pot.

S: bag of mini cheddars and 1 laughing cow (129+42)

D: FOCCACIA ROLL! :O omg. 1 tbsp mayo, 3tbsp EVOO, Tunalime fishcake and bag of sunbites with dairylea stripper.
 S: Double chocolate muffin + 2 heaped TBSP PB.

S: Chocolate bar !!! 248kcal.


total: 3500 highest yet in recvery, :O n no excercise !!!!

  • @ jammiedoger-Hahah i never limit myself to just one nuttbutter;) i try my best to include a little of all of them. They were having this sale at my grocery store for cashew butter and i had never tried it, got it, and now I love it! mmm i love my oatmeal you got put ALOT of nutbutter though to really get that cream taste yum! :)

Today i HAD...

BF-my super oatmeal(fast and convienent for me with school barely starting i dont have time to create a huge breakfast)600

S-protien bar(250)


at school during lunch i looked inside my bag and realized i FORGOT MY LUNCH!!!had to share pretzels with one of my friends and wait for my mom to pick me up since i had an dentist appointment that anyways so luckily i still got eat phew! -cashewbutter and banana sandwich,1/2 apple(550)

late afterschool snack(auditioned for play literally put me 3-4 hours behind my eating schedule,stilldid good i think though)-another chasewbutter banana sandwich with extra cashewbutter;) i ve got ALOT of cashew buuter from the store not gonna let it go to waste-440

D-kashi frosen chicken parmesian pasta(i tend to get more calories in when i buy prepackaged dinners rather than making my own):P,cottagecheese-580

S-cereal,banana.cashewbutter, also bought some whitechocolatepeanutbutter yumm had some of that!almond milk, and a small protien bar-720 (had alot of refills on that cereal lol;))

today was a bit challenging, my ed was telling me too much nutbutter but i ignored it because id rather be enjoying food i love than listen to a silly voice in my head!!>:P

forgot to say my oatmeal was 600 cals!

Beth: Oh no, yoghurt!? I'll have to check... it's weird because there's also the strawberry, banana and chocolate in the same pack. Well done for your varied eats, the french toast looks incredible!! Well done :)

Spiritriser: Join the world wide toffee crisp appreciation! :) Yay! Peanut butter oreos - WOW, sound amazing!

Thebiggerpicture: Yes, I definitely do like a tipple :-P Tia maria or kahula is my ultimate drink of choice; with coke makes a lovely cocktail. For all of those (over 18/21 in US?) banana lovers - banana liqueur with pineapple juice and topped up with lemonade YUM! Wine is definitely up there, too :)

Houseelf: Yes, yes, marmite and avocado is incredible - nom nom nom... definitely one of my favourites :) I love salt, so marmite goes down well.

Haven't got my toffee crisp yet, but we're going shopping, so I'll scour the shops until I find one... won't be too hard. I've recently also rekindled my love for flakes - they were on offer, so it was an irresistible purchase - I like weird textured chocolate... wispa is also a good one.

Good luck guys and I'll be thinking of you as I sink my teeth in :)

thebiggerpicture - MUFFINSKIS! yess they are so good. the banana toffee muffin is sooo lovely. but all the muffins are lovely. literally my favorite muffins in the whole of london, maybe the world. enjoy the raspberry and banana one, its really good, especially if you warm it first.

shadowylight. starbars are like the best cadburys chocolate bar. totally calorific but worth every bite. they are like chocoloate covered peanut buttery caramely fondant stuff. beth knows. they are epic. my dietician has told me that afternoon snack has to be a chocolate or cake or something, so i thought "perscribed starbar? i think so!" was quite hard for me, but i have to have them back in my life.

partyring sunbites are the only crisps ill eat right now. havent eaten any crisps in ages, but now they are mealplanny so im trying. potatoes are just a lot but i need to get over that, especially with crisps as they are really low gi, but its the high gi of potato that stopped me eating it in the first place. im the same though, if it has loads of fibre and will fill me up for ages im ok eating it. im just so worried ill eat and eat and not stop because ill be so hungry after the chocolate because of its gi, but eating everything wouldnt be bad for me right now.

also, i know i drink a lot of tea, at the moment very cooled down. its just really good. peppermint tea aids disgestion, jasmine tea tastes of flowers, ginger and cardomon for first thing to help with bloating and chamomile for bedtime to relax me. tea is really good for you, though i hate black tea soo much.

there should be a crisp day, with planned real crisps and a little bit of friendly pressure to make it happen.

also beth, oatibix are weird, like really cold porridge. their kinda nice but they feel a little wrong you know?

yesterday was really tough. late night museum yesterday meant dinner was outside the house, there was lots of social drinking and i was completely out of my comfort zone. still, tried it, got uncomfortable but kept up with my mp.

yesterdays eats

breakfast - 40g all bran with 150ml s.s.milk, 2 crumpets spread with nutella with a black coffee. followed by peppermint tea.

snack - dorset cereals honey granola bar and a pink lady apple and jasmine tea.

