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Weight Gain
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Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? April 20 - July 29

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Please make sure you thoroughly read and accept the rules before posting!


  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum.  We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

  • If you post below the minimum, the posts will be removed
  • Also remember we do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  This is not the place for negative self-talk, nor should any foods be considered bad, unhealthy, or junk -- the goal here is to gain weight to be healthy
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • Do not discuss weights or personal BMIs -- this is very triggering
  • It is NOT recommended you exercise while underweight.  Exercise is often an addiction seen with those with eating disorders. If you feel you must exercise, please do not post about it -- it can be triggering to those who cannot

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500 -this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories. Teens need to eat at least 3000.

It is NOT recommended you exercise while underweight.  Exercise is often an addiction seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you exercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by exercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and you all did, then please post a separate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for people to see posts that are under the food requirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.

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Haha, go florence for rocking those tinned apricot halves...! they sound much nicer than the tinned fruit medley i had on fri. i swear i couldnt even try to identify what the fruits where supposed to be (altho there was a glace cherry artfully positioned on top!) they all just tasted like mushy sugar water! :-s

hi there jsw83 :-) thankyou for your advice on the exercise thing. i KNOW that it isnt helping me, i just get so scared that i will gain the weight in a "wrong" way if i dont do anything... i think the ED convinces me that because its only walking and stretching, its not so bad, especially since walking was recommended to me by my doctors for my digestive problems, so its hard to stop. even tho i KNOW walking gently for pleasure and powerwalking for an hour cos i feel lazy are not the same at all. Its hard to convince myself. When you say youve cut it out 100% what do u mean. do you literally do NOTHING? cos alot of people say they are sedentary but then they mention that they walk to class and climb 5 flights of stairs to their apartment 3x a day and do yoga once a week etc etc. its hard to know how sedentary sedentary actually is!!

Yesterday was hard for me. I always struggle to eat enough when im not sat down and having structured mealtimes... i dont think i got in as much as i should, cos i was eating the foods i chose rather than the units high cal ready meal type foods... but i gave it a damn good try and im pretty proud of myself for sticking with the challenge! i dont know whether i shud post them tho, just in case....


sorry to get at you florence96 but that really doesn't sound like enough to me... maybe not enough even to maintain.  please don't let ED fool you... can you increase your snacks (esp evening snack- fruit isn't really enough) and maybe add in something else after lunch like you had the other day? 

much better florence96 :) go you! keep kicking ED's ass :)


breakfast- muesli with an extra handful of nuts, yoghurt and a banana, and 100ml innocent smoothie.  

snack-small handful of nuts

lunch- weird flourless sprouted grain roll, homemade houmous, beetroot, lettuce and cucumber drizzled with olive oil and vinegar

snack- apple slices dipped in 15g macadamia nut creme

dinner- wholewheat pasta with tuna, tomato sauce and broccoli (made with a tbsp olive oil).  100ml pot of haagen daaz vanilla brownie and caramel ice cream (challenge!)

snack- apple baked muesli with a splash of milk and some yoghurt on top



breakfast- muesli with a handful extra nuts and yoghurt, ~100ml smoothie

snack- croissant and a cappuccino (challenge!)

lunch- mini pack of German rye bread, homemade houmous, carrot and cucumber sticks.  a banana.

snack- porridge made with whole milk and 40g oats, with raisins and a splash cold whole milk

dinner- chickpea, pepper, tomato and mushroom stew with brown/wild rice (50g).  apple slices dipped in 15g macadamia nut creme. 

snack- will be muesli and yoghurt.  