lunch - seedy deli wrap, toasted and spread with tzatziki with a slice of jamie oliver jerked ham (really nice) and griddled cherry toms (3) and 1/3 pepper with salad and extra beetroot, rosmary and onion sunbites wholegrain crisps and diet coke. followed by activia raspberry layer and a peach with peppermint tea.

snack - kitkat chunky caramel (!!!) and a plum with jasmine tea.

dinner - weird sausage bruschetta creation with 2 quorn sausages, 6 cherry tomatoes, a little bit of onion and garlic and tomato puree on a wholemeal pita with salad and beetroot salad and a glass of PIMMS (!). followed by a tup of strawberry ice cream (all melted and horrible)and a diet coke.

snack - little pot of yeovalley natural yogurt with 1tbsp almond flakes, 3 dried figs, 3 dried apricots and half a tsp of honey (this meal made me feel so guilty, lots of fears but its what i wanted and im glad i did it) with a sleepy tea.


shadowylgiht- thank you :) Yeah we could come up with a list of things and maybe try do them a couple of times a week or something?!

spiritriser- thank you! And yeah it was a lovely change from sandwiches etc... :) And I just wanted to say I am soo envious of your meal plan from yesterday- wow!

thebiggerpicture- yeah its one to work on- I tend to save most of my cals until later in the day... And yess you have to try it, I though normal quiches were good but the puff one is absolutely gorgeous!

partyring- Haah a little day off from Starbucks :P Err not really, I lovee cereal so I could just live off it anyway, I chose bran flakes cause I love them as well as the Jordans and then the raisins and granola are even more calorie dense which makes it less bulky :) And yea I'd never used to like prawns actually but I do now- haah lol I have crispy prawns in batter in the fridge for sometime soon :P

gim challenging myself to consume 2 chocolate bars (kitkatchunky or galaxy cus theyre 'safe' even though they have more cals?! my mind is screwed) everyday for the next 3 days. Im at my dad's so there isnt much food i can eat. So 2 chocolate bars and 2 high cal cereal bars, you with  me @jammiedodger? -it better be all worth it lol. woo same peppers thanks for doing it with me- i know the squashy food is horrible!!, and i had the foccacia too :O we are gonna kill this thing. i was scared about my calorie intake but now reading your mp yet again has inspired me matey :) OMG i have brioche rolls!! maybe we should have it again sunday? juice today.. malted milk tuesday? ooh do you like flapjaks? i tried one the other day in whats gotta be yonks and it didnt exaclty go down a treat but it was alright haha. ly :P :)

@houseelf did you create the pink salad yourself cus it sounds divine, OMG innocent smoothies =<3 avocado + marmite = -_-

 spiritriser oooh kettle? they're fancy haha! expensive probabley too. they're the ones like redsky right? free samples in a shopping centre by any chance or literally delivered to your door :P WHERE do they do PBoreos?!! :O when you say calorie dense, what do you mean?

tuna tahini pittas? niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

mystery_girl good job your mom picked you up!! :D wow, cashew nut butter! i cant even find almond butter in the supermarket where's cashew?! bet it taste better than peanut? Oh My God: white chocolate and peanut butter yumyum- is that bought or did you add it??

scrunchy could we do like wednesday for the crisps? Thats the only day i can do it lol is wednesday- friday due to where i am at the moment (my dads, not ip). yeah potato is my worst fear its like aagggggggh! i know the oh im not gonna stop eating feeling :/ but yeah crisps next week but if you want to get it over with yourself then feel free :P right then, i need to get tea but theres green tea already in the house- it's just im banned from it because i once became addicted lol! oh my god, i used to ADORE yeovalley!! ive never tried the natural one though. well done for facing a number of fears <3

edit:  @baybeehannah im going wednesday i think ;D OMG are they by ANYYYYY chance the M&S ones in like filo and breadcrumb or something?? ah i used to love bran flakes, but i thought its easier to eat fruit and fibre because of the calories but harder cus of the density. oh so you wack porridge oats inwith all that other stuff too hehe ?




Just to say I think I'm going to move away from this thread, perhaps over to YCC until I can cross to your new thread in maintaining raspberryrose, wish you the best of luck!

Thanks raspberryrose, partyring, and beth:) The hardest part is figuring out how many calories your own body needs to maintain, because you are the only who can find that out:/ I will find out though, don't worry!

P.S. Yesterday I got cleared for running cross country:') I am in tears of joy: the goals I've been working towards (running cross country, recovering) are all becoming real at this very moment. I am so overwelmed with joy, that I hope you all continue to strive for the best recovery for yourself so you can feel this accomplishment happiness too! You will feel so much better at the end of it all than you did at the start:) I will have to be monitored while running because I may have pancreatitis, which is common with people who are reefeeding. We don't think I do, but I am in good hands and will be monitored closely! Anyways, this is my final farewell and I will miss you all! Hopefully I won't miss you for long if you guys get to the maintainer's forum;)

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