I'm feeling really scared today as I have definitely been going outside my safe zone and ED doesn't like it one bit and is kicking up a big fuss :( but I am not giving up, I've been stuck for far too long!


florence thanks :) I have no idea, I think it's milk... it's instant-out-of-a-machine and topped up with a bit of milk, if that counts? 

clemmystar hi to you too! The only thing I can say is that I guess I gained weight the 'wrong' way when I was exercising... I didn't give my body time to heal, and so I don't think my metabolism sped up as it should have - I was exercising the calories away and hence 'maintaining' on 3000 - when really it should have been like that minus the crazy exercise. If that makes sense? And when I say 0 exercise - other than what is required for my job which is standing up for about 5.5 hours and walking to and from the tea room - I do 0. I used to run and swim excessively and never sit down, now I force myself to sit down when I can. It's hard to know what to trust what people write on forums like this - I wouldn't say I am 'sedentary' because of the standing up I have to do at work, but other than that - literally NO EXERCISE. I haven't even started stretching (I should, my back's been sore lately) but no exercise means none. Join me :) it's actually a bit of a relief once you give yourself permission to not do it anymore - not to mention all the free time you have :o!!!



dinner bowl veggie soup with a slice of toast

second meal large plate of asian salad, 1.5cup pumpkin and chickpea salad, and apple/blueberry crumble

snack wholemeal toast with honey, 1/2 a hot chocolate

breakfast 2 hash browns, salad, 1 samosa, bowl of pineapple, 2 small pieces of walnut cake

more food fried rice (~1 or 1.5cups), the rest of that chocolate from yesterday - 1/4 block,  a few almonds, 1/3 tub of halava, 120cal muesli bar, chunk of bread -probe equivalent to 1-2 thick slices :)

.. can't tell if I'm still hungry or not.. to eat or not to eat?

hey guys:) just checking in to say that im doing so well and im rooting for all of you!! i'll post yesterdays food while im on here.



  • 2 bananas with 2 tbsp nutella
  • bowl of chocolate cheerios, unsweetened almond milk, and vanilla yogurt


  • piece of little caesars cheese pizza

huge lunch:

  • bowl of kashi puffs with almond milk and a sf pudding cup mixed in
  • wheat wrap with a banana, pb, and jelly
  • another wheat wrap with deli chicken slices
  • snack package of garden salsa sunchips
  • white chocolate lindoor truffle
  • 2.5 oz of tortilla chips


  • baby carrots
  • a couple fudgesicles
  • 2 yogurt cups with cereal and strawberries


  • 2 more bananas with 2 tbsp biscoff spread

i ate 5 bananas yesterday!!! hahah i love bananas.

I had a little set-back around Easter and thought I'd never get back on track, but here I am! 

Also (maybe I had to find out the hard way) it is 100% true that if you try and restrict you will either GAIN, or not lose any weight. I felt like I was chasing my tail by restricting. The way I see it, nowhere to go but up!


Breakfast - Banana with lots of crunchy pb, cup of honey almond Kashi with honey and almond milk poured on top.

Breakfast pt. 2 - Short stack of chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and butter, 2 scrambled eggs, coffee

Lunch (ish) - 2% Fage plain yogurt with 3 tbsp crunchy peanut butter, 1/3 c granola mixed in. Another banana with pb.

Snacks - Skinny cow ice cream sandwich, 2 Twizzlers, sandwich thin with pb & strawberry jelly

Dinner - 2 slices white pizza with lots of ricotta, 1 slice plain pizza, glass of red wine

Snacks - Black cherry almond clif bar, a few chocolate mint thin cookies

= 3400ISH


B-at hotel; scrambled egg, an orange, orange juice, nature valley apple crunch bars

S-chocolate slim fast with scoop protein

L-salmon sandwich on ancient grains, bowl mixed vegetables with olive oil, large banana with ~2tb pb

S-2chocolate lindt squares, cheddar cheese, then bud lime beer(at restaurant)

D-1/2rack pork ribs with lots of bbq sauce, side of veggies(sauteed in oil),baked potato, and another beer

S-(midnight at party)- 2xslices roast beef on kaiser roll, veggies, and a honey flax pb square(when got home)

wow..has been a challenging weekend




Okay, so the trip was pretty cool and all, but it was hard to eat enough being in group and all, but I had ate a lot when I got home around 11pm, so… I guess I made up for it.



- 1 large apple + 1 small pear+ 1 cup of light nonfat yogurt + 4 pecan halves + 1 tsp ground flaxseed + 2 tbsp natural granola



- Regular coffee from 7-Eleven with cinnamon (a little too much, accidentally)



- 1 Bio 4
- 2 slices of WW bread + 1 tbsp organic PB + ½ banana



- A grilled chicken sandwich from the museum´s cafeteria with an Oroweat WW hamburger bun with ketchup and mustard, no cheese + ½ a dill + a bag of kettle jalapeño chips + a dark chocolate Nature Valley Granola thin



- Medium Granny Smith Apple


SNACK 2 (supposed to be dinner)

- Nature Valley Strawberry Yoghurt bar

- Odwalla Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar



I was actually really hungry when I got back home

- 2 small bowls of natural cheerios with reduced fat 2% milk

- 2 slices of WW toast with PB and pumpkin marmalade

- ½ a Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeline/brownie small pastry

- 2 WW Fig bars

- 2 squares 70% Lindt Dark Chocolate

- 3 squares of Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bar

-little of Chocolate-hazelnut butter off the jar


It was quite disappointing that I didn’t eat much during the trip =/   but I think I did reach my cals, so I guess that´s good. God, I need to go shopping for
more PB/Chocolate-hazelnut/Almond butter!! And some more of that apple cinnamon bread!  xD  I finished those on my own in about a month,
probably a little more… O.O

Still today there was this party sort of thing at my sister´s school and I practically ate all day long, so here you go:


SUNDAY, 22, APRIL, 2012

BREAKFAST (at home)

Same as yesterday, sort of:

- 1 medium Gala apple + 1 small pear+ 3/4 cup of light nonfat yogurt (I finished it     =[ ) + 4 pecan halves + 1 tsp ground flaxseed + 2 tbsp natural granola

- 1 slice WW apple-cinnamon toast

- Black coffee with a little agave syrup as sweetner

-1 fig bar

- A small bunch of Special K cereal, dry

JUST FOOD AFTER (at the school, about 2 or 3 hours later. Literally all

-2 very large shredded beef flautas with cream, salsa, lettuce and shredded dry cheese

- 1 generous slice of Costco´s chocolate cake (the one with frosting all over)

- lots of tortilla chips + a little of nacho cheese sauce

- a couple of bites of cheesecake (made by my aunt)

- a couple of thin slices of Member´s Mark cake with whipped cream (the cream´s part of the cake)


- ½ cup lowfat cottage cheese + 2 ultra thin turkey slices

- 2 small slices of WW toast

- 1 cup natural cheerios + 1 cup reduced fat mil

-2 fig bars + 1/3 cup milk

-3 Sugar Bowl Madeline –brownie small pastries

- 1/3 bar Raspberries in dark chocolate 

Still had dinner though I felt still quite full, yet ended up eating a all that :S   Ugh, I just finished and I feel pretty uncomfortable, but I´ll be okay. I´m
getting worried, it´s like I can´t stop eating lately, even when I feel full I
just keep eating…  and the worst is that I´ve been eating a lot of unhealthy stuff lately, lots of sugars and fats :S

Any advice on how to stop this?

Also, another question I have in mind... Well, I know that according to these forum and all you guys, we teenagers have to get 3000 cals for weight gain, which makes me feel slightly less bad when I go over what I had planned to eat, but I used the tool´s calorie target and it says my need´s 2200... so... that confuses me a little... could anybody tell me where´s the fault here?

BTW: I don´t mean to bring anyone down, but I´m just struggling with this; junk food is something I wanted to earase from my diet and latelyI... well, you know.

I´d really appreciate some thoughts, suggestions?


annaattack: yummy day! Love bananas too!

Kbryson: it really has been a challenging weekend!!

Keep it up freckledbean!!! 

average batgirl: i know exactly what you mean regarding the fat and sweets. I too had wanted to stop eating 'processed' foods, but i've found over the YEARS of recovery it's merely impossible to eat enough cals to gain when you cut those out, especially if you want to ever be physically active anymore. For me, I decided I'd rather eat whatever and be able to play all the sports I want, then limit my activity because i've restricted on my diet and don't have enough cals to spare the extra energy needed. If you really don't want to eat much sweets/fats then I think the only alternative is to eat HUGE amounts of other food. I mean like a full lean meat/potato/veggie/milk meal right before bed vs say a chocolate pb protein bar which prolly has close to the same cals in 1/4the portion size. when i feel like i've ate a lot of sweets or fats during the day i really try to break it down. for ex, you may think i shouldn't have ate that chocolate...but its a great source of antioxidantsa nd healthy fats that your body needs, or thegranola bar(its a great source of whole grain carbs), pb(good fats and protein), etc..If you didn't eat those, where would you have gotten those nutrients from? vegetables, lean meats, low fat milk..they're all good for something but they don't contain other vital nutrients. And even if we're eating 'more' of these foods than the average person is, which a lot of times we probably aren't, it just seems that way to us, like if you have 3granola bars a day compared to someone who probably just ate a fast food hamburger,fries and milkshake..think of the WHOLE picture. ED can be very persuasive when it comes to thinking so many foods are 'bad'. Hope this helps.

kbryson: Thanks, it does help, really. I can´t thank you enough for all the help :)

And about what you wrote, I couldn´t even think about leaving PB and chocolate for complete, I just wish I could have the right amounts... I decided I won´t even try to restrict anymore, since every time I did I ended up binging horribly on what I restricted. So it´s Monday: new week, new start. I just have to find the way to gain without feeling uncomfortable about the details like these.

Thank you so much. Have a great week!

clemmystar: haha yea they where yummy and eww the one you had sounds yucky haha. I can't even imagine glace cherries being tinned. Where did you get them from, or are you in treatment?

jsw83: Yea :) and your eats look really nice.. what is samosa? i have never heard of it before.

annaattackk: Your eats are looking lovely as always :)

freckledbean: Glad you got yourself back on track again :) your eats are looking good today. Loving those chocolate chip pancakes :-)



Breakfast: A bowl of shreddies with ss milk, a banana and a cup of tea.

Snack: A go ahead crispy slices- raspberry and a bunch of grapes.

Lunch: A marks and spencers tortilla wrap filled with hommous and cucumber. A mango yogurt, yogurt coverd raisins and coffee. (black) :/

Snack: An apple.

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with Lloyed grossman chilli pasta sauce and quorn mince. Sprinkled with lots of parmesan.

Dessert: Homemade rhubarb crumble and a pear.

Snack: An options hot chocolate with a splash of ss milk and two Hovis digestives.

jsw83: That is so good to hear... i was panicking and thinking maybe i was over-thinking it and im not doing THAT much. but youre right, no exercise shud mean NO exercise as in... only what you need to do to get around, not as i do... taking the longest route to get to somewhere i didnt really need to go to in the first place :-p

I just find myself worrying that if i dont do anything, my body wont adapt to gaining or something. like i will leap from being tiny to being overweight in a flash. silly i know, but thats the brain-smoosh going on in my head right now! i SO want to just stop and join you, but then i end up doing it cos its so ingrained in my life. i dont know where to begin to stop or cut down or what, im trying to be more mindful, so if i find myself doing it for the wrong reasons then i have to stop. but its SO HARD!!!

hey florence! nice eats today :-) thankfully no nasty tinned cherry disasters today, i was out of the unit for the day getting a bone scan done, so i got to eat NICE FOOD!!! it was a challenge for sure, but i did well and im proud of myself (especially after a not-so-great weekend) Im in a day-programme, voluntarily cos i dont deal with time off very well, i forget to eat and fill the empty days with walking :-s So this easter break i decided to go into this unit and try and get some weigh ton me and tackle some of my issues... i havent gained that much weight (which was a shock to me, i really thought id just ballon in a week!) but i have to decide whether or not i shud return to work next week or get signed off. its a really hard decision, i SO want to go back. but im thinknin maybe its best to just go back part-time for now and still go to the unit aswell....

anyways! onto the eats...

b: big bowl bran flakes with soy milk, 2 pieces of toast with honey (altho i only got through 1 and 3/4 in the time allowed, tomo i WILL nail the challenge!) and a glass of OJ

s: on my own as id left the unit by now, hard to make myself have it, but i DID! hahaha. Clif blueberry crunch granola bar. YUM

l: massive ham & mustard baguette. a major fear cos i really love baguettes, especially crusty white fresh ones! this was really nice :-) 

s: another challenge, cos i was so tempted not to cos again, nobody was there to check i was having it. but i made myself stick to the MP, if i dont its just harder to get back onto it at the unit tomo... i had a yummy apple and sultana flapjack. 

d: will be, jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn. with fruit salad for pudding and a big banana muffin with soy milk before bed.

a hard day, but im pleased with myself for sticking with it :-)

hope youre all having a good day!!!


B) Nature Valley Berries granola bar, Mini chocolate brioche, bag of dried pineapple pieces. (I used to be scared of dried fruits, especially the yoghurt fruits, but now I'm really getting into them!)

S) Beaker of semi-skimmed milk, Milkybar.


L) Small apple, animal biscuits, prawn cocktail wotsits, dairylea dunker, PB sandwhich (1 and a half teaspoons)


D) Microwave veggies (carrots onion etc.) Chargrilled chicken slice/fillet, Baked potato.


S) Mikados, 5 mini marshmallow twists, 1 Quality street chocolate!




B) Small bowl golden syrup otameal (I've never actually tried oatmeal before, SO GOOD!) Nature valley Chewy chocolate bar.


S) Roll of refresher sweets.


L) Goats cheese babybell, bag dried pineapple, bag yoghurt raisins, mini chocolate brioche.


S) Strawberry yoghurt with 10g mini smarties, chocolate covered apple! (YUM!)


D) Raviloi with dolmio and plenty of cheeeeeeeese!


S) Undecided, probably 3 roses/ quality street chocolates with some haribos I think.


Such a yummy day, I manage to put in ALL the things I craved for and didn't even worry! Even tried some new foods as well as some fear foods! So happy! :))


Nyankawaiicat: great job on the eats!!! Keep pushing hard; it will benefit your metabolism and your overall health!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; work is killin me! Dumb teenage jobs. Anywho, I did awesome yesterday:

B: chocolate protein shake, glass of milk

S: turkey tortilla wrap, an orange, whole wheat wheat thins.

L: Chocolate Soda (yes they make such things!) Pulled Pork Submarine on white Italian and with provolone cheese (fear food) original sun chips.

D: Waldorf salad with chilled chicken (romaine lettuce, candied walnuts, grapes, dried fruit, apple slices, chicken)

S: 2oz pretzels, 2oz almonds. 1glass iced tea
B) Nature Valley chewey granola bar, serving pot of crunchynut with small beaker of semi-skimned milk.

S) Nature Valley berries and oats granola bar.

L) Bag of dried pineapple, yoghurt raisins and plain raisins, oddities crackers, small apple, babybell.

S) Twix bar! ( my craving!!)

D) 5 chicken nuggets, potato wedges, peas.

S) 4 quality street choxolates, cake bar, cadbury crunchie biscuit.

hey all! so sorry for not posting for so long! i tend to get lazy most times and go into couch potatoe mode!:) i've reached a high and healthy BMI and my weight is kinda stablizing, so i'm technically no longer "gaining", however i will post when i get the time, since i'm still eating quite a lot!

okay eats!


- large egg salad wrap in pita bread

-ex large apple

-mug of milk



-1 1/2 cup sticky rice

-stir-fried eggplant and mushrooms with 3-4oz fatty pork



-ex large banana

-1 sweet potatoe

-mug of milk



-bowl of oatmeal

-large pita bread

-stir-fried veg with shrimp

-pan-fried salmon fillet



-big bowl of pear and yogurt parfait

-spoonful of peanut butter

-handfull of almonds

-1/4 cup sunflower seeds


this is a week day, i find that im waay more hungry during the weekends, heres my eats for last saturaday!:)



-large ciabatta bun made egg salad sandwhich

-mug of milk

-ex large banana



-deep fried tofu and beef (about a full plate)

-entire container of toasted almonds (about 1 cup)

-5 spoonfulls of peanut butter (i swear, peanut butter goes soooo fast in my house)



-large sushi platter (about 20 pieces) with ginger, soy sauce and wasabi



-large asian pear

-4 handfulls of toasted pecans

-mug of milk

-large sweet potatoe

-1 raisin pita bread

-1 rice pudding cup

-1/2 cup sunflower seeds

-3 chocolates



-4 oz beef shank

-plate of stir-fried veg with pork

-large homemade steam bun

-home made olive oil toasted bun



-3 handfulls of almonds

-1 mango

-1 large homemade muffin

 TUESDAY, 24, APRIL, 2012



- 1 slice of WW toast + 2 tbsp pinto beans

-Homemade pancakes (with 8 almonds, ½ tbsp grounf flaxseed, ½ whole egg, ½ egg white, a splash of reduced fat milk, ¼ cup whole grain oats)

- ½ cup blueberries
-1 cup reduced fat milk


- 1 whole Alegría bar

- 1 small/medium gala apple

- 1 natural Soful


- 2/3 cup pinto beans

- 1 large, seasoned turkey breast

- About 5/8 cup of sliced roasted zucchini squash

- 1/3 cup roasted onions/tomatoes/red bell peppers

- 3 prunes



-1 medium sweet potato + much cinnamon + a spray of butter flavor pam

- 2 squares Lindt extra dark chocolate



-1 cup papaya + ¼ cup light nonfat yogurt + 4 pecan halves

-1 slice of WW bread + 1tbsp organic PB + ½ banana

-1 cup natural Cheerios + ¾ cup reduced fat milk + ¼ cup Special K, dry

- 1/3Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bar



Congrats Lola!!

hey freckledbean--just saw your post, and wondering about your comment that if you try and restrict you'll gain or lose weight.  how do you know that you're restricting?  I know, dumb question, but there are times when I just ate, yet still think about food, and don't know by NOT eating if that's restricting....I feel like I shouldn't be hungry because I just ate, yet I'm still thinking and can almost taste the food in my mouth!  If I don't eat is that restricting, and am I thus sequestering my metabolism more?

Today was super hard. I was told that because of my dietary requirements, they didnt have any option for me at lunch except vegetarian cottage pie, complete with MASH. my ultimate hate food. Its nothing ED related, but ever since i was a child, i have despied mashed potato, the texture and the consistency just stick in my throat and make me gag. me no likey!

So you can imagine i was somewhat pissed off to be told i HAD to have it, despite it being on my dislikes list. i mean whats the point of having three dislikes if you cant use them?!?! especially since i didnt want to be difficult so i actually only have ONE dislike down, and yup... thats mash!!!

So yeah. it was hard and i shudnt have been put in that stuation. but hey... what could i do? i ate the disgusting thing. and yeah, they were all "well done!" but its not that i was scared of it, i just dont like it!! and i can safely say... NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

breakfast: bowl of branflakes with soy milk and 2x toast with marmalade (starting to get abit bored of this... roll on the weekend when i can have some variety!)

snack: clif oatmeal and raisin bar

lunch: the evil veggie cottage pie with grotesque wilted cabbage and carrots. URGH, worst meal there yet!!! soy yoghurt and an apple and a nature valley maple syrup oaty granola bar

snack: walkers ready salted crisps

dinner: will be prawn stirfry. im loving my stirfrys at the mo, so quick and easy to make! just chuck it all in, add sauce and serve. winner!!

pudding: fruit salad and hot soymilk and TWO banana muffins before bed.

I maintained my weight at mondays weigh-in so im interested to see if anythings changed in tomos weigh-in. We see the nutritionist tomo, so I reckon my MP will be upped again anyways.... 

Happy Humday everyone! :-)


CLEMMYSTAR: I'm sorry about that; I never liked mashed potatoes either! My friend eats them like ice cream XD I never understood the appeal!

B: breakat sausage wrap, calcium chew

S: Clif Bar, gobbstoppers candy

L: smoothie! Mixed berries, FF strawberry yogurt, v8 juice-1cup, spinach, a banana, 1.5 cup mandarin oranges. Grilled chicken sandwich on hamburger bun, large tortilla wrap, 3oz of pretzels.

S: ensure, calcium chew

D: egg sandwich on white wheat bread, spread with .5 cup of cottage cheese and spinach leaves. Large corn on the cob. An orange.

S: 6 mini dark chocolate squares, a pack of Rolos.
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